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DIY: Air Filter Cleaning

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by kaps, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    I normally clean the air filter every 3-4k kms. I take my car to the bike service center!!!..yes Bike service center here all the spanners are easily available and more importantly they have a small air gun which they use to clean the break dust or clean the bikes air filter. Tap the filter 4-6 times on the floor and then just give it to them and they will clean it thoroughly. It works wonder and the high pressure air gun clean the filter nicely. much much better than vacuum cleaner.

    Time needed : Just 10 mins. :)
  2. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    Yesterday, I did this, I could see ample dust and two files, I was getting a City + Highway mileage around 13- 14 Range, After cleaning I drove about 120 KMS just to see if there is any difference, The Result Is a mileage of 18.1 KMPL included about 50KM city driving + 70 KM highway driving, I had never got such a mileage in my punto!, I should have done this at 5K itself, Now I have completed 8K I lost around 3KMPL all these days!, But nevertheless this is a great thread!, Thanks for the same
  3. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Is there any DIY link for TJet+ air filter removal and cleaning. If yes, please share the same

    Also, I have seen TASS use petrol for air filter cleaning, is this the correct method? I have never seen them using a blower.
  4. Akshay4384

    Akshay4384 Superiore

    What type of air filter does Tjet have,is it paper type?
    if yes then air is the correct method.
  5. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Not sure on the exact type, but I think there was sponge on one side atleast. Is there any video/instructions on how to remove the air filter
  6. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    It is quite easy to do. There are 4 Philips head screws (circled in red) that need to be loosened. These screws cannot be removed completely and still stay attached to the cover, even when they are fully loosened. One these screws are fully loose, the cover flips open. There are three hinge like clips (yellow rectangles) on the edge closest to the fender. Once you get the cover opened about 45 degrees, the cover slides out of these clips and the air filter can be removed completely.


    T-Jet Air Filter.jpg

    The air filter itself is part paper and part sponge. Though I opened it for cleaning in the past, there is hardly anything that is really cleanable. All I could do was tap the air filter and get out some loose dirt. I also used a bicycle pump to blow out some dust. Though there is a layer of sponge, I did not venture into cleaning that with petrol.

    Hope this helps.

  7. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    I didn't get that quite well. Does the unfiltered air enter the filter from top or bottom?? I was under the assumption that it should enter from top (First the paper and then the sponge). FASS said it's the other way actually, the unfiltered air enters the sponge first and then comes out from the top. I have seen flies and leaves sticking under the sponge sometimes which proves FASS was correct.

    Can someone confirm :anyone

    Shown below the direction of air in green as per FASS and in red as per my initial impression. IMG_20121130_103201.jpg
  8. Green ones are correct assuming ,first two directional lines are from the air intake.
  9. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    The green lines are correct. If you remove the air filter and check, you will see that the front left half of the filter which has JTD written on top of it will be covered with dust denoting air in take.
  10. Rachit Bhatnagar

    Rachit Bhatnagar Amatore

    When I got my second service done in 1st week June. They changed my Linea's Air Filter, fuel filter & oil filter as per service schedule. I asked service guy to return the used one to me & I kept all these with me. My car ODO was 6.2K kmat the time of service. Generally these filters have running life of 15k km so these discarded filters are still good for another 9k kms.
    Now my question is can I use these filters after end of warranty period/ after 3rd service for their left over life? As the SA said that filters are still in good condition.

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