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Door Locking - First time wrong!!!

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by shikhar10882, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. uday_mj



    I had a problem with my cars central locking too. When it was at Pandit Auto, Pune, for scheduled servicing, somehow, water entered the fuse box area of the car and shorted out the central locking. I found out about this after I took the car back from Pandit while I was parking the car. The thing was that the car would not lock at all, manually either. After consulting a Autocop guy, I was told that Fiat and Ford have different type of locks and actuators which cause this, if the lock or actuator gets corrupt then both will stop working.

    I think that the design sucks, at least in India. I had to wait for 4 weeks for the new set to come to Pandit Auto.

    My advise is, ask your dealer to change them at once it they are under warranty.
  2. @pulkit & uday_mj: thanks a ton guys!!!
    seems i have been saved this time..
    the problem has been shown to the TASS nd it was identified that one of the wire that travels from lock lever to door lock was out of the lock made for it..
    resulting into the lock lever not going fully into its position and causing the doors to not lock properly.
    all the guy did was, to put the wire back in the position and tighten the lock that holds it..
    since that day, the doors are locking as they should!!!

    Seems it was not an electrical problem after-all.
    Please move the thread to a more appropriate location, if so deemed fit!!!

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