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Drive to Sirsi-- Yana- Gokarna--Murudeshwara-- Idagunji-- Ankola - DAY 1

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by sriks84, May 27, 2014.

  1. sriks84

    sriks84 Amatore

    Hey Folks,

    It has been quite some time, since I have posted on TFI and here I come with my latest drive experience on my Linea 1.3 MJD ( BLack Beast).

    First of all I would like to thank Manju and Guru my close Buddies who made this tour possible and this time we were all set to explore Caves and beaches ..

    After several rounds of discussions, we deiced to hit YANA caves shown in Nammura Mandara Hoove Kannada movie and the idea sounded interesting for my friends as well.

    Yana is 45 KMS from Sirsi Town and pretty close around 50KM to the coastal belt which is KUMTA, GOKARNA etc.

    The D Day was all set on 24th May- Staurday and to keep this travelogue short and sweet I have been very precise to the points with loads of Pics :)

    Summary of the tour

    No of people : 3 guys Including me :)

    No of KMS : 1343 in 3 days !!

    Mode of Trasnport : My Black Beast Linea MJD :)

    Places Visited : Sonda Temple, Marikamba Temple, Sahasra Linga, Idagunji Ganesha Temple, Murudeshwara, Gokarna,Anokla- Honey Beach Resort Apsarakonda Falls and Finally Yana

    Day 1 :24th May - Saturday : Departed from Bangalore at 5:30 AM , reached Sonda Temple at 12:30 finished our lunch and headed towards
    Sahasra Linga --> drove to Marikamba Temple ---> drove to Honey Beach resort @ Ankola very close to Karwar

    Day 2: 25th May - Sunday : Drove from Ankola to Idagunji Mahaganapathy Temple ---> then reached Murudeshwara ---> drove to ApsaraKonda Falls near Honnavar --> reached OM Beach in Gokaran --> darshan in Gokarna Temple --> back to our BEACH RESORT in Ankola

    Day 3: 26th may - Monday : Checked out of our resort in Ankole -- Drove to Yana - 4 KM trek in Yana ---> Drove directly back to Bangalore

    Distance Covered on Day 1 : ( Route : Blore to Haveri on NH4 --> Haveri to Sirsi --> Sirsi to Gokaran --> Gokaran to Ankola )

    Blore to Sonda Temple : 420 Kms

    Sonda temple to SahasraLinga: 10 KMs

    Sahasra Linga to Marikamba Templ: 20 KM

    Marikamba Temple to Ankola Honey Beach Resort : 95 Kms

    TOTAL : 570 Kms ( around 20 KM extra that covers NICE ROAD distance etc etc .. )

    Distance Covered on Day 2: ( All the below places are in and around NH-17)

    Honey Beach Resort to Idagunji Temple : 80 KMS

    Idagunji Temple to Murudeshwar : 19 KMS

    Murudeshwar to Apsarakonda Falls : 23 KMS

    Apsarakonda Falls to OM BEACH : 100 KMS

    OM Beach to Gokarna Temple : 6 KMs

    Gokarna Temple Back to Honey Beach Resort- Ankola : 46 Kms

    Total Distance : 274 Kms covered on Day 2

    Distance Covered on Day 3 ( NH 17 to yana --> yana to Sirsi --> Sirsi to Halageri ( unexplored route which is very good) --> Halageri to NH4 --> and All the wya back to bangalore)

    Honey Beach Resort Ankola to Yana Caves : 62 KMS

    Yana Caves Back to Bangalore via Sirsi, Halageri,Harihara,Davangere, Chitradurga, Sira , Tumkur and Bangalore : 434 KMs

    Total Distance Driven : 496 Kms

    Day 1 :

    On our way to NH4

    IMG_1690.jpg IMG_20140524_100247.jpg IMG_20140524_100938.jpg IMG_20140524_101238.jpg

    Stop Near Harihara for Breakfast

    IMG_1438.jpg IMG_1439.jpg

    Sonda Mutt Temple Pics

    sonda.jpg sonda2.jpg sonda3.jpg

    Sahasra Linga
    sahasralinga.jpg sahasralinga2.jpg sl4.jpg sl5.jpg SL6.jpg SL7.jpg Sl8.jpg SL9.jpg SL11.jpg

    Marikamba Temple
    mk2.jpg mk3.jpg mk4.jpg mktemple1.jpg

    Honey Beach Resort

    hb1.jpg hb2.jpg






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  2. sriks84

    sriks84 Amatore

    Drive to Sirsi-- Yana- Gokarna--Murudeshwara-- Idagunji-- Ankola - Day 2 & 3

    We started our second day heading towards Idagunji Ganesh Temple

    IMG_1478.jpg IMG_1480.jpg IMG_1481.jpg

    Then Drove to Murudeshwara

    murud2.jpg murud3.jpg murud5.jpg

    Apsarakonda Falls was our next destination
    IMG_1528.jpg IMG_1529.jpg IMG_1569.jpg

    ALl time Favourite OM BEACH


    Reached resort from there ..

    Day 3 was all about Yana and driving down to Blore from there .

    IMG_1600.jpg IMG_1601.jpg IMG_1602.jpg IMG_1606.jpg IMG_1624.jpg IMG_1634.jpg IMG_1646.jpg IMG_1649.jpg












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