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Dealership Satisfaction Survey - An analysis of why Fiat is where it is today

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amit, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Changing media perception and improving customer experience are the two things that FIAT should give priority. Sales will follow.
    How to change media perception: Organize events and campaigns. Flood mass media with product advertisements and public interest messages about road safety, automotive technology, etc,.
    I would still say their CorpCom dept is weak or is yet to understand indian customers.
  2. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    place Advertisements in a Daily Newspaper about the New Dealership and Service Center coming out in the region, And in the same advertisement show the features of Linea and Punto day by day different features. If it continues for 1 month, think all the features will be covered by the end of the month. and people will be forced to read the advertisement at least once in 30 days, If its read by the reader once, then BINGO....
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  3. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    The report by JD Power must come as an eye opener for Fiat. Just like they touted no. 2 ranking in customer satisfaction by JDP, this survey must be taken as a critical insight into their future plans. Fiat's story in India has been a strange one. They never fully understood "Indian". Let it be strikes by Premier Automobiles or handling by TVS or Tata. One can agree they have had their share of problems back home in Italy where they are at a constant war with unions and Govt one time or the other. Their focus on India could've been marred because of this fact. Even with all the problems, I would say Fiat has listened to the customers and have worked on the feedback provided to them. They have been further strained in positioning new products due to the JV with Tata.

    The new spring in step after turn around by Chrysler in quite evident. As the country head India himself say that they will start full blooded assault only after Mar 2013, I do not see any miracles happening in the Fiat story till that time. Going by the signs so far, the story in future looks an exciting one. Whether or not Fiat has been able to read the "Indian" correctly this time around, only time can tell.
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    some day just like the factory visit that TFI had planned.. We should also plan a meet at the fiat factory and ask for explanations as to what FIAT has been doing..
    I mean this is also a kind of cheating by the brand to take the consumers for a ride with all the "So CALLED" spares issues , service quality and so on..
  5. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Toyota targetted to sell 65K units of the Etios twins which they are achieving, hence, they cannot be called flops from sales point of view. Etios is a flop in my view because Toyota promised to give us a cheap car but ended up giving us a cheaply made car.

    Fiat on the other hand had a target to sell 130,000 cars by 2014. They barely manage to push 12,000 car's in a year in 2012.

    No 2 in the CSI survey done by the same J.D.Power whose direction is according to the waves as you say? Fiat may have tried to change the attitude, failed and them decided to go alone in the market. But point is that it's their brand and reputation that took a hit. Question is why couldn't Fiat play a pro-active role in the distribution activity that was handled by Tata? They were a 50% partner and had all the rights to question and audit Tata's processes.

    The survey was speaking of subsidies given by manufacturer to dealer's for marketing that increases dealer satisfaction. Even if the marketing initiative is there, it doesn't get through to the prospective buyer's. Maybe apart from marketing there is a trust deficit in buyer's towards Fiat cars.

    Fiat car's are offered with best deal's because they are not selling. Despite that they still don't sell indicating that the problem is not just of lack of marketing. Fiat needs to understand why Indians are willing to wait for 9 months for a car powered by their engine but wouldn't buy a Fiat car off the shelf with good discounts.

    Merely increasing service networks will not help if the service centre's are not run professionally. The Pune exclusive service centre has got off to a pretty bad start. Hopefully these are teething problems and Fiat will move quickly to smoothen things out.

    A lot of individual's (including I) believe that the media / auto magazines / expert's are biased towards Honda. I have for year's been talking against press releases that start off with the words "Japanese premium car maker Honda has launched....". Despite that, you can't take away the fact that Japanese are in general very meticulous people who follow procedure's and policies very strictly. Honda, hence, was expected to do well which they didn't. To some extent this does show that at least this particular survey was not totally biased towards Honda.

    Earlier Honda dealer's had a take it or leave it attitude because the car's used to sell hence they didn't need to discount the products. Today, Honda has had a crash landing and dealer's have come down to earth. It's all about market dynamics and demand & supply. Fiat would do the same if they could.
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  6. sidindica


    The main problem with Fiat is that their own marketing team sucks big time. Spares and service stories debate can take another 200 years to end the debate, but they themselves do not know what their 2012 punto is capable of. Its so much improved and a much, much better car than the overrated swift. Lots of mechanical improvements done but no promotion. Lots of smart features but no promotion. Lots of user friendliness but no promotion. Just opening exclusive showrooms will not do the trick. Key analysis lies with competency of people identifying the problem. Its still lacking. Otherwise why people continue to buy mahindras in hordes, despite its reputation as a crappy service provider? And so for VW?

    The so called "absolute edition" is stupidity at best, and its ad is just "sad". Nice way in ruinin the brand image. ot many people know that the so called "absolute" is actually the trim level for the duologic equipped fiats in international markets.
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  7. NitinGirish

    NitinGirish Amatore

    This is just a blame game with FIAT dealers blaming FIAT for not providing "Support" and FIAT blaming dealers for "pushing" TATA products over theirs. This game can continue till the cows come home but the central question is "How committed is FIAT to the Indian market?"

    For a company that has been around since 80s (premier padmini days) it has performed dismally. There can only be two reasons to it. Either they are unwilling or incompetent to do any better.

    My bet is on the earlier, they are a successful and popular automobile manufacturer elsewhere and they should be knowing a thing or two about managing an automobile business. I don't think they bet big on India despite the lot of English their top brass speaks.
  8. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    If the 2012 is really improved to that extent then Fiat needs to promote the car more. Currently the market has a perception that the Linea & Punto are underpowered. This perception will not change unless real owner's of these car's report on the improved features and it spreads through word of mouth to the average car buyer's. Problem is Fiat sales are so low that this word of mouth thing could take ages to spread! Fiat needs to get really aggressive and start offering long test drives to prospective buyer's. Maybe offer these car's for a day so buyer's can sample the drive over varied conditions. This will also prove to buyer's that Fiat is serious about our market and takes the customer's business seriously.

    3 days after driving my Punto, I drove my City and it took me about 35 kms to get used to the City's thrashy suspension which was shaking me to my bones. If I, after experiencing the Punto for 3 years can still get so spoiled by it's fantastic suspension comfort then imagine what a new prospective buyer will experience!
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  9. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Guys, totally I support the view that GP 2012 is much much better car than its competitors. Just yesterday realised the VFM quotient of FIAT as well. My cousin booked a Ritz VDi and my neighbour took a Polo TDI topend. I was shell shocked to know the on road price. Ritz Vdi costed @ 7L OTR Blore. Forget about ABS, it doesnt even give music system. Can we compare this with Punto Dynamic version which costs almost same in Blore?? 3 pot noisy 1.2 L TDI Polo is damn expensive than Punto :shocked. Well I need not talk about features that Punto top end offers vis-a-vis a Polo !!!

    If only FIAT marketing can market their cars well. Its heart break to see other sub below cars do well :(
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  10. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Like a few have mentioned including the OP, that 7 out of 9 items where under TATA's Nose and FIAT had no say in this. Does this mean its no fault of FIAT? A resounding NO.

    Firstly, it was FIAT's mistake not to put in a proper target for TATA to sell FIATs. So forget about the service and spares. As far as I am aware, after FIAT manufactuers the car and puts in the inventory yard. TATA moves that into its inventory and FIAT's role is over from there which is ridiculous. How I know this? I have seen how my car was invoiced from the plant.

    Now why the dealers rate FIAT lesser? There might be variety of reasons for it. Lack of support? (financial or operational). Is the awareness about the dealers of not getting any credit facility for ordering FIAT cars from TATA motors? Why will any dealer rate it higher when a situation of ordering FIAT cars from TATA would sqeeze the dealer financially on his working capital.

    Who is responsilbe for all this mess, its non other than FIAT for blindly signing an agreement which was simply in favor of the TATA's

    Atleast going forward, FIAT should wake up and take notice of things in reality and then fix the issues. The dealers will then start adding value to the end customer as well as the manufacturer. But whatever said and done, FIAT has an uphill task and it has to relentless to achieve this.

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