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Delhi linea owners Please help

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by anshulal, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. anshulal


    new delhi
    Hi Guys ,

    I am die hard fan of fiat ... dad owned fiat then i got 1.2 NV sports have done 1,20,000 K.m and car still feels solid to drive ... :)

    now i am planing to get another sedan ... was confused about buying a new car and used one ... came across linea 2010 emotion 1.3 mjd ..done 20 k for 3.5 Lac.... sounds like an good deal ... as i would use car for next 2 years and then sale it and go for some SUV ..

    but i am really confused about the service part of linea and spare parts availability ... as i stay in Dwarka ... then which service station to go for .. as far as palio is concerned i have got local mechanic who works on it ... but i dont trust him with linea ...

    So guys what do you suggest is buying fiat again would be a good option ? or should i go for Honda / Hyundai ....

    need honest opinion guys ... as with palio there are times i had to face problem with parts and service quality ...

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  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    There are service centers in Delhi and Noida, but the two preferred ones seem to be Kashyap Fiat and Oberoi cars with mixed reviews.

    You can find review threads for Delhi NCR region in the subforum below:
    Service Center Reviews

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    By the way, 20k run Linea Emotion MJD is an awesome deal. Check the service history of the car at a service center.

    Parts availability issue is declining with the set up of fiat exclusive service centers and they are improving in this aspect.

    There is also 99rpm.com for ordering parts online.
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  3. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Fiat service in NCR is not great, but still not an issue if you are ready to follow up with Fiat. Most of us Linea/Punto owners in NCR have been able to get work done by escalating to Fiat

    since you are in dwarka, you can also try out Torq fiat for service in GGN
  4. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    3.5L :eek:? Please check the history thouroghly! Smelling something fishy here!
    If you find it clean close the deal immediately!

    No need to worry about parts and service. It is improving!
  5. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    A word of caution, prior thorough inspection is a must. The FASS will be you best bet, as mentioned earlier service history (accidents) also need to be checked. Engine bay damages will mean extra caution. A long drive, by an experienced mechanic, you will need someone for sure.

    Now assuming everything looks good, be absolutely prepared for expenditure to the tune of 40k-50k post delivery, including GC upgrades and/or clutch plate overhaul, existing CSC (type plastic or metal also needs to be checked) and oil change is best irrespective of previous oil change claims. If the car is lying with a dealer, I would be even more suspicious at the price you are quoting, what is the cache here for this car being sold at so low price? It is an Emotion variant afterall.

    All the above is to not dissuade you from the deal but warn you from impending dangers. Do give it a thorough check and act swiftly if you want it as I am sure there will be many interested at such prices.

    You mentioned that you will keep it for 2 yrs or so, let me warn you it can be a very Emotional parting away with a Linea Emotion..! :p
  6. GaganTakker

    GaganTakker Amatore

    New Delhi
    If you are okay to buy 2012 Jan/Feb stock of Linea, you can get 3-4 lacs discount as many dealers have old stocks Let me know and I find out a few for the same
  7. adwaitorama

    adwaitorama Timido

    Dont worry about the price of the car as my Linea 2010 emotion is also valued at the same cost. Just have a thorough check with the service history of the car as there could be some tampering with the odo aswell.
  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Check for the Complete car History, the Price is damm low if its Genuinely run as mentioned or else for sure has been tampered with.
    Try to check with the neighbourhood mechanics about the use of the car, Dont worry for the spares.
    If everything goes fine with the body, Just close the deal and grab it...
  9. Sujay

    Sujay Amatore

    New Delhi
    Anu, You can check the Thrust FIAT service as well. They have opened a new service center recently. Its on the RAMA road which i think would be good for you in terms of distance.

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