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Diesel Dilemma: Sub-10 Lac Rs. Sedan

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sharma_sanjeevin, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Sanjeev, I seriously feel you are wasting your time waiting for the SX4 DDiS. Though performance / tuning maybe better then Linea, overall the car exudes a very utalitarian and crude finish. Try this. When you are sitting on the driver's seat, stamp the floor of the Linea and the SX4 hard and see the difference. The SX4 will just be an appliance, just like you have a washing machine, a microwave etc you will have a car. But then you have owned a Dzire so you are already aware of these things! ::V

    Regarding the RB, I again feel you should forget it. Just see what a can of worms the Hyundai service thread has opened up! Amazing that Hyundai has been among the top in J.D.Power CSI survery for so many years! I love the new Hyundai's but after hearing about the superiority attitude of Hyundai guys from my sources, I have sworn off the products from this company. Besides, what will you do about the soft suspension and feather light steering? Are you going to be okay with that?

    I still feel the decision should be between the new Fiesta, Linea and Vento. Off these three, my take:

    Fiesta : Ugly looks!! Looks like a bloated & inverted boat.

    Linea: If only it had the 1.6L MJD.

    Vento: Best of all at the moment. Not because it's better then others. It's because the other's by themselves have flaws that rule them out.
  2. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare

    Amit Bhai, Yes i also have the same feeling when i sat in the Petrol SX4 in the showroom when i went to enquire about the DDiS variant :)
    And regarding the Applicance kind of feeling, i was surprised that our much loved brand Toyota also has flimsy build in their earlier Corolla (here i am not refering to the Altis) yesterday got that vehicle for a customer meeting from the office. I opened the door considering that it should be a heavy one, i was like ::OO it was feather lite and felt like the steel dosent have the guage of the Linea or any other FIAT Cars. I have to accept the FIAT's are solidly build vehicles.

    About Hyudai fiasco, i just saw the thread on the other Forum once you pointed out, i am like :shocked none of the owners also complained on the other forum regarding the issues with A.S.S and other problems in their cars, surprised..!! it is an eye opener for me atleast.

    Out of the three, Linea, Fiesta & Vento:

    1. Linea: Is the 1.6 MJD soon to be launched ? any information on that ? last i heard that the Gearbox is under development, i wonder that cant FIAT plonk in the Gearbox which is already doing the duty in the international Version of the 1.6 MJD, what is stopping them ?
    However, having said that, the current 1.3 VGT is also not a slow coach either, the initial response may not electric like the Vento but it sure copes up with other on the Driveablilty, FE & Highway Cruising abilities.

    2. Fiesta: Looks are, what can i say the Hatch looks better ::D have you checked the Autocars latest issue. They have said that it will be the benchmark in segment for its superior handling & ride comfort. Ahhh..!! old Autocar antics whatever new car they drive they make it a Benchmark ::V

    3. Vento: I think the Maintenance costs will burn my pockets, do i have to say more :)
  3. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    I agree with almost everything that you said but even Vento has its negatives that make the other cars better.
    To list a few
    Only ~50 dealerships across India.
    Very new vehicle and company in India, long term reliability questionable.
    Spare costs and maintenance unknown.
    No USB/AUX support.
    No steering mounted audio controls.
    Add to this many, many features that Linea has and Vento doesn't.

    In the end it all boils down to what a buyer is looking for.
    Just my 2 cents. ::O
  4. Met a Ford, Chennai employee at 3M Sri Balaji Agencies on saturday who had come to tint his Figo.

    Was casually cheking with him on the new Fiesta and he said
    1. Diesel & Petrol will be powered by 1.6 motor
    2. Launch expected during May-June 2011
    3. Pricing - They are trying hard to keep it in the Honda City territory. Might also go to the Corolla territory for the fully loaded top end.
    4. Existing Fiesta to be renamed 'Classic' and would sell at the current pricing.

    He was saying that Figo has a very thin margin and because of this Ford India is not even giving any discounts to its own employees. Only offer for the employees are Extended warranty.
  5. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Was thinking on the same lines. FIAT has to bring Palio sub 4.5L Onroad Price for a fully loaded version, forget margins it will have presence in the market.

  6. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Sanjeev, I think things just got more tough for you.

    I checked ACI's review of the Fiesta. Also, been seeing pictures of the new Fiesta and I have to say the more I see it the more weird it looks to me! The engines maybe really good but the car competes with NHC for the ugliness award!

    Lots of reliablity issues in Polo's. Someone's 1.6 Polo at 10K kms has all sorts of problems from rattles and squeaks to front tyres wearing out , to coolant dropping to min mark to drop in accelaration! Another Polo has it's engine head replaced at 10K kms! By the way, the entire cost of the job comes to about INR 1,13,000 just for the parts! I agree it is a expensive repair job but is it within limits or outragous? Another thing noticed in VW's is that the fluids deplete pretty fast whether it's engine oil or coolant. I hope it happens only in new cars and settles down as engine beds in.

    New Verna. What I noticed is that the Verna we are getting is a lot different then the Verna / Accent in US / Canada. The US one looks smashing, the Indian one is toned down in looks.

    What you going to do now? I say wait for some Vento reviews at 10K kms and then decide. But I have to say, the issues being reported are scary. And I am :A because VW was on my next car radar.
  7. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare

    In my view, they are becoming exciting, arent they :) because as a customer we will have a last laugh ::D But yes, sometimes i feel very confused, and keep on eating mind of my friends (you) and some others..!!

    The car looks aggressive from the Front, the Kinteic Design theme looks very good. But as you move to the rear end things get messed up drastically. Have to agree with you, that it is downright ugly from the rear. But we indians love the ugly cars, Dzire for e.g. ::V

    And as far as the Engines are concerned, the 90HP Diesel 1.6 will it be enough to call it a sporty performer ? i think if the characteristics are of the Present Fiesta 1.4 Duratorq with close to "0" turbo lag, the performance should be sprighty lets wait and watch. I can bet the ACI will say in their review that it is the "New Benchmark" in terms of performance, ride & handling, wont they ?

    Welcome the German Engineering Made In India :mrgreen: but on a serious note, those are horrifying details / happenings to a new car. As far as the oil drinking habits of the VW's / Skoda's are concerned, IIRC there was a post on the other forum from Sam Kapasi regarding his Superb driking more than 500 ml oil and the engine check light coming ON in the middle of the Highway, that is scary man. Also, there are instances of the Vento comsuming engine oil. Havent heard of these complaints on a Multijet Engine, anyone ?

    Harsh reality that the Manufacturers always bring the stripped down versions to the indian market, apart from FIAT none of the manufacturers give their models all the features as on the international ones. But lets wait and watch, what they do with the New Verna RB.

    Million Dollar Question ::O i think anyhow i will wait and watch till april, since that is the time when my current car will be handed over to its New owner. But it is for sure that i am not going in for the Vento, nobody in my family likes that car :)

    Sad to hear that a FIAT loyalist like you is thinking of moving away from the brand, that is not a good sign for FIAT.
  8. Autocar India - First drive report of New Ford Fiesta

    http://www.autocarindia.com/firstdrive/ ... and-review

    The all-new Fiesta is the first contemporary saloon that Ford will launch in India. Ford is now bringing its latest products to the Indian market and the company’s new ‘One Ford’ mantra means Fiestas sold in China, Thailand or the US are ostensibly the same as the ones that will come to India.

    The new Fiesta is built on the company’s B2E platform, which has won much acclaim for its light yet stiff construction. The hatchback version won’t be coming soon to India. India will get the saloon derivative currently sold in China and other Asian markets. The Fiesta saloon’s wheelbase is the same as the hatchback. Ford India wasn’t part of the B299 programme in the early stages when it could have asked for a longer wheelbase, which is so crucial in a segment where the rear seat is important.

    The boot section has been integrated seamlessly, and merges well with the rest of the body. There is however an awkward-looking area above the rear wheel arches that makes the rear tyres look a touch puny. However, the nose is striking and, apart from the Honda City, the Fiesta looks far more futuristic and cutting edge than any of its competition. Ford’s ‘Kinetic Design’ language is amply evident in the new Fiesta. Sharp cuts, strong creases and taut skinning make the Fiesta look like it’s full of energy. The swept-back, dagger-like headlights straddle a slot-like intake while the large, lower trapezoidal grille is a common Kinetic Design feature. The steeply raked front and rear pillars and quarter-glasses at both ends support a sporty looking roofline. The rear tail-lights straddle an upright boot lid.

    The new Fiesta comes with an exceptionally rigid chassis that makes suspension tuning a lot easier. It also comes with electrically assisted steering which uses a column-mounted motor. For the Indian market, Ford is using a higher profile tyre (195/60 R15) which has increased the new Fiesta’s ground clearance by 15mm.

    The new Fiesta’s interiors are dramatically different from the present car. There’s a wing-like design theme to the dashboard. The large screen is very easy to read and is a useful feature that’s missing in the Fiesta’s rivals. The new Fiesta will be the first Ford in India to get electronic climate control and steering-mounted audio controls. The Indian Fiesta is expected to be launched with light shades and richer materials. The dashboard is nicely textured with soft-touch material but some plastics lower down look shiny and cheap; some of the switchgear too doesn’t feel premium either. But what really lets the interiors down is the rear seat which simply can’t match a City or Vento for legroom. Headroom too is not as generous and the small rear windows add to the cooped-up feeling. The saving grace is that the seats themselves are quite comfy with generous cushioning. The driving position is superb, the pedals are well spaced and there’s even a dead pedal to rest your foot. There isn’t an abundance of storage space inside the cabin and the flattened glovebox, which improves kneeroom, can’t hold much and neither can the door pockets. Boot space is average but the 60:40 split of the rear seats is useful.

    The new Fiesta is likely to use Ford’s DV6 or 1.6-litre Duratorq diesel engine which develops around 90bhp. Though it’s not as powerful as the Vento’s 1.6 diesel, we expect it to be more responsive just like the smaller 1.4 Durtatorq in the old Fiesta. What Ford has confirmed is a 120bhp 1.6-litre petrol which will put the new Fiesta on par with the City and Linea T-Jet. This engine gets variable valve timing which boosts power by a whopping 20bhp. The Indian Fiesta will get the same IB5 manual gearbox.

    The responsive 1.6 engine is quick off the line and revs eagerly and with smoothness that makes it more than a match for the City. Also impressive is the low NVH levels. Even at max revs, it doesn’t sound overly thrashy or strained. Power delivery is fairly linear. The 1.6 petrol Fiesta is undoubtedly quick but special mention must be made of Ford’s PowerShift six-speed automatic transmission, a twin-clutch unit that feels more direct and connected than a conventional torque converter. Gear changes are quite seamless, especially at higher speeds, but in slow-moving traffic, the transmission feels a bit jerky. The big advantage of Ford’s dual-clutch PowerShift transmission is superior fuel efficiency and Ford should consider launching an automatic option for India.

    The Fiesta’s ride and handling is miles ahead of the competition. Its dynamics are very special and it handles uneven and poorly surfaced roads very well. The brilliance of the Fiesta’s chassis lies in how supple the suspension feels and the way it glides over bumpy surfaces with just the right amount of vertical movement. The body control and grip is so good that you can scythe through a series of bends with complete confidence. Straightline stability at highway speeds is terrific, and the Fiesta is very reassuring to drive. The steering is the best example of an electrically power assisted system we have experienced. It has a pleasing weight to it, a consistent feel and lets you place the nose accurately where you want to. The key to the Fiesta’s class-leading dynamics lie in the stiff and rigid chassis.

    The present Fiesta is a pretty good car, but it’s the new model with its modern and upmarket looks, strong engines and amazing ride and handling that has the potential to go straight to the top of the class. It isn’t very spacious and the interior quality is a bit of a letdown but for sheer driving pleasure nothing comes close. With the right pricing, it could prove to be the most serious threat to the Honda City yet.

    Price Range (in lakhs)*
    Ex-showroom Price : 7-9lakh (est)
    Installation : front,transverse
    Power : 120bhp at 6000rpm
    Torque : 15.39kgm at 4050rpm
    Transmission : Gearbox 5-speed manual
    Length : 4291mm
    Width : 1722mm
    Height : 1454-1496mm
    Wheel Base : 2489mm
    Weight : 1171kg
    Suspension : Front Independent, MacPherson struts, anti-roll bar
    Rear Non-independent, twist beam
    Brakes : Front Ventilated Discks ; Rear Drums
    Tank size 43 litres
  9. New Ford Fiesta - it looks little awkward for me :thumbs down totally messed up overall.
    The hatch is really hot when compared to the sedan.


  10. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    New Fiesta has a very good design up front but they have lost the plot completely by the time they reached the rear end and hence I would say that this is not the kind of car I would be seen in. Yes the 1.6 engine with its 90 bhp might be good but then it does not compare with the Linea 90bhp. I would still vote for the Linea MJD or wait for the Linea 1.6 which will be atleast 120 BHP but not sure when it will be launched. Hope FIAT launches it early or else it will be very hard for them to sell their cars - Hope FIAT IS LISTENING - TJet was the first Step now get the 1.6 or 1.9 mjd to show your commitment to the Indian automotive market.
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