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Driving experiances of premium(D segment and above) cars by TFI members

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by sungoa2010, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. sungoa2010


    I was wondering how many of us have really got a chance to sit on the drivers seat of the premium cars(D and above). Some time in the discussion we speak lot based on what is on paper. 500 BHP 700Nm torque etc etc. Let us try to here the first hand experience of what we feel when we are in drivers seat and also about the car in terms of our forum members. This is only for a fun and we should avoid any comparison between the vehicle that we have driven with any other vehicle that we haven't driven. This idea happened to me when I saw Royj's thread on his first hand experience of Jauger and I thought some of us might have also driven premium cars either in India or abroad and let us hear from them.

    To open the innings I am giving the link to Royj's thread http://www.teamfiat.co.in/non-fiat-...alongwith-ride-handling-comparison-punto.html. If there is any other link(only of TFI) please bring it here.

    Please avoid giving links to auto magazines reviews and other forum reviews. This thread is only for our members experiences.
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  2. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Good thread Sungoa! I happened to drive a Cruze, Accord & Sonata. My colleagues & bosses obviously own them, not me. I felt Accord to be one heck of a car among all 3 of them. For Cruze/Sonata, it was hardly 2 KMs, so can't comment. It was requested out of curiosity.
    2011 Accord with 180 PS was thoroughly tested for 10-15 KMs of drive & at high speeds of 150 km/hr. Man, it was a rocket!! Ride, control, stability absolutely best i know till date & vehicle was still easy to be driven despite being so big & heavy. I was struggling to hear it's engine until it was throttled really hard. I know it's a petrol one, but still it's some achievement to keep the cabin so silent. But as soon as it's on-road price was heard (Rs. 21 lacs), It gave a set back & broke the trance. I would say it's value at 15 lacs on road, surely over-prized. For this much price, this fun was always expected. I would excuse myself Linea/Punto being 80-90% of ride quality/control of Accord & shows the premium feeling they give. As a result of this test drive, It ended up FIAT earning more respect than Honda actually:D.
  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Hi, As i am in Kuwait since 1999, used to have Dodge Interpid 3.5 V6 (2005), Its a macho machine to drive on the Highways you feel like driving a small car but only once you are above 130 KMPH, Or else its like driving a Huge Caravan.
    Also driven following cars Honda Accord -2004, Honda Civic-2010, Dodge Charger-2011, Grand Cherokee-2012, Chevrolet Optra-2009, Chevrolet Captiva-2011, Mitsubishi Galant-2001, GMC Terrain-2009, Subaru Impreza-2008, Toyota Camry-2012, Toyota Prado-2012, Mitsubishi Pajero-2010, Fiat 500 LHD-2012, Fiat Linea LHD-2012. All these cars are owned by my cousins or the Friends except the Grand Cherokee and the Fiat's which i have test driven.
    At present have Corolla 2010, with me.

    I like driving all the above cars as Petrol is very cheap here so no one bothers to check the FE, I like the Europeans strong and sturdy, Thats Why took Grande Punto in my Home Town,:cool:
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  4. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    That's some list of vehicles driven, Tony!!
    Man at least spare an hr or two for 2-3 liner reviews each of these cars. I would love to read them.
    By the way, how about Dodge charger 2011/Cherokee 2012?
    At least some initial expressions?
    Which Model Chrysler is referring as Charger 2011 in Kuwait, Is it the revamped new Charger or the older one?
    Also same for Cherokee 2012?
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  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Okay Enki the details are as follows.:
    Dodge Interpid 3.5 V6 (2005) :- It was with me till 2007, Because the Company started to give us Rental Cars which were changed every year (They had tied up with Toyota rental), I would love the Interpid when i was cruising on the Highways , It was a really mean machine, The doors used to close with the same THUD sound as of the Fiat. Feels very secured at high speed.
    Honda Accord -2004 :- Is of my Friend who stays in my building, The pickup is very good and you can feel the punch while overtaking, Just a slight weight on the accelerator and it shoots, But the issue is the scrapping the under body.
    Honda Civic-2010 :- The Interior is welcoming with 2 Instrument Cluster, Would prefer Accord than the civic as it lacks power,
    Dodge Charger-2011 :- Its the Hulk, No one dares to mess with it, As its a Rear Wheel Drive with 3.5 V8, Its a monster on the street, At Present the Highway Cops are using the DODGE Charger.
    Grand Cherokee-2012 :- No words for this beauty, As i am sure i cant own one in India, But happy that i have driven the one in Kuwait. The model is same as showcased in the TFI site for the future launch. Have driven only 2 -3 Kms, the visibility is better than the Prado.
    Chevrolet Optra-2009 :- The looks is okay, but the power of Punto is more than the optra i feel.Its used as taxi
    Chevrolet Captiva-2011 :- A Mini SUV which has the pleasure of driving the Car and the looks of a SUV,
    Mitsubishi Galant-2001 :- A cheap car for Kuwait,The plastic speaks up soon, as the Etios of India,
    GMC Terrain-2009 :- It has the same engine of the Captiva, But share the same respects,
    Subaru Impreza-2008,:- A car with an AWD, But very low in Ground Clearance, Feels like driving a Rally car, Specially the Exhaust. its 2.0
    Toyota Camry-2012, Toyota Prado-2012 : - Exchange my Corolla for these cars on a weekends or on long holidays, Camry is a japanese Limo, which prado is a great SUV to drive, The drive is like a car, The Hot selling SUV
    FIAT 500 :- Is my Fav, They have also got the Abarth 500 on demand, Fiat 500 priced at KD.: 4999.000
    FIAT LINEA : Again My Fav, It has a Dualogic GearBox, Awesome car to drive, FULL Marks to It hahahaha, Active price KD.:4800.000, Dynamic KD.: 5800.000
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  6. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Thanks For the summary. You are lucky with so many of them under your belt.
    For Dodge Charger, i really like it's looks. Still a long way to be an M series maturity wise but man, does it have any road presence::OO. So dominating & perfect especially for Indian roads. It will make all those bloody TATA 407/tractors/auto rickshaws to take a U-turn & be at the right side of the road:mrgreen:.
  7. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Even my 1 yr Middle East life gave me chance to drive some 'D' segment cars. My regular drive was a 2010 Honda Civic & I really loved driving it. That was the first car which I drove at a speed of 160+ kmph & it was so well planted on the road. I have also driven a 2007 Honda Accord, 2010 model Toyota Corolla, A 2009 model Mitsubishi Lancer Evo with paddle shifter & that was my 1st experience with paddle shifting & when it comes to SUVs Ive driven a 2006 Mitsubishi Pajero & a 2010 Honda Pilot. I really loved the technology in Honda Pilot where by when you need power, all 6 cylinders work out & when it is in economy mode, only 4 cylinders will be doing the job whereby you get a better fuel economy. In India I have driven Chevy Cruze & it really pulls once it is in the Turbo range. Else the turbo lag is little too much.
  8. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
  9. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    I just came back from my family trip to shirdi. There were two cars one was my Linea & other was my jiju's BMW X1. Bronze Champagne(brown) color, 2Ltr Di. Man o man, she is a real muscle!! Top of the line auto drive. The trottle response is exacly given as per your requirment. Well i might sound stupid but from outside, NVH level of X1's Di engine is almost equal to the level of our MJD. But from inside she is too much calm making me think if it is a real Di engine? Only if you floor the peddle to the metal & touch the red-line then only you'll hear the sweet roar of BMW's Di heart.

    What should i say about stablity?? Car is provided with real BIG wheels! Giving its best traction for wheels. Steering is also very much connecting. BMW have given a real nice platform for X1.Car feels very much planted. Credit goes to terrific suspension set-up. I didn't rip off my hairs on car's technicality as it was quickly planed trip with limitation of time.

    At corners on high-speeds car is very much stady with traction control on. But if traction(stability programe) kept off on post 160kmph. on sharp curves You can feel a little resistance by tail of the car to to follow the head & tail tries to come indipendantly as if saying ''c'mon cut me loose''. But as soon as you put her with traction control(stability control) the magic begines!! You can actually feel the car is doing something on its own to correct our errors!
    Twists of Kasara ghats were like butter getting cut with doctors disection knife :-D . Breakes are so impressive that couple of times i felt like my eyeballs moving forwards while whole body was at standstill.

    I believe it must be having stiffer suspension set-up to behold that mighty hooligan. But some times pot-holes don't get filtered through em.

    One serious thing i noticed is rear bench. BMW's must be known for comfort but X1's rear seats are cramped! Angle for the back is not natural. You feel like you are forced to seat in a weared angle. Also it is very improper for 3 adults. Shoulder room seems to struggle. Where as driver & co-passenger's seat offers best comfort.
    Also enjoyed that sunroof which is kinda semi panoramic as glass top ends at rear bench. Which gives a different look to cabin in nights.

    I got to drive her for some 180kms. In which i could read only this much about X1. As i was too much into my Linea's world :p But Next time i'll come up with more.
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  10. sungoa2010


    Thank Tron for sharing us your wonderful experiences. You are lucky that you have experienced a wide variety of wonderful cars. Is there any turbo lag in X1?

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