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Dreams do come true - The story of my Oceanic Blue T Jet

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by Flywheel, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Dreams do come true, I always wanted a T jet but never really thought I would end up buying it. I had a Punto 1.3 MJD E Pack for the last two years and was very happy with it. It was reliable and never really missed a beat. Except for once when the cooling coil went kaput and it didn’t even spend more than a day in the service centre. So, where did this thought of buying the T jet start? Read on to find out


    ​Most of the opinions mentioned here are my own and it is not intended to hurt anyone. Read discretion is advised.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    My dad was shifting to Hosur sometime in March and we were letting go of the dreaded Verna (Why dreaded? Well the engine seized six times) so it was time to search for a new car. My dad’s daily commute was now going to be only about 12 kms daily so Petrol would do fine; the choice was pretty simple - get a Linea T jet. The only problem was Fiat had stopped the T jet during that time and there was talk about an impending launch so we decided to wait till May and then book the car. Well it was middle of May and we only had rumors of the launch on nothing concrete so dad couldn’t wait any longer and he decided to buy a City I Vtec. All my dreams of having a T Jet in the family were dashed (?) Or so I thought.

    Sometime in July:
    An opportunity comes up in the team to work from Pune and so I start of process of trying to get my transfer through for my wife as well. So after multiple failed attempts throughout July we had almost give up hope on any thoughts of a transfer.

    Out of the blue in the second week of August everything clicks and my wife’s transfer is through and she would be leaving to Pune the following week. Well, we decide to sell our beloved Punto as I didn’t want to go through all the hassle of re- registering it (Yes, I know a lot of you would tell me that it’s not such a big deal and stuff like that, all I have to say is once you get that itch to buy a new car you just start searching for reasons :p ). So, a tearful good bye is given to our Punto and I wind up things in Chennai and am scheduled to leave to Pune by then end of August.

    In the meantime we start discussing on what our budget would be and what car we would be buying and the conversation went like this
    (BH – Better Half, YT – Yours truly)
    BH: What are the options we have?
    YT: Well we can look at the Linea, Fiesta & Vento.
    BH: Volkswagen is ruled out; I don’t like the looks of it
    YT: But they have some great offers.
    BH: Nah, Not interested how much is the Linea cost?
    YT: Hmm, after discount it should cost around 10 lakhs. We could also look at the Fiesta?
    BH: Hmm, do the doors close the same way our Punto’s door close? Is the car as safe as Fiat’s?
    YT: Well not really, it’s a much lighter car and…
    BH: If it’s not like a Fiat and not as safe then there is no point buying it.
    YT: We really need to have some options. How can you buy a car without even having any options?
    BH: You like the Linea right? So then why do you need options?
    It was after this conversation that I started a thread regarding some advice on the purchase of a Linea MJD. Most threads have a car comparison done on the Pros and Cons of each car but in my case as you can see nothing else was even considered other than a Linea so there is going to be no comparison done.

    The Booking Process:

    After all the assistance I received from our folks here I had my visit scheduled to Fiat Caffe in Pune the day I landed in Pune. I landed in Pune at 7 AM and was in the showroom by 10 AM. This is conversation that happened.

    (SR- Sales Rep, BH- Better Half, YT – Yours truly)
    YT – Could you please show me the price list for the Linea MJD?
    SR (handing over the price list) –Do you want a test drive sir? Which version sir?
    YT- No, I really don’t need a TD, I have driven it before. Dynamic or Emotion
    SR – Ok Sir, this is the price list and Pune has a LBT and this would be the final on-road price of the car. (We had already discussed the discounts over the phone)
    BH – How long would it take for delivery after I book the car?
    SR – Madam since you are going for a loan it would probably take close to 10 days for the delivery
    YT – Before that please let me know the final offer?
    (SR Leaves to discuss with his manager)
    YT – You know nobody takes a decision so fast and you really need not buy it from this showroom, you can look at Pandit Auto as well
    BH – No, I really don’t want to waste time lets book it right now
    Do note the T Jet has not even entered the mind space till now. While waiting for the SA my better half spots that the T Jet is almost a lakh less than the MJD.
    BH – You told me the T JET and the MJD have only a 50 K price difference, it’s actually around a lakh.
    YT – Is it??
    (SR returns)
    BH – Can you please let us know the best offer for the T Jet??
    SR – Petrol Madam??? It will not give any mileage, only around 8 or 9 in the city. Are you sure Madam?
    (I am still furiously working out some calculations and trying to somehow make my longtime dream come true)
    BH – 8 or 9? How much more interest would I be paying for diesel.
    SR – Madam it would work out to approx. 2k per month for the amount you’re taking. But still madam I would not advise you to go for the…
    YT – (Showing calculations) Based on these calculations I think a petrol might make sense after all.
    BH- Lets Book a T Jet then
    YT – (With a wry smile on my face) Are u really sure you want to me a T JET? You know it’s a car which can do good speeds.

    With a glare from my better half I decide not to push my luck too much. I had made up my mind to book a T Jet. I also realized I was getting carried away so called up my father and spoke to him hoping he would play devil’s advocate. And he goes like you are getting a car with a Hydraulic steering, four disk brakes and superb engine and you want me to ask you not to buy it?

    So next call was to one of my cousins, and he asks me about the torque figures and I tell him that it’s pretty close to the MJD’s, so he is mighty impressed and tells me over a period of time your happiness quotient will make do for any monetary loss.
    You never find anyone playing devil’s advocate with you when you need them to, after you book the car so many people will come and give you their opinions.

    I tell the SA I to give me some time to think and I start recollecting what Ramesh and other folks in the forum told me when I posted the thread on the MJD, discussed with my wife and told the dealer I want to Book a T Jet.
    He is pretty dumbstruck wondering why in this day and age would anyone buy petrol that to a T Jet. Any-ways he tells us we would need to pay 30K as booking advance and asks us what colour we would need it in. Till I reached the showroom my Better half wanted Oceanic Blue and I was interested in White, as soon as we started discussing colour I was saying Oceanic Blue and she was saying White.
    Our stomachs had started grumbling now as it was nearing 1 PM and after a lot of debate we settle on Oceanic Blue, I ask my wife once again if she is sure of booking the car here and her reply is affirmative and so we gave the booked an “Oceanic Blue T Jet Emotion” on August 31st2013. All it took was around 3 hours in the showroom to decide on the car and book it without even test driving the car.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    The intolerable wait

    Well the car was booked and the dealership informed us that it should take around 2 weeks for everything to get done. Now that the booking was done we had to wait for my “Pre- approved” loan to get approved. I had to wait for the registered rental agreement copy which was delayed by 2 days, so by Wednesday I handed over all the documents to finance guy and everything was supposed to be done by the weekend. For the registration the showroom wanted me to get a Police Verification form, this is exactly were the misery started for me.

    I decided I would go to the police station on Saturday (7th September) and get the forms needed for the police verification and get it signed by the owner. So on Saturday I sit and meticulously fill up the form get all the signatures, photographs etc. done. I return to the police station on Sunday to get the seal and they let us know that since the next day was Ganesh Chaturti they would not do all that work on that day and I would have to go again on the following Tuesday. So I had to take leave on Tuesday and get the police verification done, in the meantime my so called “Pre-approved” loan has not yet taken off since its festival time and they haven’t yet filled it.

    After a lot of calls and some jumping from my side the entire loan process is completed by Thursday (12th) morning and all payments are made. The dealer lets me know that the delivery can’t happen this week also since although the RTO works on Saturdays nobody really works since it’s a half day and they would need at least 2 to 3 days for delivery.
    Come Monday I call them up and they tell me that they have some training on that day and they won’t be able to send my file to the RTO. If you think this a little ridiculous, they come and tell me that Wednesday 18th September is a local holiday and so the RTO may not work on Tuesday as well as a day after that is Thursday. Well the conclusion to all this is I will not get the car even this week. Picture this, the car is waiting in the yard and the money has been paid but still it will take more than 2 weeks to deliver the car because when the RTO is working the dealership is busy and when the dealership is free the RTO is on self-declared holiday. At this stage I really start to wonder whose worse –“The Dealer” or the RTO office.

    I tell them that I am extremely disappointed with this approach and ask them to see what can be done. Things seem to actually start working after this and by Friday evening I get my number and the car is scheduled for delivery on Saturday 6 PM. Finally, I thank the dealer and head home for a restless night waiting for my Jet!!

    Moral of this small story – If you work in the RTO, you have holidays every alternate day and you get tax free money. Oh, I forgot to mention you also increase the revenue of the government by never entering anything correctly in anything even when you’re working (My road tax receipt has an incorrect chassis number).
    Dealership rating: I’ll go with a 7/10, they were sweet chaps and since the entire universe was conniving against me getting the car on any other date other than 21st (My Swift, Punto and the Linea where all delivered on the 21st of the month) I reduce only three points for them!!
    You have to push these guys a little but they very friendly folk and always pick up your call or at least call you back.
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  2. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    The Actual Delivery:
    September 21st and it was D day, so both me and my better half finish all the work at home soon and leave to do a little shopping before the deliver, we turn up at the showroom at 5 and everything happens as planned, It’s surprising that things actually go as per plan after such a long wait. After a lot of photos and drooling over the car, I sign the paper work and after a small puja we are off!!!
    I am not going to bore you guys any longer here are the snaps.







    WP_20130922_009 (2).jpg

    A big thank you to my better half, for always standing by my decisions and allowing me to follow my heart!!
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  3. sdp1975

    sdp1975 Amatore

    Congratulations on the best drivers car in the segment !

    Well written decision making process . Waiting to see more pictures and a review of the car itself.
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  4. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    About the Car

    Most other people have covered the actual review of the car so I am not going to get into that. The car is “awesome”, there is no use in reading about it, just get to the nearest showroom and drive it. A couple of things which surprised me after I drove the car were.

    • The seats are a lot more comfortable than the Punto’s, I thought these seem to have a lot more lower back support.
    • The quality of the interiors is actually pretty good and it has a sun glass holder as well. My Punto did not have it. The white interiors look cool but are going to be a real pain to keep clean.
    • The new music system is actually not as bad as I expected it to be, but its still needs lots of improvement.
    • The headlight seems sufficient and the high beam seems pretty good.
    • The way the car changes character is amazing. You drive her sedately and its absolutely silent and you feel like your floating on air, you give her a little bit of stick and the engine has a nice throaty roar which is very addictive!!!!
    • If driven with a light foot I seem to be getting around 11.5 kmpl, which I think is pretty impressive. The highest I have gotten in the city is 12.3 Kmpl and the least is 8.9Kmpl. Highway figures would be posted after my drive this week and the next.
    • The air conditioner is far superior to my 2010 Punto, an absolute chiller.
    • The lounge lighting or whatever you call it is pretty nice, I like it!!!

    Points Fiat could take note of
    • Please give us a decent bottle holder in the face lifted model.
    • The music system is not aligned properly, small things which should be spotted in the factory.

    I am over the moon currently and am completely happy with my decision. Would I do it all over again, Hell yeah!!
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  5. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Congratulations !! :)

    The Jet is looking epic in those pics. Enjoy it!
  6. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Congratulations. You are one very lucky man to have a wife like yours. Please take good care of them both, the car and your wife, I mean :D

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  7. djdc1990


    Congrats man ..
    and welcome to the small club of T jet owners.Blue is an absolute stunner just watch out for swirl marks. it looks awesome under the sun.
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  8. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Thanks a lot guys, I intend to drive to Bangalore and back next week so more details to follow as soon as I am done with the trip.
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  9. navi_tjet


    Congratulations :). Its good to see a fantastic car get the attention she deserves. And Boy this color makes me go weak in the knees. Do take good care of her and drive safe!
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  10. mohanrav

    mohanrav Novizio

    Congratulations on your Linea.. :) Linea in Blue is mesmerising.. Can you post some more pics please.. :)
    Who picked the colour of this beauty? You or by your family?
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