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Dyno Run & AIR on 1.2 and 1.4 Engines

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by Viny, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: First international Fiat meet in Mumbai

    I am eagerly waiting for update ....
  2. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    First international Fiat meet in Mumbai - Update

    Update on today's testing - the test graphs are as follows

    Linea 1.4 NA before AIR
    [attachment=3:5q4hoejz]Linea 1.4 NA.jpg[/attachment:5q4hoejz]

    Linea 1.4 NA with AIR
    [attachment=2:5q4hoejz]Linea 1.4 NA AIR.jpg[/attachment:5q4hoejz]

    Punto 1.2 before AIR
    [attachment=1:5q4hoejz]Punto 1.2 Stock.jpg[/attachment:5q4hoejz]

    Punto 1.2 with AIR
    [attachment=0:5q4hoejz]Punto 1.2 AIR.jpg[/attachment:5q4hoejz]

    more to come soon`

    Linea 1.4 NA.jpg

    Punto 1.2 Stock.jpg
  3. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Re: First international Fiat meet in Mumbai

    kindly post the snaps of air intake. very eager to check the design.
  4. Re: First international Fiat meet in Mumbai

    This was one CRAZY IVAN !!!!
    HANDSDOWN one of the Honest & Transparent Meets Ever
    @ Drifter aka Pete - OH HELL YEAH !!!! 100% Whoop PERFORMANCE oriented FIGURE
    Guys i am falling short of Adjectives ... Beyond anything the practicality of the meet
    was to my fullest satisfaction and i liked the Enthu, kailash & Pete displayed to organise the event
    10 0ut 10 for committment , now some pics of my k790i

    @Sandy please watermark these respectively ...
















  5. Re: First international Fiat meet in Mumbai

    Some of the pics which defines
    the rest of the Day @ the meet

    TFI + Torque 7 folks ...Bring it on India!!!











  6. racingkid


    New Delhi
    Re: First international Fiat meet in Mumbai

    Wow looks like a great meet, it is good to see the tuned graphs of linea and punto petrol.
    TFI is going strong in meets, meets are like remap for TFI.
    Drifter this is very good from your part along with all members.

    Please post some pics and discussions. Eagerly waiting.
  7. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Re: First international Fiat meet in Mumbai

    Hey Guys!!

    Peter - Drifter started the day with a good explainantion of Air with a small PPT that was presented on a Mini Laptop. He explained how the air system works and the difference between what comes with the car and what he was giving us! Some of the technical jargon that he was using went for a good bouncer above the heads of a lot of people as he got really technical. Anyways very well explained clear precise but too detailed.

    Action time:- Peter and I got under my hood and took offf my car filter and connected his contraption after a little adjustment that we did to my power steering reservoir. next it was trial time.....
    Took my car for a spin .... Took off very well moved into the second picked up more speed and a bike came in front of my car where i had to hit the brake to metal. Any ways Kailash managed to capture some details...
    We managed to do Zero to Sixty in about 6.8 secs which i feel was pretty goood considering the fact we were in a street and not on a open stretch. Well then the 3rd nd 4th gear responded pretty well too. I had my reservations of going all the way cuz we had not fixed everything all the way. I could hear the air filter rattling.

    2nd round was a little beter as i tested the car for pick up in all the gears at low speeds and guess what guys - it was much better than the stock!!

    We took of the entire contraption and restored it to original as i have to give my car for serving on tuesday!!!

    A little later we realised that we had not done the Dyno test thanks to Torque tnd. Then we did the dyno test in the stock condition and once again with the Air. The results of the dyno run are pasted by Kailash. Though guys my b@lls were up in my throat when Karan the owner of the gas station was reving my car to a rpm of 6000+.

    All in all nice experience- I would like to say that the performance was taken to the next level. The 10 horse power hike difference was smashing!!
    Considering the fact that I was planning to sell my car because of the slag, the Air has put my mind to rest!!!!
  8. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Re: First international Fiat meet in Mumbai

    hey some pics


  9. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: First international Fiat meet in Mumbai

    Thanks for the updates, it surely looked an awesome meet.
    I am left with few queries, i hope driffter or others might help me to understand

    1. Punto 1.2 is suppose to have 67 bhp @6000 and 96NM@2500 rpm
    But the graphs for punto 1.2 without AIR shows 50bhp@5500 and 57/58 NM@2800, can someone let me know how come there is so much difference in what company claims and whats been achieved on the dyno run for default setup.

    2. Was fuel consumption measured for both the runs? How much difference was there in consumption pattern.

    3. Was air intake volume measured for both the runs? How much difference was noted intake of same?

    4. Did you guys measured the change in turbulence of air intake?

    5. Was ecu remapped during this run? And where you able to restore back the ECU to factory default setting again?

    6. Finally what was the surprise that driffter and kailash where talking about :D

    And thanks a lot to drifter and team for making this happen and educating the car lovers :)
  10. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    Re: First international Fiat meet in Mumbai

    67bhp is claimed by the manufacturer, but the individual engines are all over the places. The peak power output on the rollers was about 50bhp on the wheels, which relates to about 60bhp on the flywheel. The torque output obviously also at the flywheel, but is not measured in Nm. When the power graph and the torque graph cross at 5252rpm then it will always be lb ft. Multiply the lb ft by appr. 1.356 then you get the Nm value on th wheels and multiply this by 1.2 and you have the flywheel figures. 57lb ft x 1.356 x 1.2 = 92.75Nm.

    Peak torque afterwards was 105.77Nm

    On the dyno fuel consumption can't be measured. However, drivers reported lower fuel consumption.



    No, the ECU settings were stock throughout the entire testing. However, when we re-map, we always store the factory map, which we keep basically forever.

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