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Delhi to Nagpur - Via road less taken

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by drarvindc, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. drarvindc


    AFter having bought the Punto 90 hp at faridabad last year, the next task was to take her to Nagpur, as i am currently holed up at Nagpur.

    Why not buy at Nagpur itself and avoid the cross-country?

    Well, the car is bought through the CSD Stores and i saved around 90 K that way and which helped me stretch the budget (it was all cash purchase) or else i would have ended up with the VIsta drvietech4.

    Options to take the car to Nagpur

    1. Go for Trailer truck.
    2. Drive all the way.

    Checked the car transportation services and the estimate was around 15-18 K with own insurance (extra). No one at home had done such a long journey. In the end it was decided to drive all the way.

    Route Consideration :

    There were some agitation near agra and it was all in the news, so going via Agra was overruled right away and second reason was that it would be too crowded all the way to bhopal atleast.

    One option was to go via Jaipur-mumbai-pune-nagpur (2,288 kms). This was confirmed good road. Dad had taken truck convoy (air force trucks) from vadodara to delhi, so it was all clear. Mumbai nagpur via pune was done by me for official work few times, so that was confirmed route plus Pune is my wife's home and we also got flat there. But this was 4 days trip.

    Second option was to go via jaipur and then take the middle route skipping ajmer on west and agra on east, now this was kind of unchartered route as no reference about the road condition was there, inspite of being National Highway all the way (very few state highways for this route). This was 1200 kms. It was decided upon. 600 kms a day, max speed 80 (car was in run in period), max rev of 2,000.

    LInk to Online Google Map details for the trip.


    Who will drive all the way? :

    This was funny. Only my brother knew how to drive, father is good at parking the car around and me? never driven a car on highway. Brother was all up and excited about the drive.

    Car all cleaned and ready for the trip. Seen behind is Brother's Indica Xeta.

    Day 1 - start from home at 5.30 AM

    Car's bottom hit due to low GC twice in delhi (metro rail construction) while enroute to jaipur. We were like what kinda road awaits us all the way?

    I had purchased the SatGuide C230 GPS for the car 15 days before booking the car, it took us all the way perfectly to Jaipur. Highway police post Jaipur waved us in, asked for papers -shown. Asked for PUC (dad blasted off saying week old car no PUC required for 6 months). Then came the funny part, the police guy said the glasses are darkened and its not allowed (no films applied by us). Dad handled him well and asked him to search for someone else. Ashamed the police guy let us go.

    On the way to Jaipur





    Near Kota stopped for lunch at dhaba (were carrying aloo parantha's from home) had tea and again moved on. Good road condition all the way and minimum traffic.

    Evening 5.30 reached Jhalawar - RTDC Resort.

    The place was good, well maintained, food was good. Had dinner, though not tired still sleep overcame soon.

    Jhalawar RTDC Resort :

    Sunset in background.

    Day 2 - start from Jhalawar at 5.30 AM

    Woke up at 5.00 and hit the road at 5.30 am. The road was again good, broken at few places but that was fine.

    Trafic was so minimum all the way upto biovara and bhopal that it was like " Look a truck". Most of the other towns / cities were bypassed except Bhopal (no way to escape that). Had to go through the city and damn it, it took 2 hrs to get going again. Reached Betul and on the way got stuck in traffic jam in the mountains for 3 hrs. The road was all muddy and pits formed due to trucks, had to get down and guide brother through them, as GC is low in punto.

    IMG_0146.jpg IMG_0138.jpg IMG_0144.jpg IMG_0148.jpg IMG_0141.jpg IMG_0145.jpg IMG_0149.jpg IMG_0142.jpg IMG_0140.jpg IMG_0150.jpg IMG_0143.jpg IMG_0147.jpg IMG_0139.jpg

    Hard to spot traffic, just one truck captured in all the above pics...

    Then came the heavy rains in the mountains while leaving the traffic jam area. It was the heaviest rain i have encountered, missed a few minor landslides on the way.

    look at water flowing on both the sides of the road.

    Sun set while we were around 150 kms from Nagpur, brother pulled in 80 kms in one hour after that, the road was good and no traffic, speed ranged between 90-110 kms.

    8.30 PM, reached home and had dinner. 1200 kms done in two days via a road less taken. THe gamble paid off and not to mention the comfort the car gave. THe only stops we had were for loo and food in the two days of driving.

    The pics will say the rest. Random taken pics. Its more of a Personal Highway. No traffic, good roads, amazing scenery all the way.

    AT Home the Next Day :

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  2. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Nice narration with good photographs, drarvindc. What is the length of bad stretch on this route? I will be driving New Delhi>Nagpur>Bangalore in this September. Will you recommend this route?
  3. Hyderabad - Nagpur - Jaipur

    Hi drarvindc,

    Excellent write up with photos. :up

    Are you suggesting this route, because I am planning to Drop my M800 to Jaipur.

    Recently I have booked Fiat Palio MJD; once it deliver to me at Hyderabad, I need to drop my M800 to Jaipur.

    So I can do Hyderabad - Nagpur (Day 1) - MP (1 day) - than Rajasthan.

    The condition of M800 is excellent, It just 17.5K KM old.

    I already have Garmin GPS with MMI.

    Please suggest.
  4. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    very well documented and narrated!!
  5. drarvindc



    Just consulted dad also (he got better memory).

    1. There was one patch of 5-10 kms where the tar surface was missing but embedded stones were there, had to slow down, lot of noise from tires but nothing to worry about as such.
    2. It was like road broken (20-40 mts) till jhalawar at isolated places (kota onwards), I mean no big deal about broken road, till jhalawar. you just swing and you are through.

    3. When we started from Jhalawar it was early morning and small ghat section, which was quite broken but again in places only, needed to slow down for the 10-20 kms patch, we even saw a matiz there with front axle broken due to jumping in the pit in fast speed out there.

    4. Road (somewhere near pachmarhi) was biut narrow and truck tires had made deep ditches on both sides of the car, so it was like stop or take it back but dont take the car down from road, again for few kms only.

    5. Betul bypass is through mountains and was bit narrow at places, had muddy patches in few places.

    As per dad, the above situations were coz we started after monsoon and may be the roads have been repaired after that.

    I am not sure of current status of the road, as i said our gamble paid off. If i have to go back to Delhi i would take the same road, its worth the risk. But too secluded to drive in the night, thats why we stopped at Jhalawar within daylight.

    GPS worked well for me and only few kms it got astray. Use it for reference and confirm with signs on the road.

    I will ask my brother too about any significant point regarding the route.

    Thanks. It would have been more detailed if i had saved the rough paper with the details and documented it well after the trip concluded.
  6. Prateek


    Great piece Arvind, are you game for another long haul? I am short of a co-passenger for 1800 kms trip :)
    Hope the monsoons havent hit Nagpur that hard, as rest of the western and eastern parts.
  7. drarvindc


    he he, going delhi-miraj? I would be in delhi from 24th june to 3rd july. When is your plan and to where?
  8. Prateek


    Hi Arvind, sorry for checking this piece late. In absence of a co-passenger, I have booked my flights to pune and I leave tomorrow. But for future it's good to know that I have support for the long hauls :)
  9. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    You indeed had a good drive....
    I also drove in March from Hyderabad to Delhi....
    The route which i took was

    Hyderabad to Nagpur...

    And from then I took a different route altogether ....

    Nagpur to Seoni via Pench National Park Road.
    Seoni to Lakhnadon and then to Narsinghpur...
    From Narsinghpur to Sagar and then to Lalitpur to Jhansi...
    Jhansi to Gwalior-Agra-Mathura-Delhi...

    The route was awesome except for Jhansi-Gwalior route...

    You could have taken this route also as this does not include bhopal at all... It is all newly laid NH and i touched 160 kmph on it... Just beautiful in one word...
    It took me one day to reach Gwalior from Nagpur and then half day from Gwalior to Delhi... total distance from Nagpur was about 1100kms...

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