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Does HU navigation ever work with AUX?

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by theblack, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Hi all,

    After being extremely happy that i saved myself a pocket hole worth 6K by getting an AUX cable attached to my stock HU I've begun to feel the limitations.

    I'm unable to use the HU's navigation buttons to change tracks when I connect my phone/ipod/music player via AUX cable.
    AFAIK this is the limitation of AUX (or is it).
    If i go in for an after market HU that supports AUX does it allow me to use the HU navigations to move through tracks?
  2. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    Aux IN means the HU will act as a middle device b/w the speaker and your player( phone/ipod/music player). Even if you go for an after market HU i don't think you will be able to change the tracks with the HU navigation buttons(i may be wrong).
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  3. royj

    royj Esperto

    ^^ That is right. You can only control the output from the HU not the input to the HU through Aux. So you cannot control the device connected through Aux with the buttons in the HU. You need to use the buttons / controls on the device (phone/ipod/music player) to change track, Skip or Search.
  4. samyakmodi

    samyakmodi Novizio


    completely agree with what you say - but with my 90hp punto - i've been facing another problem

    with the USB stick in use for music (media player) the HU display just shows Media Player - no track no nothing. also the navigation is only possible via the steering mounted controls. for all the practical purposes - the HU controls should atleast work with the usb attached via b&m
  5. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Aux-In is meant to only receive Audio signals from your device - iPod/Phone/MP3 Player/Tablet and use the HU as an amplifier and output to speakers. Even with after market HU with built in Aux, it will not be possible to change tracks, folders, etc. from the HU. All you will be able to do is adjust volume :D

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  6. atulkumbhar

    atulkumbhar Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hey man...

    Did u fitted the AUX to the USB connector or had an external connection of the AUX to ur car music system...
    I have a Dynamic model and want to connect a AUX is it possible...

  7. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    Hello black.

    Can you share more info as to how you connected the aux cable?

    When i had taken my 90 hp to local shop i was informed that my unit does not have an aux input option

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