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DIY - Reverse Camera fitting

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by PatchyBoy, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Last weekend I helped fit a BT equipped reverse camera in a fellow TFIan's Punto. He was having issues with the reverse sensors and reverse camera fitted in his car by the dealer, so wanted this BT thingie fitted in his car and the reverse sensors disconnected. End of the project, I was left with this Xenos Safe Reverse camera. Decided to spend sometime today fitting it in the T-Jet:

    The equipment:


    1. Display Screen
    2. Camera
    3. Connecting cable to screen and camera
    4. Video input cable for the screen
    5. Power supply cable for the camera



    1. Wrench kit
    2. Screwdriver it
    3. Insulation Tape
    4. Spade connectors
    5. Wire stripper Multi tool
    6. Pliers and cutter
    7. Drilling machine
    8. Hole saw, usually provided with the camera (not in the picture)

    Screws to remove:


    Boot inside Panel:

    Inside Panel.jpg
    Camera Position:

    Camera Position.jpg


    Step by step:

    After much thought, I decided to mount the camera, just above the registration plate, rather than the usual location of the middle of the bumper. Positives as I saw it were, camera is protected from rain and muck, does not appear as a blemish on the bumper. Negative - you will end up seeing a portion of the bumper on the top of the screen (see last pic). I was willing to live with that. After all, I am trying to see what is behind me on the ground level, not 3 feet above :D

    Step 1 - Open boot and remove the inside panel.
    Step 2 - Remove the screws on the bumper, so you can pull the bumper and slip you hand inside.
    Step 3 - Measure, mark the spot and drill a hole at that spot. Remember, once you drill, there is no undoing. So, MEASURE.
    Step 4 - Pull the bumper forward, slip your hand in between and push the camera out through the hole you drilled. Of course, you will have to unscrew the camera top first.
    Step 5 - Once you have the camera out of the hole, leave it there. Don't fix the top ring yet
    Step 6 - Identify power source. In my case, since I already had reverse sensors fitted, I just spliced the reverse sensor's power wires.
    Step 7 - Now, decide where you want the screen in the car. I decided to put it in the useless pigeon hole in the A pillar on the passenger side. The logic was, the display would be visible when I look at the left ORVM while reversing.
    Step 8 - Pull out the rubber beadings on both doors of your chosen side
    Step 9 - Pull your wires, Video out put wire, power supply to the screen and power supply to the camera all the way to the front of the car
    Step 10 - Connect everything up, turn key to MAR and engage reverse. If you connected up right, you should see a picture in the screen
    Step 11 - If you have a friend helping out, get him to sit in the car, while you get to the camera and rotate it to get the image straight on the display
    Step 12 - Once done, tighten the camera outer ring, so the camera stays put
    Step 13 - Tuck in all the wires into the gaps
    Step 14 - Put everything back as it was before you started and you are done.


    1. Drill a hole on a scrap plastic or even cardboard with the provided hole saw and check the camera for fit. The hole saw provided with this kit was a tad too big and had I used it on the car, I would have ended up with a hole bigger than the camera.

    2. If you choose the location I chose, get down on your knees when drilling, if you do not want the drill chuck to rub against the bumper and leave a mark. Happened with me, damn my back :(. Look and you will see a black dot above the camera in the penultimate picture.

    3. In my case, I did not have a friend helping out. Explains the chair behind the car, to help align the camera

    All in all another successful DIY and a satisfying Sunday

    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
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  2. fernandeskaran

    fernandeskaran Amatore

    Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Mumbai Suburban
    Linea 1.3
    Thank you for the amazing DIY. Its now on my DIY list :) . Can u tell u now tell us how much of a hole did u have to drill in your pocket :D
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  3. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Very nice article there Rajan. And btw the display is mounted in a well place which is smart thinking :) :clap
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2013
  4. varun pandit

    varun pandit Amatore

    good job done,bro.very systematic:cool:
  5. snck

    snck Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Good job Rajan :clap. Btw does the dislay impact normal visibility through front quarter glass?
  6. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Thank you. I have no idea how much the owner of the camera is expecting. This was removed from his car and he is away on a road trip. Will update when he comes back.
    Thank you

    Thank you

    Thank you. The front quarter glass in the Linea is pretty much ornamental and offers no visibility anyway. Haven't driven the car after fitting. Will update when I drive on the road. If it indeed poses a problem, it is just a matter of relocating elsewhere.

  7. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Good write up and very well presented.
    This type of documentation really helps in knowledge sharing.

    Thanks :)
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  8. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Thanks for the kind words Viny :)

  9. Nicely documented Rajan sir, with a easy language to read.
    Btw, earlier reverse sensors in your car were audible only?

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