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Drive to mighty " Dudhsagar" and "Dandeli"

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by sriks84, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. sriks84

    sriks84 Amatore

    Hey Fiatians...

    It had been quite some time since I had posted a thread and I'm excited to share my drive experience to the mighty Dudhsagar and Dandeli that we covered in 3 days.


    No of people : 4

    Kms Driven in 3 days : 1300

    Day 1 : Bangalore --> Dandeli Ganesh Temple --> Syntheri Rock --> Supa Dam---> Drove to the Castlerock Adventure Camp Resort

    Day 2 : Managed to get into the a goods train from Castle Rock --> Dudhsagar- Trek on railway track --> returned back to Resort through a passenger train from Dudhsagar

    Day 3: Departed from Castle Rock at 4:30 AM and reached Bangalore by 12:00 PM afternoon

    Day 1:

    Our Baggage , food and fuel was all set and packed for a mighty journey to Dandeli and woke up at 3:30 AM in the morning grabbing my iPhone to set the GPS map. We were all charged and my friends Guru, Suresh and Shoban reached my apartment and right after warming up my Diesel beast for 5 minutes, we headed towards kanakapura main road to reach Nice road .

    Within 20 minutes , we were able to reach NH4 , taking an exit from Nice junction and my Linea was all in fire to open the throttle until we reached a breakfast point in harihara at 9:00AM.
    We then reached Dharward by 11:30AM and took SH-28 which heads towards Dandeli.

    Our first destination was to get blessings from Lord Ganesh and we reached Lord Ganesh temple on Barchi Road Dandeli at 12:45 PM .


    We started driving towards a classical place called syntheri rocks- naturally formed rocks and you can see water flowing in full force in between them .. nice visual treat to spend some time there.
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    Next place in our list was Supa Dam , but unfortunately we did not manage to get permission from the cops to venture into the same due to tight security

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    We then had headed towards our resort through SH28 and reached Castle Rock Adventure Camp
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    Day 2:

    The alarm started buzzing right next to my ear at 6:00AM and we were all set to explore the mighty Dudhsagar . All of us got ready by 7:00AM and we managed to get permission to board into a Cargo train which was passing through Dudhsagar and that is when we could explore the magnificent beauty of nature(Braganzha Ghatsection), we literally crossed more than 7 tunnels on our way to dudh sagar and the train stopped 1 KM before Dudhsagar falls and I could see the excitement on my friends faces to see the falls.


    The best part of the tour was to trek on the railway track for almost 5 KMs that covers Dudhsagar and View point of Dudhsagar along the railway bridge can be seen after another 3 KM trek which was mind boggling experience.
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    After spending quality time in Dudhgsagar , it was time for us to unpack the lunch boxes that we had carried and had our lunch on a rock which was right next to a railway tunnel with natural water dripping all over the place.

    5:15PM was the time for us to board the returning train to Castle rock and with loads of memories on our cameras and mind we boarded the train with a tough heart to reach our adventure camp.

    Day 3:
    4:30 AM is when we started from driving from the adventure camp and headed towards --> Ramnagar(through NH 4a) ---> Dharwad (through SH34) -- and flew back to bangalore in 160km speed through NH4 by 12:00 PM.




















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  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Nice travelogue. You need to contact mods to delete the snaps which have been attached twice. Nice pics . At the end of the journey Kitna diya Punto ne???

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