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Dealership Satisfaction Survey - An analysis of why Fiat is where it is today

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amit, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I completely agree with Pran.

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    I agree on Hyundai part but I feel FIAT needs new models in their independent showrooms for people to come and see, like I went book a Indica Vista but endied up buying punto just because my wife saw it and insisted me on TD ing it.
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  3. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    The report you submitted was for customer satisfaction survey. We are talking about dealer satisfaction survey. They are two different things. Senior members need to exercise more maturity on this forum. Instead of waiting for the mod team to respond, you went ahead and put up the post again. You cannot claim conspiracy every time Fiat fares poorly in something.

    And both the Etios model's have flopped in our market. Rightly so. But, when you posted, rightly, about the Etios, you could also have mentioned that Toyota moved quickly to correct the customer perceived issue of poor quality interiors.

    Why does everyone get so touchy when facts are pointed out about Fiat's? This is nothing personal! Don't take it personally, guys.

    Those are results of customer survey which measures how satisfied car buyer's are with their new car's. It's done for cars bought in last 6-9 months from what I know. The survey being talked about here is satisfaction of dealer's with their principal's.

    I would suggest you to go through ramjin's post on how customer satisfaction survey is conducted by J.D.Power on this very thread. We cannot claim the same survey is wrong and biased when Fiat fares poorly and quote from the same survey when Fiat fares well!

    Please also take a look at the ground realities. Fiat sales are slipping. The Fiat brand is almost out of people's minds. There is absolutely no marketing activities from the dealer's as well for Fiat cars. Do note that marketing has a big impact on dealer satisfaction. Most car buyer's report less then satisfactory time when dealing with Fiat dealer's while purchasing their car's. In comparision, Maruti & Hyundai have been the top three car maker's of India for over a decade. Not only do they fare at the top in the CSI but have also done well in the dealer satisfaction index. Clearly, if you look at their sales you will realise that they are doing something right. Maybe all that Fiat has to do is try and understand what Toyota, Maruti & Hyundai are doing and try to replicate the processes. The same J.D.Power has placed Honda below industry average.

    There maybe some element of favouritism in the survey but the results more or less mirror the realities on the ground today. Let's accept that instead of crying conspiracy every time.

    Here is another quote from the survey about marketing which has a 9% impact on satisfaction:

    Guys, I am deleting posts about service experiences. This survey focusses more on sales part. Warranty claims play a 8% role in satisfaction and that according to me is the only are of service. Majority of the parameter's are on sales part. Request all of you read the report here as well as google on the same and then post.

    This can be a very good & interesting discussion which can give all of us many interesting insights. Hope we get the support from all of you.
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  4. Customer service survey is 2 years old ,is there a 2012 survey result?
  5. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    As I had mentioned elsewhere, it may be that FIAT was trying build up a case to prove that the JV was failing on the sales and service front, and they need to pull out of the JV to be successful. 2011 & 2012 is when tonnes of complaints came from customers against the TATA's sales & service and by mid 2012, the TATA-FIAT separation happens and FIAT starts setting up own dealerships.
    What if majority of the (TATA) dealers who responded to the survery knew that FIAT might not continue the relationship with them in future? What feedback would they have given about FIAT?

    No survey results can be taken as 100% accurate, though manufacturers heavily rely on these reports to prove their credibility.

    No, I am not trying to prove that all is well with FIAT in India, and this survey report is just the media perception. There is a lot that FIAT has to do, but not at this pace. They are unable to make their presence felt at least in the media.

    I remember an exit poll several years back on TN assembly election, in which people flocked in JJ rallies and meetings. The poll predicted that JJ will win with landslide majority, but when the results came, she and her team was routed and MK became the chief minister. JJ is said to have commented "they all came to my rallies but voted for MK!" . When it comes to surveys, we try not to tell the truth if possible.
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  6. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    No wonder. Trust me, TATA doesn't want to sell Fiat cars after the plan to split up.

    I was shocked to hear these words from my dealer.
    SE: We can offer only 5000/- rupees worth accessories and not a rupee more in the form of any discounts.
    Me: You must offer me much better deals as Fiat products are not selling in huge quantities.
    SE: Sir, frankly we are told not to push Fiat sales at all.
    Me: :eek:
  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

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  8. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    How is this survey related to pre-sales activities?

    This is a dealership survey where the dealer is rating the parent company.

    Let's just break down the factors that contribute to the satisfaction (or the lack of it) and in the case of Tata-Fiat the party responsible for it

    1. Support - 21% (Tata)
    2. Vehicle Ordering Delivery - 14% (Tata & Fiat)
    3. Product - 12% (Fiat)
    4. Parts - 11% (Tata)
    5. Sales Team - 10% (Tata - for the majority part. Fiat showrooms are still new)
    6. Sales / Marketing Activities - 9% (Tata)
    7. After Sales Team - 9% (Tata)
    8. Warranty & Claims - 8% (Tata)
    9. Training - 7% (Fiat)

    Now we can clearly see the reason why the JV has fallen apart. Is this entirely Tata's fault? I say no. The JV was a strategic mistake which Fiat has finally realised.

    Tata was always at the front end and Fiat at the back end. THAT has contributed to this mess.

    This is like a writing a software that has a solid code & database structure at the back end but a horrible user interface that renders the software useless.
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  9. sungoa2010


    Does Etios sells 50 per month? One can see when it comes to Toyoto one expect a huge number. Why one say Etios is a flop? Take for example current month figure 2.5K + Is it bad. Bad when one expect a dezire like sales. That expectation is inbuilt in every Indians about some brands.

    Now coming back to quality of interiors Do we have to forget that Fiat had also improved the plastic quality.

    Dealership reflects the parent company's attitude. Unfortunately at Tata dealership it is TATA culture that is dominant and Fiat has done its best to overcome. Result of it is what they got as No 2 position in customer position. Let us wait and see how Fiat exclusive dealership is working.
    It is not correct to say absolutely no marketing initiative.There are lot of marketing initiative from Fiats side. Their car are offered always with best deals.
    I don't think one can cook up any recipe from how maruti and Hyundai works. The only recipe one can get is increase the service networks that fiat is doing now.
    Maruti is born to make profit. If we throw a cat in air it will always land up with four legs on floor. Fiat is born to make good and safe cars. They have to work extra to make good profit. Thank god that they haven't deviated from that ethics.
    How does it matter if honda is below industry average. it doesn't give any extra reliability on the study. Again I can see like Toyota people have some special reservations for Honda. That prejudices guide them. Honda was a notorious dealer in past which doesn't give any discounts for the customers. They have the take and go attitude. Noew it has slightly changed. So JD is not going against the flow by lowering the Honda.

    These surveys are like a boat in a ocean. We don't know where it is going. They don't have any direction. They goes according to the waves. If we need destination we have to move against them.
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  10. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    While comparing to other brands I like to follow just one line

    " Do you want to follow the standard or set the standard?"

    I think FIAT should look in to the latter while taking new business decisions. ASS/dealership experience should be a new standard for others.
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