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DIY Project - PIMP my Linea MJD epk - Tech and Gizmo overkill

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by -xplora-, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. -xplora-


    hey everyone,

    My first post here, seems lot of tbhpians here :) which is always good news. I have a stock black MJD epk and I think its a good time to MOD it. I am not really looking for performance changes, since I hardly drive the car and its mostly city drive.

    My priorities are automation > interiors > exteriors > performance.Things I plan to do strictly DIY basis ( thats the whole point ):

    1. Automated and voice activated a-la KITT :evil: have found the perfect TTS female voice for it already. Blue&Me 3-4 years back was nice, now its just dated and cannot do 90% of the things I want it to do ( so long Microsoft )
    2. Primary and secondary computers ( both in tablet forms )
    3. Custom UI & and Interaction engine
    4. Half a mind to rip apart the central console ie HU and HVAC panels and custom fit a tablet ( no tactile buttons either touch interface or voice recognition)
    5. Thanks to TF - HUD using OBD and Torque or similar and DIY floor lights albiet voice controlled including dimming and colors
    6. Race-chip or some tuning box ( nothing extra fancy ) but just for kicks
    7. Black Artleather seat covers and door trims ( really not into beige )
    8. Improve GC ( any idea if there is an option of buy-back of the 15" alloys ? )
    9. Usual tinkers GPS-Nav, park sensors, security etc.
    10.Custom ICE - am planning to integrate the X-fi THD in the mix, no CD/DVD or physical media interface except USB / FW

    My Weaknesses:

    1. Lazybum !
    2. Dont know much about Linea's automotive engineering bit
    3. Not aware of the Linea's electricals and electronics CKTs ( time to read the manuals !! )
    4. Local sourcing of parts / mod stuff / mounts / components in India
    5. Need of a Linea MJD expert mechanic
    6. Bunch of helpful blokes owning Fiat cars (which is obviously sorted out being on this forum ) :)

    My expertise / skillsets:

    1. Amateur / Expert level in electronics / DIY computers / device interfacing
    2. Expert level in GUI / Multi-touch UX / Programming / Port programming
    3. Voice Recognition systems / TTS / Automotive OS
    4. I love the Linea ! ( very important skillset )

    My Budgets:
    INR 3 lacs can go upto 4-5 if the project carries on as I presume. Have already acquired Asus Transformer tablet might upgrade to the Panasonic Rugged Tough tablet A1 more suited for the environment.

    Help from fellow forum members:

    1. Motivation and ideas / quirks
    2. Valuable experiences of what NOT to do
    3. Additions to my list of things to do
    4. Anything that'll help me achieve what I have planned for :)

    I know its a tedious, time-consuming project..but then again..that's where the fun is !

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  2. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @-xplora- : interesting list of mods. Do you plan to fix a HUD also? that i one tech mode I want to do. Looking forward to read your tinkering with linea.
  3. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I will be watching this thread. I had once started a thread (end result was getting funny comments) where I wanted to discuss about building a mechanism that aloows us to be greeted by the car when we turn ignition to MAR, just like the alien ship in 1996 movie "Independance day" or Batman's car in "The Dark Knight".
  4. -xplora-


    Update - v0.01 ( expecting about 100 iterations to reach 1.00 - hopefully completing the project )

    Have started looking at the placement and design options for various gadgets:

    Instead of two, I might go for three tablets, ideally would want a 10 x 2 setup but will go for a 10 x 1 and 7 x 2 setup. Now if I want an "integrated" solution then obviously I need to get rid of the central console HU / AC vents / HVAC panel etc. and punch in a housing for the 10 incher vertically.

    Q1. Anyone on the forum has re-routed the central air-vents ?

    One of the tabs is definately going in the roof center next to the front light assembly, i think a 7 incher will fit in perfectly, with an array microphone + cam, blue&me's mic is crap especially if someone is sitting in the back.

    Q2. Is there anything in the hollow protruding just after the central light console ?

    I believe it would house wiring and probably a ckt board if at all ?

    Am not super inclined towards ICTs based on x86 ie CentraFuse etc. due to various reasons, one of them being full customization constraints and slow win, although the audio I want will only work with an x86 system, might go for a mesh OS setup ?

    Am planning to get a 3D model made for the interiors and then do the planned changes in the model first, before going down the chain-saw route :)

    ---------- Post added at 03:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:17 PM ----------

    HUD is surely on the list.

    Though will refrain from using a TFT panel, since there are various issues ie focusing, dispersion and aberration, day-light readability, life of the panel in Indian sun :) etc. Will be going for a laser solution, Pioneer is showcasing one at CES 2012..too bad I am not at the Sin-city !
  5. -xplora-


    Update version 0.02

    Ordered the OBDII scanner 10 days back from dealsextreme, should arrive in a few days I guess.
    The 3D model development is underway, should be done soon.

    Have finally decided that I cannot compromise on audio quality, and android drivers will take forever to arrive, so choice remains linux or windows, will have to go for windows in one of the carputers. Flavours i am contemplating are win7 pro vs XP SP3 ( for footprint reasons ), will have to go for ruggedized HDDs or just plain SSD.

    Will start doing the schematic diagrams next week.

    Will also be looking into networking issues internally since am opting for multiple carputers
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