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Do you know ?

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by rohitjha, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Did You Know? Sujith, Sujith1100, Sujith Thomas & Transporter are all the same person :evilsmile Just for laughs....

    1. Always Depress the Clutch while starting an Engine
    2. Wait for Minimum of 10sec before you accelerate from a COLD start.
    3. FIAT is the actual Inventors of the CRDI[Common Rail Diesel Injection] Technology

    More such infor coming soon ::T
  2. rohitjha


    Fiat is going to say TATHASTU to every need of an indian small car buyer. (3.4 to 4.5 lk segment)
    Next car will be palio but launched with a different name in india.

    These days everyone wants to make a small car. If you don’t have a small car under your portfolio, you are nobody in the auto market.
    A similar ambition has been undertaken by Fiat as the top boss Mr. Rajeev Kapoor earlier announced about an Alto competitor in works for 2012. In his speech he said -
    “It will be an all-new car, nothing to do with any of our other models and will be priced aggressively. It will compete with the Alto and will have a one-litre engine. The new car will be an India-specific one, made in India, made for India, keeping in mind the country’s unique terrain and temperatures. Our R&D team is working day in and day out to develop the car that meets consumers’ needs in the best manner. The small car market in India is blazing and there is intense competition. The entry level car space excites us”

    The 2012 Palio has been designed in Italy. Key engineering inputs have arrived from Fiat India’s engineers and tested in brasil. This will be Fiat’s Palio replacement globally..

    1) This new model will borrow design cues from the new Uno, Punto, Panda and palio.

    2) We can bet a million bucks that Fiat will drop a 900 cc Twin Air petrol motor under the bonnet. small efficient Multiair petrol engine probably in a 1.0 liter guise. These engines are immensely powerful for their size thanks to advanced Variable Valve timing. The Palio could also come with the 1.3 liter Multijet diesel .
    Fiat India has confirmed that its small car will have a 1.0-liter petrol engine.

    3) 2012 Palio will be bigger than outgoing model, grown in all dimensions. Palio will be placed below Fiat’s beauty queen Grande Punto.

    4) The car will not have a conventional radiator grill. The intake will be from the area between the fog lamps.Fiat Palio sports front grille is thinner but chrome garnished grille above front bumper similar to Fiat punto evo andthe bottom portion retains the looks of its predecessor, the current Palio.

    5) 2012 Fiat Palio’s headlights are similar to that of Grande Punto in concept but Palio headlights sport dual reflectors, and bigger in size. (expected side mirrors are dual toned inspired from palio).

    6) The belt line of new Palio and current Punto are at same height.

    7) the rear seat comfort on the Novo Palio will be good.

    8) The door handles on the test mules were from the current Palio.

    9) The glass area is more, so occupants will have more light and visibility.

    10) The tires, as expected, are skinny.

    11) The interiors here is undergoing a complete overhaul. The AC vents will no longer be square. The steering wheel sports a chunkier grip and a modern two-tone, three spoke design.

    12) The roofline doesn’t slope and hence the rear passengers will have ample headroom

    13) The tail lamps will be miniature versions of the Punto‘s.

    14) The slanted tail gate and sharp tail lamps take its structure one step further towards the New Grande Punto.

    15) The 2012 Palio, according to reliable reports, has been built on the Novo Uno platform..

    16) It is reported that Italian car manufacturer reducing the cost of spare parts for the Fiat Palio by a huge margin in India.
    17) It is also stipulated that the engines of the new Palio will abide by the Bharat Stage IV emission norms.

    18) The car is expected to carry forward the same price tag of Rs 3.45-4.5 lakh as the current Palio.


  3. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    Hey Sujith,
    What do you mean by "depress"? Sometime I get confused. Once my SA said, eventhough u r in neutral gear, u have to fully "press" clutch and crank/start.
    The Service guy said "depress" means don't press clutch while cranking/starting.
    Finally what to do? :confused
  4. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Depress means press the clutch pedal and disengage (depress) the clutch from the transmission gearing. It removes the load from engine as it rotates freely without transferring any power to transmission.
  5. Yes Kaps is right. When you PRESS the clutch pedal you are actually releasing/De-pressing the clutch from the Flywheel hence removing excess load from the engine.

    Your Service guys has to go through his text books again... :mrgreen:
  6. rohitjha


    BEST CAR IN BRAZIL 2010 In a category that elects the main car launched in 2010, was the one who carried the New One, with 25.92% of the vote. This is the 10th award the new Fiat Uno takes this year.. Released in May in not only a critical success, but also in sales, along with veteran Mille, the One is the 2nd best selling car in the country.
    Melhor Carro do Brasil Best Car in Brazil

    1. 1. Fiat Uno – 25.92%
    2. 2. Ford New Fiesta – 25.26%
    3. 3. Hyundai Sonata – 16.18%
    4. 4. Chevrolet Malibu – 10.74%
    5. 5. Citroën AirCross – 7.05%
    7. 7. volkswagen SpaceFox – 4.81%
    8. 8. Chery Face – 3%
    9. 9. Nova Fiat Idea – 1.71%
  7. rohitjha


    palio interiors



  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    If priced in the range of 3 - 3.5 lac it will blast the competitors :A
  9. rohitjha


    Do you remember the Fiat Siena or Fiat Petra? it was a Fiat Palio with a big boot. Despite being COTY, the car never really took of in the Indian Market.

    2011 Fiat Sienna

    Over the years, the Siena has almost disappeared from the entire market. Spotting one now is like trying to find a needle in the haystack.

    Fiat Sienna
    The New Siena (Project 326 3V) will continue on the lines of the older one and will be derived from the new Palio. Although the platform will be of the Palio, the car as such will be completely different. The car will derive its design style from the Bravo, Linea and cousin brand Alfa Romeo. Especially the taillight area will be heavily influenced by Alfa Romeo ::T ::T

    Fiat Sienna Rendering
    The Siena is expected to grow in size over the out going model. However, exactly by how much will it grow by is still unknown. The Siena will be available in various engine options such as 1.4 EVO, 1.4 EVO Tetrafuel etc. The new Siena is expected to debut in November 2011. :up

    Fiat Sienna Rear Profile
    We recently brought you a story of the new Palio and we discussed how getting it to India will cause a product conflict in Fiat’s own portfolio. However, there are no such limitations on the new Siena because there is no entry level sedan in Fiat’s product line up. So we expect this car to hit the showrooms sooner or later. :clap

  10. rohitjha


    Fiat Two-Cylinder 85 HP TWIN-AIR Engine

    The 900cc parallel twin cylinder SGE will be christened "TwinAir" because of its use of MultiAir technology features Fiat's electro-hydraulic valve management MultiAir system combined with special fluid dynamics optimised for the best fuel efficiency.
    Fiat's most basic twin, which uses Fiat's MultiAir valve technology, will hit 62mph in 11 seconds and top out at nearly 110mph. The cars will also feature an 'eco' mode, limiting torque from 107 to 74lb ft and prompting the semi-auto to shift up earlier. Start-stop is also fitted as standard.

    Because it is so compact in size, approximately 23% shorter and 10% lighter compared to a 4-cylinder of equal performance and displacement, extra applications being considered for it include hybrid technology or a methane fuel feed.

    The first car to get the TWIN-AIR engine will be the Fiat 500. the TWIN-AIR produces 85 PS consumes 15% less fuel and has 25% more performance than the 1.2-liter 8v which achieves in the combined cycle 5.1 L/100 km (55 mpg imp / 46 mpg US). Compared to the 1.4 16-valve which achieves 6.3 L/100 km (45 mpg imp / 37 mpg US) fuel consumption drops 30%.

    This is not a new concept, but the big advantage Fiat has is, now with MultiAir, the engine can be tuned to maximize low end torque for increased drivability. The goal here is to have a small engine behave like a big engine, with no sacrifice in drivability.

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