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DIY - Car Care & Detailing thread

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by VahanPujari, May 30, 2010.

  1. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    Hi Sat,

    There are two types of polishers available - Dual action and Rotary. I think Italia-Linea has a thread somewhere here. Found it -


    Dual action polishers are gentler in their action and hence easier on the paint. They are also a little slower than the rotary. They are the best choice for a DIY detailer because it is difficult to cause a paint damage using them and with the right choice of pads and polishes, it is still possible to get very good results. Only gripe is that you'll take more time, but then it's mostly your own car, so you are not in a hurry to finish off and move on to the next car. Unfortunately DA polishers are not commonly available in India. You'll need to import one. Some good makes are -

    Porter Cable - Made in USA, so only available in 110V, 60 Hz. If we have to use it, we need a step down transformer. A lightweight machine, so nice to use.
    Griots Garage - Same as above almost, though some people say that it's slightly more effective than the PC.
    Kestrel DAS-6 - available in two versions. DAS-6 and DAS-6 PRO. The PRO version is the one to go for. This one is a German machine. European equivalent to the PC. More importantly, runs on 220V, 50 Hz. supply.
    Meguiar's G220 - Similar to the Kestrel, though I believe the Kestrel is somewhat lighter than the Meg's machine.
    Flex VRG - Amazingly light machine and reportedly it's a joy to work with. It has a forced rotation mechanism, which improves it's effectiveness and actually places it between a DA and a rotary polisher. Highly expensive.
    Rupes Bigfoot - Again very light and effective. Also very expensive.

    Rotary polishers are faster and more aggressive in nature. The key to successfully operating a rotary on the paint is to not apply much pressure, keep the pad lubricated and keep the polisher moving. It also takes some practice to smoothen out the movements. It is a better choice for a pro detailer because they can get the work done faster and thus in theory can do more cars per day or per month, thus earning more.

    Rotary makes -
    Skil Polisher - Chinese brand taken over by Bosch. Cheapest one available in India and does the job, though has limitations on speed variations etc. It is also a little bulky and heavy.
    Dewalt - A very good polisher with nice speed control, lighter than Skil but also more expensive.
    AEG - Similar to Dewalt, but the speed control on the Dewalt is reportedly much better.
    Makita - Most expensive of the lot. They have a good name, but I don't have much info on the machines.
    Bosch - It's in the same league as AEG/Dewalt I think.

    When it comes to pads, you have the following choices -

    Wool pads - These can be natural wool or synthetic wool. The ones which come with polishers by default are synthetic wool pads. They are the most aggressive, and it's best to ditch them at least in the beginning till you really need to do serious paint correction. They are also large in diameter (8" is standard), making them even more unsafe for the paint. They can best be left for the professionals who know how to handle them with a rotary polisher.

    Foam pads - Most popular ones. These come in various foam grades, and are termed as Cutting pads, polishing pads or finishing pads based on their density and softness / hardness. Most of the companies also follow a colour code for them. So generally an orange or yellow pad will be a cutting pad whereas a white pad will be a polishing pad. A black / red pad is generally used for finishing purpose or even for waxing. However, beware that this is not the case with all the manufacturers and some of them do follow a slightly different colour code too.

    Microfiber pads - These are essentially foam pads covered with microfiber. These provide a little more 'cut' than the foam pad and can be used for paint correction sometimes.

    You also need a good backing plate for the pads. Normally, the polishers either come with a default backing plate or they don't. Even if they do come with a backing plate, the default BP is of crap quality, and they are also of 7" size, so can take only 8" pads. What you need is good 5" backing plate which is strong yet flexible. These will allow you to use either 5.5" or 6" pads thus giving you better control and access to the contours on the paint. Some Pro detailers also use 3" backing plate with 4" pads to reach complicated areas on the car paint.

    Coming to your specific question, mild polishing will most probably not remove swirls if the vehicle is heavily swirled. The so called mild polishes are normally designed to remove the holograms and haze left on the paint by the harder compounds. So for very mild swirling, it will probably work. Also, when using a pad / polish combination, always start with the least aggressive combination and move up as / if required. So as an example, you can start with a white pad and M205 and see how it works. If you feel that is not sufficient, try the same polish on an orange pad. If even then things are not improving, then you go to the orange pad / M105 combination.
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  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Sat, here are some pics. With regards to detailed review, am not sure if you missed couple of my previous posts, please go through them and let me know if you have any questions. :) I have used the product only for 2 washes till now.

    By nozzle if you meant lance, I have got 3. Spray lance, vario power lance, foam lance. These Karcher accessories cost a bomb in comparison. :(

    uploadfromtaptalk1385700754242.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1385700862855.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1385700895495.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1385700929834.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1385700970541.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1385700992295.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1385701042853.jpg

    Yes, that's a FIAT 500 on the box. :)
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  3. linuxmanju



    Thanks for the wonderful information. With your permission, I will add few bits to it.

    Guru, by the above statement if you mean wider RPM range, Newer Skil rotary which I have (9080) has RPM starting from 600 to 3000, which is as good as most rotaries out there. But you are right that its a bit bulky. The other part which I hate about this particular Rotary is that the head of the rotary ( Above the Pad spindle ) is metal as opposed to Plastic or heat insulated material on others like Dewalt for eg. If you savvy keeping the hand on the head for more control rather than using a provided handle, its uncomfortable to have something hot underneath your palm ( Not dangerously hot, but uncomfortable). On the plus side, it does what it is supposed to do as good as others at a reasonable price tag ( Rs 4500).

    I think Bosch has a starting RPM of 1000 ( If I recall correctly ), may not be very suitable for spreading the polish,jeweling ( Can be done, but lower RPM is better for few finishing polishes), Waxing or few paint cleaners.
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  4. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    By all means Manju, anyone is free to add to it. Believe it or not, I just typed down all that in one sitting as things came to my mind, so I am bound to have missed a few things.
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  5. Linear

    Linear Amatore

    Another couple of things I missed out -

    Black & Decker makes a rotary polisher. No idea about the details though.
    Flex also makes a rotary. It's an amazing tool IF you can afford it. Very light and a breeze to use.
    Even Rupes have rotary polishers - again very expensive and difficult to source.

    As far as India is concerned, rotaries are in general cheaper than DA polishers, mainly due to the fact that some of them are manufactured either in India or China.
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  6. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    I have this in wish list :

    Black & Decker Car Polisher for Rs. 4050 10% OFF now Rs. 3645 on flipkartModel Name KP1200-B1

    IN THE BOX : Cotton Cloth Bonnet Pad, Lamp Wool Bonnet Pad

    Grip Design
    Random Orbit Motion
    Ergonomic Design
    Waxing Applications

    Random Orbit Car Polisher
    Random Orbital Motion for Optimal Movement to Achieve Best Surface Finish
    Low Vibration Reduces Stress on Hands
    Front Mounted On and Off Switch for Easy Access and Control
    Special Grip Design Allows Optimal Viewing of Working Area
    Special Upright Stand Design Keeps Unit Stable while Fixing Bonnet Accessories
    Included Bonnet Accessories for All Polishing and Waxing Applications
    Ergonomic Design Results High Finish with Less Efforts

    For Car Polishing, Polishing of Painted Surfaces or Metal Surfaces
    Voltage: 230 V
    Power: 120 Watts
    Number of Load Speed: 3200 rpm
    Disc Diameter: 254 mm
    Cable Length: 2 Meters
    Net Weight: 2.8 Kg

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  7. Looks like good deal but, is this having feature to vary the RPM?
  8. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Another model of car polisher, unsure on the cost, any guesstimate on cost in bangalore ?

    Bosch Polisher

    Description/ Specification of Car Polisher
    Following are the Main Features of Car Polisher :-
    Powerful motor with a 1250W.
    Electronic variable speed control for optimum adaptation to all applications.
    Ergonomic main handle with soft grip for better and comfortable handling.
    Optional side handle or D-handle to fit different needs.
    Optimized lock-on switch with integrated lock-on function for easy control.
    Spindle lock for easy accessory change.
    With a low weight of just 2.5 kg for fatigue-free handling.

    Power Input 1250 W
    No Load Speed 750rpm - 3000 rpm
    Polishing Disc Diameter 180 mm
    Thread of Polishing Spindle M 14
    Tool Length 450 mm
    Weight 2.5 kg

    Auxiliary handle
    Lambswool bonnet for polishing plate
    Spacer disc
    Auxiliary D-handle
    Polishing plate

  9. What about foam pads? these polishers coming with wool, I am told wool is quite aggressive.
  10. Linear

    Linear Amatore


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