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Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sales

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sunnyside, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. sunnyside


    I'm in a big quandry these days, need to buy a sedan in Jan and had my eyes fixed on Linea. Actually i had shortlisted Linea MJD & Honda ANHC. Reasoning for coming down to linea MJD Emo were as below:

    1. I was hooked onto the looks, although City is also good but linea takes the cake. Maybe looks are subjective.
    2. The price differential between Linea MJD Emo & ANHC is 90K, as per my calculations if i keep linea for 5 years the resale value would be approx 3.5lacs, plus 90K would have grown to 150K, Plus would have saved 60K on fuel bills. So the effective resale would be 5.6 lacs which is more or less what ANHC after 5 years would command.
    3. Why MJD & Not 1.4 petrol: One word "Power", i get jitters on knowing that 1.4 petrol 2nd gear is almost useless.

    So now the issue is the declining sales of Linea, this is giving me nightmares and i'm counjouring what if situations like:

    1. What if Fiat packs its bags, where would i get support.
    2. What is Fiat plays like a dead duck and A$$ detiorates.
    3. And many more.....

    Now i need some expert advises as i dont mind shelling 90k extra for ANHC and be 80% satisfied with car ownership feel and sleep peacefully. As against save some serious money get 95% car ownership feel satisfaction but have sleepless nights thinking about the future of whether fiat will survive??

    I feel many would be on the same boat keeping in mind the Nov'10 sales figures.
  2. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    Re: Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sa

    In the present scenario the ans is a big NO. Fiat right now is playing like a dead duck. although it is placed second in the consumer satisfaction list, its not able to translate it into sales. Fiat is a lazy company which wants things to happen on its own. its has been almost six months since the slide began but till now it hasnt been checked. even with so many wonderful products like Palio. Punto and Linea, Fiat is at the bottom of the table. the positioning of the cars have never done to encourage new & young buyers to be attracted towards them. Punto VGT & Linea T-jet are beyond reach of most people. Fiat is selling its products not becoz it owns Ferrari, for its VFM values.

    Fiat India desperately needs a Active, Dynamic & Emotional team to get out of the present crisis.
  3. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sa

    I completely disagree with Sumit. You are conveniently bashing Fiat completely forgetting that there is Tata involved who are messing up the JV. If Fiat was playing a dead duck they would not have entertained us at the factory. The CEO would not have come early morning to meet all of us.

    Sumit - had you visited the factory : your opinion would have changed. If you look at the amount of investment and efforts Fiat has put into the plant, you will realise how serious they are. The problem clearly lies with Tata & not Fiat. I therefore request you to base your statements on facts. Ask ANY member who visited the factory : "Is Fiat serious about the Indian market?". The answer overwhelmingly would be "Yes".

    @Sunnyside : If you have a good Fiat dealer close by and the service reviews are good, buy the Linea with our eyes closed. Fiat is here to stay. They are NOT going anywhere.
  4. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sa

    Completely Agree with Amogh!

    Go for Linea T-Jet . It is great VFM

    Honda ? That lightweight baby No way

    Take TD of T-Jet .

    Power,Torque,Ride & Handling,Safety,Road Stablity,Features all aspects are in top class
    I bet ,you will forget these Honda,Scoda,SX4,Optra,VW Jetta & other brands
  5. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Re: Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sa

    I second amogh on everythin he said. If Fiat was planning to pack its bag and go home, they wouldnt have been planning for the next 5-10 years. The products for the next 2-3 years are already on the cards. They wouldnt have launched The Linea TJET just a couple of maonths back as well. About the November sales being way way down, if you look at the trends af the industry, November is always a slow month and specially this year because of after diwali sales(a;ways down) which had an even bigger impact. The december sales would be down as well as people would wait for buying it in the new year but that does not mean the organization is dead.. Another point as mentioned by amogh, Fiat would not have entertained TFI if it was packing Up.

    Next one for Sunnyside, Autocar magazine, December Issue 2010, Page 114. Look at it and you will buy Linea. They have compared The Linea, CITY, FIESTA, SX4 and guess what, Linea came on top for THE MOST FUN FILLED DRIVING EXPERIENCE AND THE BEST OVERALL CAR of the segment. So if you like the car, please go ahead and buy it with conviction. Its people like you who have to put your beliefs in Fiat if you like the products. I know FAIT has been really slow in building their Value in India, but this is getting improved as well. Have you ever seen so much advertising by Fiat on television. They are learning the trick, although slowly, but will definetly catch up.

    The image of fiat was not the best in the world earlier, and one or two good products (Punto & Linea) wont change the situation instantly. You can already see the trends increasing. With the next few products and the next couple of years, this will be even better and only then anyone can make a judgement on FIAT.

    I hope i havent said too much.
  6. ansal11

    ansal11 Esperto

    Re: Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sa

    Just adding that picture. Ref Autocar Magazine . Sorry for the quality.
  7. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    Re: Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sa

    Whatever happens to the sales of Fiat in India right now will not affect the future of Fiat's presence in India. India is an emereging market, where Fiat needs to stay in order to survive globally.

    Also to make a five year prediction on resale value is something that is unpredictable.

    Apart from it you are not buying a car, store it for 5 years and then reap the rewards of the resale value. You buy the car for a purpose for the next 5 years. It has to be the best package for you.

    And when you look at Honda you will find out that they are not safer than Fiat. They have financial difficulties. Unlike Honda Fiat is still in Formula 1. Honda had to withdraw from it for financial reasons.
  8. japa78

    japa78 Amatore

    Re: Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sa

    have to agree with Amog.Fiat is a big name and the brand recall in India is very high ,may be thats why they seem to take this for granted.but not anymore with Tjet and the perked up MJD and the 1.6 MJD coming up soon you can bet on Fiat to grow now!anyway in 5 years you will need to vist the service centre just 5 times!!
    Honda is ripping off Indian customers,their spares are expensive and they have no Diesel option.Its a great car but not a VFM like Linea and European cars are like wild horses you need to ride them and tame them to your style,japense cars are so boring to drive,buy the Linea MJD you will not regret I promise.! ::O
  9. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sa

    Guys, let me reiterate what has been said to me on 3rd Dec visit.
    The sales shown for FIAT are not the sales made by FIAT to Customers, but its what FIAT has handed over to TATA to distribute in the dealer network. This is to ensure that dealers carry minimum amount of stocks with them so that at year end, fiat has minimum amount of cars that requires year end sales push, as there would be corner pockets where few cars wont move out by year end. Other than this factory will be producing ample cars to meet bookings and requirements. This way they would have very thin belly ring of year end sales discount loses.

    You could see similar downward trend in TATA sales too, even TATA is not pushing its cars on dealers stockyards, it seems this is a planned move of not pushing the car stocks at dealer end during year ending.

    What ever may be the sales at the moment, the factory visit showed us that they are still in very early stages in India, by 2014 they will be able to have a factory that would get WORLD CLASS PRODUCTION certifications and they are aggressively moving towards that, till now they have reached 30% of there target of WCP and you see cars like Linea and Punto, just think about kind of cars they would be producing by 2014, and this shows that they are committed towards growth, better products and same time they are ensuring that there existing customers also receive benefits from there improvements, for example, free of cost replacement of HVAC in 1.4 Lineas, many of those cars which would receive this replacement before coming summer might have gone out of 2years Warranty term that comes with FIAT cars, yet company is taking a step ahead to ensure the customers are satisfied.
  10. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Does it make sense to buy Linea, now that the monthly sa

    man if you see tata nano sales then you will start saying " Will TATA pack its bag" , if you see Honda CRV sales " you will say are honda packing their bags"
    do you know how much investment has been done at fiat plant? obviously they are not here to pack. they are launching Ferrari next month, alfa romeo will follow.

    year end sales is a vast amount of economics for all automobile manufacturers. demand vs supply curve is kind of disturbed at this moment.

    Believe me my linea got delayed by 20 days. same case with few of my friends they are not getting deliveries of their booked cars.

    there are some supply related issues which i cannot discuss here which is affecting full assembly of cars.

    dont go by sales figure. buy a car which will make you smile every time you hold the steering.

    test drive tjet then immediately test drive honda city. decide for yourself.

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