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DIY - Linea Aux Out (Old Models)

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by funnypunk, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. funnypunk


    I have a Linea Emotion MJD 2009. I wanted to add an Aux in Linea so badly , since the in model there is no AUX port. I was getting sick of USB coz sometimes it doesnt read half the songs i copy, it was always messy. I searched in almost all DIY threads to find out how to put AUX and in everythread they were telling that "Press CD button twice and if you get Aux Option then you can add Aux Port". But in my model it AUX doesnt come when you price "CD" button twice.

    I went almost all Car Audio Shops in my Place ( Thrissur-Kerala) to know if there is any chance. I got depressed in the END :p . Then i finaly asked a mechanic to open it up for me since i didnt have the key to open the Audio System. After reading every thread about installing Aux i finally got an idea to install AuX around midnight. I didnt waste any time. I rushed to car , pulled out the Audio System

    And pulled out the Blue Yellow Green Cable out of the Audio system

    I removed each cable 1 by 1 and understood that Blue is for CD Changer and Yellow is for USB and Green I dont know :p

    So i took my AUX Cable , Cut the one end of it.. Like this

    And i plugged these into the yellow Cable along with the USB wires after checking the Left Right wires of Aux.


    Now Fingers Crosed, Turned on the Audio System (Ignition is OFF). Pressed on the CD button for getting Media Player Option and played Song from Phone and Taddaaaaaaaaaa it worked!!! Felt so Good xD
    Now again i turned on the Ignition and Played song, but then the music was coming from both USB and Phone. So i downloaded an silent track and copied it to the USB
    http://www.squobble.com/pub/audio/sleeper4.rar <-- Link for silent track

    And then again played the silent track on USB and Played song on Phone and it worked. YEY..



    Now the only problem with this setup is sound is lil low... Like i have to increase it to around 10~15 .. Any1 have any idea how to solve that ?
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  2. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
  3. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    Thanks for the DIY. First five pics are not loading though. Can you upload them again please?
  4. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    This is the same as I have done. Please check here for details.

  5. funnypunk


    Awww I almost read all the threads but i didnt see this one.. Maybe coz it has a different Name.. I wish if i had seen this thread before.. Would have saved alot of my time and energy.

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    Cut the Aux Cable

    The Yellow one is for USB. You need to insert the Aux Cable wire into that and then plug it inside to the Music System
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  6. Mr.Boss

    Mr.Boss Amatore

    Good one dude. Just wanted to know how did you fix your mobile over HU?:confused:
  7. asolanke

    asolanke Timido

    i have dec 2009 1.3 MJD linea emotion pk
    with blaupunkt HU but it does not show AUX on press pressing CD button two times...
    can i add aux by this method........?
    if yes then pls explain how you connect aux wires in that yellow plus scoket :confused:

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