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Dream slowly takes shape - TJet+

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by adrena, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. I believe this is my first post. I've been a member of this great community for a long time. A silent observer as some may call it who absorbed a lot but never really contributed.
    So coming back to my lil' dream - the TJet+. I followed the car's launch right through 2010 and watched it closely in October of that year. Right now, I own a 2002 Palio 1.2 and a 2007 Swift VXi. Both very able machines for the monies I paid for them. Both cars have traveled the expanse of this country and continue to work just fine even today. After 10 long years, it was time for the Palio to make way for the TJet. Palio was also starting to prove very heavy on the pocket - every new niggle came at a price that was more than the last time around. Sometime not in money but time. Time & space in Mumbai are at a much more premium than money. In fact, my schedule has been so crazy, that I finally decided to write this post at 6am on a Sunday.
    Getting back to the story. Couple of weeks ago, I visited Fortune Cars in Marol, Andheri (E) to drive the TJet for the second time since Oct '10. Honestly, I wasn't too thrilled. Straight off I felt the car was not taken care of. I couldn't really feel the power when compared to my 5-year-old Swift. Couple that with the fact that the guys from Fortune promised to mail me a lot of things - final deal, frebies, finance deal and colour choices, all of which never happened. Hope they have a ton of business and no time to service someone who is coming in as a bargain hunter / petrolhead. If that's not the case, Fortune Cars has a real problem at hand. They certainly need new sales staff. I waited around 3 days and then called Wasan Motors.
    Wasan was quick off the block. Guess I called them on Tuesday, 12th June at about 7pm. Prakash, the sales guy had very simple solutions. He said 'It may take me some time to mail you stuff so why don't you jot down a few numbers?' So I got the deal going from that point on to aim and rein in a 260,000 discount in exchange of my Palio. This included some corporate discount. Yesterday, I completed the booking payment and the 2-week wait for the car has begun. I'm getting the White one. Guys there are great. All paperwork done properly. They even gave me time to just double check everything before signing. Oh yes, the Wasan's test TJet was in great shape. Clean on the inside and quick off the mark.
    Just before this, I spoke with Ashish Bhardwaj (got number from a common friend) and got his views. However biased they may be, he pointed to only action item - Do they PDI personally. He was clear that this being a 2011 production car, there can be niggles. Nothing that can't be sorted before delivery. He's also promised to do a stock check for a Silver car if not, a White that is in super form.
    I certainly can't wait for the loan to get out of the way and me driving the TJet. The move from a Swift upto TJet only seems like a logical upgrade. I'm a petrol guy. Diesel clatter has never really doesn't worked for me. I don't mind paying more for smooth power from a proper petrol car. Turbo only makes it so much more special.
    Over the next couple of weeks I plan to share a detailed review of how things progressed and what the car feels like. In fact, I'm already making my list of upgrades. After going through the list of accessories, I've decided to only settle for a year long teflon coating treatment. Nothing else on the car. Not even stickers.
    Here is my upgrade list:
    • First, take off the badges. I don't need to advertise this being a Fiat or a Linea or even a TJet. People who need to know will know.
    • Take the logo and the TJet badge off the front grill. Dunno how difficult this is going to be but I like the blank look.
    • Get all the chrome out of the way and paint it all dull silver - I like the sleeper look over bling.
    • Speakers to be replaces with 4 Alpine Components with all crossovers in the doors and the amp in the boot. I'm not replacing the head unit right now. If you have any suggestions for something that can slot in properly, I'll be glad to look it over.
    • I can do with an AUX port for my phone. Can this be hacked into the existing head unit?
    • The 205/55R16s that come with the car are Goodyear Eagles NCT5. Something beefier will be nice. I'm guessing a shift to 205/65R16 on stock rims should do it for me.
    • Every traveling friend will be asked to get a Racechip. If some tuning can give me smoother power that can help lug the weight better can add to fuel efficiency. Thats my route to fight the petrol price hikes.
    • I'm leaving the window tints out for now - too much heat on the roads over what should be the see through levels.
    • Interiors are just fine - some day, I'll try to make the switch to darker tan interiors. I feel that dark tan complements black better than the beige.
    • Any other suggestions from this great community will be anticipated and appreciated.
    Hopefully, my next post is about how I chose the car from existing stocks. See you all on the other side of the break.
  2. sungoa2010


    Welcome to TFI . I am sure Tjet will prove to worth for every money you spent on it. My comments are given below

    Warm welcome to TFI. A silent observer always make good decisions:)

    I am just surprised to read that you didn't feel the power compared to swift. Did you test drive in city traffic?

    How much was the discount they offered without exchange of plaio ?

    Excellent choice.

    palio to Tjet looks more logical. Swift to Tjet is a escape in term of safety

    Linea and punto MJD are very refined and they have a smooth power delivery. noise level best in class.

  3. Satyajit


    Welcome. A rather unusual upgrade list (top 3 items). Different strokes for different folks I guess. It should be interesting.
  4. Anish_A


    Congrats a very correct choice.

    It's rather strange y you would want to remove the badges& logso's though ...........:(

  5. I know it is very difficult for people to understand this. Please allow me to share an interesting and bizarre episode that happened when I got my 2007 Swift. There was some waiting period and during that time, I got chatting with the showroom manager and requested him to keep some paint and polish guys around for delivery. Landed there a couple of hours in advance and told them to peel off all the badges. They were shocked and wouldn't do it. In any case, the manager was present and told them to do it without worrying. Hesitatingly, the peeled everything off. Got the seat & sun visor plastics removed along with all PDI / Emission stickers. That is when I figured that it is very difficult for people to remove all badging. Even today, the car has only blacked out Suzuki S logos on the steering and front grills. Looks clean besides the point that I can't be the target of urchins trying to steal badges.

    From 98 to 2002 I drove a Fiat 1100 in Bangalore. It was all black with absolutely no garnishes at all. I managed to source '62 MilleCento bumpers and got them worked so that they would literally hug the car's curves. With absolutely no logos, the car looked lovely. It was running some brilliant kit inside - floor shift, a used limited-slip diff, reworked intake, shaved and ported head, bigger radiator and fan, synthetic oil and gel-based gaskets, a proper 4-speaker system with a good sub running off an SD-card based MP3 player (a big luxury for the time), aftermarket aircon, push button start, 195/65R14 Pirellis. Even the steering box was worked upon by a friend to do away with the play. Believe me, it had the works. Except - No logos.

    Even my '96 Vespa is the same. A close friend of mine (guess he's on this forum too), has his Punto de-badged and I feel that looks killer.

    For some reason, I like all my stuff without any sort of branding. Funny part is, I work in an advertising agency.
  6. KayGeeFIAT



    Regarding "de-badging" - would you remove the The Spirit of Ecstasy from your Rolls Royce if you do get to own one?. (to those not in the know The Spirit of Ecstasy is the most prized silver hood ornament on a Rolls.)

    IMHO the FIAT logo is regal looking and adds class to the vehicle - I would be the last person to rip off the Levi's leather patch from my jeans!!!
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2012
  7. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Thats great Adrena , TJET has Aliminium Racing head differ from normal linea, with Racechip expect your jet to be super jet and experience on it :)
  8. Its been 3 weeks to the day since my first post and in all this while I've managed to battle the dealership, take help from someone I know at Fiat and fought the Bank. In the end, the TJet is finally on its way today! I should have the car with me this evening.
    Let me quickly share what went on in these 3 weeks.
    The Dealer:
    My only new car experience was with Maruti Vitesse and I must tell you that even though that was a far smoother experience that what I've had with the two Tata Fiat dealerships. First was closest to where I live - Fortune Cars, Marol. Well, these guys just didn't bother. I did the test drive on a Sunday in a really bad car but that isn't my gripe. I would push them to send me costs, discounts, finance schemes etc. and absolutely no one would reply for days. Then all of a sudden I would get 3 - 4 calls in one day. All very polite asking for my interest in the car. When I tell them I've decided to buy and I'm just waiting for the finance scheme, they would promise to get back and go silent. Finally had to just drop them.
    Wasan Chembur on the other hand is great with service but very slow. Each step is taken with a lot of thought. No one is in a hurry to get things going. They will keep sending people over to collect one document at a time. Having said all this, I must add that the staff is very polite and warm. In fact, they're also meticulous in documenting everything properly. Only two specific areas of concern here:
    - Between the time I finalised the deal and the paperwork got done, there was some change in prices that cost me an additional 900 bucks. I didn't bother and paid this.
    - I had to pay the initial 50k booking amount by card for which they wanted 1.5% extra. The funda thrown was that they bank with Bank of Baroda charges and their ICICI machine isn't working. I refused to pay that and finally they waived it off.

    I had closed my loan on the Swift with HDFC and decided to go ahead and apply there as an existing customer. Turns out they needed much more paperwork than the first time around. This process alone took 2 weeks. In the meantime, the dealer suggested I apply to Future Capital. They reacted quickly but wanted me to have a co-applicant for some strange reason. Finally HDFC came through and financed the full 800,000 without a whimper. I'm guessing the month end pressures had caught them.

    Further to this, I contacted Aashish Bhardwaj, Product Manager - Linea to take his help in getting the absolute latest TJet manufactured. He's been of great help here. Prakash Kadam of Wasan Motors gave me the order booking details which were sent off to Aashish and a chassis / engine number were assigned. The car reached Bhiwandi from Ranjangaon on 5th July where I got the first chance to examine what I'd bought. Vijay Kadam at the Bhiwandi yard was extremely accomodating and had kept the car inspected but unwashed. I wanted it that way to inspect every angle. Once that was complete, we started the PDI and topped up all fluids, checked all electrials, pumped up the tyres found all systems go and got it delivered for octroi clearance. Unfortunately, I had run off from office and my phone's camera decided to give up (I'm running a home-grown Android ROM on it. Must fix quickly) and I couldn't get a proper photo blog for this.

    I'm off to pick up the car later today. Should have it by 7:30 or so. Hope I'm able to pen down experiences that are good enough to share here. I've seen great reviews and I certainly want to be up to scratch. More coming soon.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2012
  9. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Congrats adrena! Sigh, I could have picked up my FTA T-jet+ today as well. But religious beliefs (parents wish) dictate that delivery be postponed to tomorrow. Drive safe! Look forward to exchanging notes on our jets as we go along.
  10. rajankamboj


    Congrats adrena! I am also waiting for my FTA TJET+.It was booked on 21st June.When i inquired today I was told that it will take another 2 days for the vehicle to reach the dealer at Mandi(HP).I have no complaints with the dealer Satluj Motors Mandi(We have only one dealer in Himachal for Fiat) as their Sales Rep Sh Surya had promptly replied to all my queries.But the delay in getting the vehicle is annoying me.

    Eagerly waiting for the snaps !

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