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Defensive Driving Techniques.

Discussion in 'Safety First!' started by mescotc, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. sungoa2010


    I have one confusion. Suppose I am in a four lane road were the speed limit is 80km/H and you are in the right lane say going in 80KM/H . If somebody from back who is coming say 100km/H am pressing horn harshly. Am I suppose to change the lane and give way, since I am already in the maximum allowed speed? In night time such lane changes will cause accidents. And if some body want to brake the rule(crossing the speed limit) then it should not be at the cost of others who are obeying it. May be I am wrong> Please give your opinion.
  2. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    >> You should only use the right lane when overtaking!!
    Once you have over taken the car, you should go back to the lane to the left.

    Obviously you will have checked your mirrors before entering the right lane. (if you will check, then the above scenario will never arise)
    Even at night using the mirrors you can roughly estimate if the car is coming faster or slower..
    ALWAYS check your mirrors!

    80km/h is the legal limit. But who will stop others from breaking it. may be he has an emergency... :confused
    He is expressing his anger by using the horn as you are occupying the right lane for no reason. (you have not stated if you are overtaking or not)
    But a harsh honk is not needed.. maybe a small one enough to alert that there is a fast car behind you is enough..

    Ideally you have to drive in the left most lane where ever possible. ::T
  3. viveksonkhla

    viveksonkhla Amatore

    Noida, India
    Linea T-Jet
    You can only prevent yourself fro making mistakes ...but you can not protect yourself from mistakes made by others.. ::pP ....its not practically possible to do that... :uh ..the best you can do is leave your car at home in garage . :devilface ...and hope it does not get bird bombed. :hit :evilsmile
  4. R Alavandar

    R Alavandar

    I will categorise into two parts: City driving and high way driving.
    While driving in city roads - Plan your route, plan the time (if possible select non-peak hours), Know the roads/one ways/ pot holed roads, Avoid competitive driving and unnecessary over taking for the sake of it, Do not change lanes/ weave in and out unnecessarily, Damn others who do not follow safety norms and rules but you follow them, Do not get excited about bad driving of others but adapt yourself on the safe side, Do not expect auto/cabbies, sand/blue metal trucks, buses will follow norms or care for others-no point. Beware of two wheelers - they act like heros but are on a very unstable platform and let it be any one's fault, you do not be harmful. Give margin for ther's mistakes.
    High way driving(in Tamil Nadu): Look far ahead (for junctions, pedestrian crossings, pedestrians on the road side/ divider who are in half mind in deciding whether to cross or not, Any vehicle coming in the wrong lane in the opposite direction, Any cattle/herd trying to cross the road, Any school bus or school zone, Bus ahead stopped or broken down (people will emerge all of a sudden from behind), Slow down well before the junctions/ crossings and once sure no hindrance, accelerate as required (full blast if you want) (this is better than trying to brake after finding an obstacle), Avoid risky over takings (especially on two lane roads without a central divider, as you may find sudden traffic ahead), Avoid over taking on curves where road/traffic ahead is not visible, If some one is crazy to race and over take riskily, then let him pass (get rid of him, he will put himself and you in danger- yes you can race on empty roads with sane and safe driver but do not race with mad caps), If you get a car suddenly on the RV from no where and is trying to over take you, give way (either car and driver are capable or the driver is mad - in any case do not try to be one up or re-overtake), Do not blindly overtake a truck or bus just because the car ahead of you is over taking him (beware of the traffic condition ahead and then only over take), IN TN four lanes do not expect the trucks will stick to side lane and leave the center lane free - many a time you may have to over take from left - when the entire stretch is free, you will still find trucks sticking to center lane for no apparent reason, - rather than teaching manners, take an easy and safe way out. Weave in and out between slow moving vehicles is ok as far as you are in control (means your car still has the juice to accelerate or brake suddenly to avoid a situation as required by you - do not do this at top speeds, assess the gap whether it can accommodate full length and a half of your car - do it without risking you or others), Settle down at a speed with which you are comfortable in handling the car, Anticipate mistakes of others and give sufficient margin for the same, Plan day driving as far as possible, If you feel it is getting monotonous (following this your concentration may drift or worst you may fall asleep) then take a break, Do not have any dead lines to chase (you may get into driving rash) - Remember -accidents occur not because of a single mistake but because of a series of mistakes and lapses/ bad driving habits over a long period. If you are constantly able to identify the links in the chain of events leading to accidents, and break even one of the link, there will be no accident. Sorry, made it too long (and soporific?)!
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  5. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    @ Alavandar,

    Nicely written and very realistic. To be honest, while reading, I felt that I was driving on a typical highway in Tamilnadu ::T

  6. vinz


    If u want to drive on indian roads especially smaller cities u need hav a gr8 car control and very alert u will never know from which side a crazy biker wil zoom in and a uuto wil cut ur path from left suddenly. or even a dog come in ur path or some cattle goin crazy on road it has all happen to me, and some times u need some luck too.
    U need to know wat is around u when ur drivin wat traffic ahead of u and what u can expect. i drive in city most of time very rare on highway. so im used to stop start traffic so i mantain the speed such a way that i dont hav to break often i manage it with gear shift and gas. if u maintain ur speed u dont hav to break even when other r breakin as u wil know that at that point u need 2 slow down so u dont hav to go very high speed and break near a speed breaker like usually ppl do. u wil just waste gas and less mileage.
    Drive safe everybody!
  7. Always keep your headlights on!!!

    Always keep your headlights on!!!
    Particularly on the highway whether its a bike or car, day or night.
    In the night switch on the fog lights if the visibility is marginally lower ( rain, fog, forest areas, ghats, etc.).
    This will help in getting noticed by others a fractional second earlier.
    A fractional second for you as well as the other driver can turn an accident to a near miss.
    Don't wait for others to dim their headlamps.
    Be pro-active & dim your headlamps the moment you see oncoming traffic.
    In 4 lane highways always drive in the left lane.
    You'll have time to go left/right in case of emergency.
    Watch for people coming in the opposite directions in the 4 lane highways in the wrong side.
    They are one of the most common reasons for accidents.
  8. Aborting overtaking attempts

    An important thing to know while you overtake is to abort the overtake if situation demands it. Many do not do this. Once they start to overtake some vehicle, even god cannot stop them.

    This is a clip from my Car's DVR, recorded yesterday night. Had to abort an overtake after it was almost 80% over, since a 1100 popped out from nowhere.

  9. R Alavandar

    R Alavandar

    1. For bikes, keeping the head light on always helps. I believe this is followed in UK and Europe. But for cars? I think keeping HL on during day is not warranted. In case of dark or black cars, to make your car more visible, one may resort to this as required at high speeds.
    2.People/ vehicles on the wrong side: Very true. In GST road, (Chennai Trichy, especially near Trichy, accidents happen often due to this reason.
  10. nikonsun


    I have not seen a single driver who considers to bother about checking the blind spot while driving in the highways/big roads in the city. I'm new to Indian roads (have driven scooter 14 years back) and so I'm pretty much concerned of this driving nature. Don't you guys think it is still a good practice to turn around and look for the vehicles behind in the blind spot when you deviate from the straight line?

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