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Driving from Hyderabad to Panchgani this independence day - Route Suggestions welcome

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by shovsam, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. shovsam


    Hi Folks,
    This seems to be an amazing forum for a discussion like this :up. I understand that I am posting on a very short notice, but needed some urgent advice on the route to panchagani.
    What shows in google, the route is highlighted to hyd to Sholapur/Indapur on NH9 and then divert at Indapur to travel through Baramati, NH4 to panchagani.
    That seems to be the most viable route too. Just that I needed some clarification on the road condition once I leave NH9 and also the ghat range while nearing panchagani if any.
    I am planning to leave Hyderabad by 5-6 AM early morning so that I can avoid traveling through any bad patches in the night on the state highways of Maharashtra ;).
    How is the road condition once I leave NH9 till I reach Panchagani.
    Also after a stay at panchgani, I am planning to go to kolad (for kundalika white water rafting). What would be the better route: come to pune and then go to kolad or directly go to kolad as shown by google.
    Too many things in the first post itself, but all kinds of reply will add on to the help needed.


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