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DIN50 Battery Purchase Experience

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by jaggu916, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. jaggu916

    jaggu916 Amatore

    Linea Multijet bought in Feb 2010. Run 45500 Kms with OE DIN 50 Exide battery.

    Service advisor had said in Sep'13 battery may require replacement in 2 months’ time, and also the lights used to dim at night when idling (i.e. not accelerating) otherwise it seemed okay. So decided to complete the Kodai trip before replacing the battery.

    Last week we went to Kodaikanal and it was cold like minimum around 12 degrees. On a noon trip around the lake after starting noticed the padlock light glowing, remembered from various team fiat posts that it may be a sign of weak battery, so switch off and started again, it started and no padlock light this time. So decided to raise and stop the car each time we wanted to stop the car like the olden day ambassador day. Managed the kodai trip with no battery tantrums.

    Three days back in Coimbatore the car was parked in the open the whole night and the in the morning the car did not start in a single crank, it took thrice and the padlock light was back. Switched off and restarted the light was gone. Decided to change the battery.

    Battery hunt started.

    Shortlisted -

    Exide DIN 50 Max - 18 Months warranty, Rs. 4850 after discount and buyback, this was readily available almost in all shops but price around 5200, 4850 being lowest, i was not inclined since it was 18 months and I wanted a really long lasting value for money battery.

    Exide DIN 50 Matrix - 60 Months warranty (30+30), Rs 8500 after discount and buyback, this was not available almost everywhere, called up Exide Chennai warehouse and they also were not clear about the probable delivery in Coimbatore, seemed like it might take 3-4 weeks.

    SF Sonic DIN 50 - 60 Months warranty (30+30), Rs 7500 after discount and buyback, this was available with distributor, inquired through Recon batteries (Tata green dealers, they were helpful to guide to SF Sonic and honest enough to say that it was 8 month old manufactured and SF stopped making these batteries so do not buy it), also came to know SF is made by Exide, confirmed in Exide website. So dropped this.

    Bosch DIN 55 - 24 months warranty, Rs 5861 before buy back, called Bosch Bangalore and they guided me, Adithya is the dealer in jail road..

    Amaron Flo 55 - 48 months warranty (24+24), Rs 5850 in battery bhai and additional Rs. 150 since old replacement battery was 50 and not 55 AH so totally 6000 outflow

    50Ah Vs. 55Ah

    Non availability of Exide matrix made me consider 55AH options, so asked Fiat Coimbatore, they clearly said do not change OE specification, also called Fiat helpline, they also verified and confirmed from their technical team - "sir, go for 50Ah if you want trouble free driving" so did not want to risk going in for 55Ah. My extended warranty is still live till Feb-14. It was more than convincing to go for 50Ah.

    So more or less made up my mind for Exide max, although it was not value for money. As a last resort decided to check the Exide distributor who used to be in race course, have got matrix for my Getz & Spark previously, now they had changed address and not available on internet. So asked the autowalla near the old place he guided me to the new place it’s on ukkadam-sungam flyover. People were more than happy to assist there, very courteous. Mr Sridhar was there, whom i met previously for getz & spark. He immediately called a few places and exactly in 1 hour got my DIN 50 matrix installed at home, Rs. 8500 after discount and buyback.

    6.15 PM at Exide distributor
    6.20 PM Mr. Sridhar fixes with Sri Hari batteries and asks them to come home with necessary tools for fitment
    7.20PM Sri Hari batteries call me up and reach home and finish installation.

    New Battery Observation - Started in single crank, 14.09 V under load and 14.20 when stared and no load

    Stared this morning in a single crank, yet to set my clock and date.

    One interesting observation is that thanks to the sever power cuts Coimbatore had in the past year (14 hours a day min) till wind power came in and saved the situation in May 13, the number of battery and UPS shops have swelled, so enquiring and getting a competitive price has become easy. However DIN50 being a special from Exide for fiat it was difficult.

    Nonetheless Exide despite being market leaders did not exhibit an iota of lethargy, which is great.
  2. jaggu916

    jaggu916 Amatore


    confirmed the same from fiatindia via twitter
  3. vj_v1

    vj_v1 Superiore

    ^^ You should have asked them the size/rating of the OE battery before mentioning it yourself. The conversation would have been different or may be it would ended after your question.

    Do you really think they would reject your warranty for using a battery better than the OE one? Im sure they wouldn't even recognize the DIN size change. But i understand that you were trying to be safe than sorry.
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
  4. They are just robots, just read from some book and answer your question , I am running on 55AH with no problems or what so ever.
  5. jaggu916

    jaggu916 Amatore

    exactly i was trying to be safe than sorry. also was chatting up with some batter guys here they are of the opinion that using the higher ampere battery than the designed version may cause under charging the battery in long run and wearing out. Like for a 50Ah electrical design u put a 55Ah battery, then the 55Ah battery will not be sufficiently charged and eventually get weaker. Kind of found some logic and moreover do not have any power guzzling electronics, just the rudiments, so went for the OE design.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    sat-chit-ananda, encouraging to hear your experience with 55Ah...

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