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DIY Sunfilm removal

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by me_at_fiat, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune

    After so many months of hind and seek with mumbai ka Pandu, last month i was finally pulled over by pandu and was fined for the sunfilms. This happened twice so finally decided to strip them off. My punto had 3M sunfilms, which appears like mirror from outside. First of all i thought of getting it done from some Accessories shop for mere 300/500 bucks. But, decided to do DIY. Went through few post from Tbhp and some online threads and got some basic idea on what should be done. After all that handy information i was all set.

    I used following things while removing the Sunfilm:
    1. Water + Shampoo mixture
    2. A used Blade, made sure that the edges are not very sharp and are not bent.
    3. Couple of cotton cloth pieces, avoid Microfiber.
    4. Colin

    Steps which i followed are as follows:
    • Around 2.00pm I parked the car under the sun for 1 hour.
    • Then moved it back to covered parking
    • Quickly stared spraying ample of water on sunfilm
    • Waited for 1-2 min then with the help of blade pulled a corner of sunfilms with at-most care so that it wont break.
    • Started pulling the sunfilm away from glass with the minimum pressure while doing this i was continuously spraying the water on sunfilm.
    • And it came out as smooth as Punto curves.
    • There was still some glue residue left on the window glass so once again sprayed ample of water and with the help of blade removed it.
    • While using the blade made sure that it wont touch the glass at all. Other wise the window might get some scratch marks and it will look awful.
    • If the glue gets hardened, once again spray ample of water on it and wait for couple of mins and it will easily come off.
    • After my 2.5 Hours of marathon efforts all the sunfilms were lying on the ground.:D:D:D
    • Once all the glue residue is removed, I cleaned all the windows with Colin for couple of times.
    • Though i didn't like the looks of my punto after stripping the sunfilms, i was left with no other option.

    After effects of sunfilms removal:
    • Suddenly everything was so hot
    • FE defiantly got a hit as now AC works for more time.
    • And i have suddenly started hating afternoon drives!!!

    Few Pics...sorry for the bad quality..

    Hope this helps!!!!!
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  2. jojo thattil

    jojo thattil Timido

    I was also tired of the tholas of ahmedabad where the dark film became a copmagnet, i got them changed for clear film it is effective and equally heat resistant, makes me smile when i pass the cops now 'dhoondte rehe jaoge'...!
  3. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    ^^ how much did it cost for near transparent film? Which brand? What's the specification?
    also if you can post a pre and post filming it will help. I ask because, our vehicles have some tint, with 70% transparency...

    otherwise I believe all kind of sun film is banned by Apex Court?

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