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DIY - Car Care & Detailing thread

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by VahanPujari, May 30, 2010.

  1. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    NXT is costly than Sonax. Plus both are mild shampoos which dont ruin the paint or clear coat.

    Oh i think you got me wrong. As i already stated earlier, i follow the NXT recommendations overleaf. So as per it, 4-5 cups/bucket of water. So instead of 4 cups entire NXT, i just use 3 NXT and 1 Sonax. That is all. Hence i roughly mentioned 60:40 ratio.

    I follow the same thing what you said, just add 1 or some times few drops of Sonax to the 2nd bucket to have an affective washing off dirt on mitts.
  2. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    zenwalker - Maybe it's just a typo from your side, but you're mentioning 4-5 cups, whereas it should be 4-5 caps. 4-5 cups will be roughly 400-500 ml, whereas 4-5 caps will be around 40-50 ml.

    Also, what I've generally found id that manufacturer's recommendations are generally much stronger than actually required. I would suggest some experimentation. Try two caps in a bucket. If you find that's not adequate (read - does not foam enough OR does not give enough lubricity), then add another cap. Please note that more concentrated solution = more cleaning, but also difficult to remove the shampoo residue from paint (which is very important).

    Hope this helps.
  3. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto


    Oh sorry, it should be cap. Well yes i did observe. Though the water with this mix will give away foam but its not alot. Plus the stickiness of the shampoo over my hands or on the car body is not much, so it goes off with slash of water later on before waxing.
  4. kailasmenon2000

    kailasmenon2000 Superiore

    Excellent scratch remover!

    Hi TFIans...

    Today while on my way back from Bangalore, happened to stop at a McDonalds near a petrol bunk. There a guy came with a scratch removing product & said he'll show a demo. I was planning to do a polishing-rubbing at 3M which costs Rs.3500 just to remove the scratched on my bumpers. But this product blew my mind. As soon as he applied it & rubbed it gently, the scratches got removed (not the deep one which affected the paint). Im posting few pics of my bumper before & after..

    Before - You can see heavy scratches on the bumper




    This is the product. Don't know whether it'll be available online. Thought it'll be useful for everyone.


    Price was Rs.699. They did a full body rubbing when I paid extre Rs.100.

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  5. Scorpioman

    Scorpioman Novizio

    Tried my hand at a detailing session over the weekend. In the excitement to get started I completely forgot to take pictures before and during the detailing. Quite happy with the end result though.

    Steps and products used.

    Pressure wash using the Skil pressure washer. ( Meguairs NXT shampoo )
    Clayed with Ultima Esatrofoam using Ultima waterless wash as a lube.
    Compounding using Meguairs M105 with a Dewalt Rotary
    Polished with Meguairs DACP
    Finished with Meguairs M21 sealant.

    Here are a few pics of the results. Excuse the quality as they were taken with my phone.




  6. pra.agar

    pra.agar Regolare

    As My Car is just 1 month old, I see lots of dust particles even though I cover it everyday :(

    How Do I take care of it?
    1) I read we can use Duster to clear off the Dust ? Is it really useful ? If not what else can I use ? What type of clothes ?
    2) Which Shampoo and Wax is good to purchase ? Sonax ? Where can one buy in Bangalore?
    3) How to use the Shampoo and How often to wash the car as mine is Pearl white.
  7. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    -Jopasu duster is a good option to wipe off the fine dust. But make sure the car surface is absolutely dry before using
    - Sonax shampoo is available in leading automobile accessories shop and at Shell outlets. Its a good product
    - Frequency of shampoo would depend a lot on usage conditions. Use as and when needed. I use it once a week. Since summer is already here, thinking of using it once in two weeks to conserve water.

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  8. Scorpioman

    Scorpioman Novizio

    If I were you I would dust the car before putting the cover on it. The cover tends to move a bit with breeze and any dust on the body below the cover will end up leaving swirls on your paint.

    In addition to what Pinto_emotion said, I would just use the duster everyday and wash the car only if it s really required. If you have a glass cleaner, use that to clean the wind shield and windows when needed but keep the body washing to the minimum.
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  9. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Use car wax regularly and wash sos...

    :p heartsent for our mutual benefit .. !
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  10. pra.agar

    pra.agar Regolare

    I've ordered the duster attached in previous reply from eBay for Rs 620 for all set.

    Can you share what should be used to clean the glass, becoz I see lots of car having scratches becoz of not proper material used or soft cloth like baneyan will do?

    Ya going to wash my car only when required.

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