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Discussion on the 2012 Linea & Punto

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by sungoa2010, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. shams

    shams Esperto

    Now 1 hp costs 1000 rs but its available in pack of 14 only :) :)
  2. sungoa ,
    I hope that 90 hp price will also be increased by 2 -3 % atleast since they have incresed the price of all other variants . Just my thought .

  3. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    Loved the new additions to Linea / Punto. GC is the most common complaint from Linea owners and it seems to be addressed by the refreshed models. I hope these models get some good bookings and encourage FIAT to bring in new models and provide better service network to Indian customers.

    few things I thought would be present (and were missing):
    1. Almost no / minimal change to the exterior styling. The styling remains almost unchanged. The pics of new Punto / Linea (the ones on net a few months back) looked so much better.
    2. The High GC of Linea looks a little odd. Look at the tyre-well for Linea 2012, there seems to be a lot of empty space there. Looks a little odd.
    3. The center console remains unchanged, needed some upgrade from the dull-grey color. The speedo / main console is unchanged too. It needs to be better looking and with a bigger LCD for MID. This is still unchanged.
    4. Turn indicators on the side mirrors are a norm now a days. Missed this one.
    5. Donno about the factory music system / storage space on doors, donno if this has changed....

    Now for the important question, how can I put rain sensors and increase the GC (2012 Linea way) on my old TJET... :)
  4. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    From what I heard at the Fiat Caffe in delhi, you can increase the GC, but cant get the rain sensors.
    Btw, I haven't faced GC issues in my Tjet?
  5. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    FIAT website is showing turning radius for Punto as 5 mtrs, which earlier I think it was 5.4 mtr. Is it just on-paper change or actual ?
  6. shivraj5624

    shivraj5624 Amatore

    Belgaum, Karnataka
    Linea 1.3
    I think you guys are observing the fenders more keenly..look at the linea completely ,u will love it..for some days it looks odd but we will get use to it.for eg the swift looked so awkward in 2oo5 bot now its called sporty hatch.So it goes like this..Fiat has done a good job..GC will be really helpful.
    Verna 1.4 at the same price has no equipments ,no steering controls etc..Lines is a VFM for sure.
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  7. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    Its painfully low. I can hear the underbody scraping (and mostly the mudflaps) almost every other speed-breaker.
  8. When I see the specifications for new Linea (P), I see there is no Emotion. Is it that 1.4 mill is not there for P-Linea Emotion or am I missing something??
    Also, Now the OTR of dynamic MJD Punto is close 7.6 Lakhs here in Bangalore which is almost 30K more than what I paid for EPack MJD 2 years ago.
    I believe,yes Fiat has taken some nice steps but are still short!
  9. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Today, I saw a write-up from a member of T-BHP about Fiat Cars. I liked it and here's the link and the text. I don't know where to post this and I also don't know if he is also part of TFI.

    Fiat Linea & Punto 2012 Models - Now Launched - Page 29 - Team-BHP

    I love reading negative comments about the Linea and not finding them in my Linea at all...

    I have a Minimal grey linea emotion pk Jul 2011 that i run across the length and breadth of Kerala as much as i could. The roads in Kerala are basically the mints for the political parties who are masters of preaching and practicing 2 different ideologies every moment.

    You'll not find better hills, better valleys, better monsoons, better highways, better potholes, better elephants on streets, better jungles, (so much criss crossed) by the roads, better cliffs to fly your Jets, with the seat belts on all within a weekend.

    And Linea is by far the only car that takes it easy in all these circumstances. No matter how much the commentators cribbed about Rahul Dravid and Linea, they'll always be master performers who never get the limelight.

    Only a Linea owner feels the pleasures of gliding through all the obstacles you put on the road. it glides on the road. It gives you the best mileage you can ask for. It gives you the best engine other manufacturers are queing for.

    You might not be able to enjoy AC/DC or Linkin Park, in a Linea, but you surely will love The Beatles.

    You might not be served with coffee at the Tata-Fiat showroom, but atleast you might not be asked to wait for a day or two for the servicing day.

    You might hit the underbody of the car in terrifying potholes that may scare even the scorpios for low ground clearance, but you'll thank the steel platform under the engine bay and be assured that you're protected.

    You might not be able to participate in a drag race but if you are travelling inter cities in India, then surely you'll be ahead of the other drivers whatever your age and gender.

    You might not have the best pick ups but when it comes to operating the turns and the curves, you'll be thrilled to see the high speeds this car can help you maneavoure.

    People who dont own the modern Fiats and Jets fret about its *** without including into the eqation the high service intervals of these birds, the subsidized/cheap spare parts and the absence of vulnerabilities these birds have unlike the other european manufacturers. And please don;t compare it to the ultra costly american counterparts or the manufacturers from far east who do have a need of expansive network owing to the service issues their customers are subjected to.

    I don't worry about its after sales service since i know i wouldn't have to sell it.

    Book a test drive. Tip them some extra bucks and drive it for an hour to really know it. The linea is the modern version of "Elanor" from Gone in Sixty seconds!! [i know i love it tooo much. Admiration GUARANTEED]
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  10. shams

    shams Esperto

    ^^Each line in the above post has been written totally "DIL SE" !!
    This is one quality that most Fiatians share but not everybody is able to put it so nicely in words as it has been done here.

    Liked it very much..

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