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Dealership Satisfaction Survey - An analysis of why Fiat is where it is today

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amit, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Ever wondered why the Fiat dealer you called and booked a test drive with never sent the demo car to you?

    Ever wondered why the Fiat dealer you visited, took a test drive with & discussed finances with, never called back asking you when you would be booking the car?

    Ever wondered why your Fiat dealer has no answer when you ask him when you are likely to get delivery of your car?
    Ever wondered why no one from the sales team at your Fiat dealer bothered to talk to you while you loitered around the showroom checking out the new Fiat car you were seriously interested in buying?

    How many times have all of us here heard a member post “I am seriously interested in buying the Punto but the dealer seems dis interested in selling the car. If this is the response before sales I can imagine what I will have to go through after the sale is made and I take the car for service!”

    The answer to all the above frustrating questions is there in the 2011 & 2012 J.D.Power Dealership survey.

    The chart below is self explanatory on how 9 of the mainstream car manufacturer’s in India performed in keeping their dealer’s satisfied through 2011 & 2012.

    Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 10.57.52 PM.jpg

    Few points from the survey results:

    - Toyota dealer’s are the most satisfied 2 years running. And look at the scores! What’s even more amazing is that Toyota actually improved the scores in 2012, clearly, a company that isn’t taking anything for granted.

    - 8 out of 9 manufacturer’s improved satisfaction of their dealers in 2012 compared to 2011.

    - Fiat is the only company that has the dubious distinction of increasing DIS-Satisfaction among it’s dealers in 2012 compared to 2011.

    - Even Indian manufacturer’s (M&M and Tata) managed to improve satisfaction.

    What are the factor’s that increase or contribute to satisfaction among dealers? What do dealers look for from their principal’s?

    Take a look at the chart below:


    It’s no surprise why Fiat finished last and increased dealer dis-satisfaction.

    The single biggest contributor to dealer satisfaction is support (21%). Quoting from the J.D.Power report:

    Fiat’s score in 2012 is 680, indicting that sales team from Fiat barely visited their dealers! We all know Fiat had handed over sales, distribution & marketing to Tata. which means the sales team from Tata clearly ignored Fiat in their visits to their dealers. BUT, that doesn’t mean Fiat is off the hook. Falling sales should have woken them up to this problem after all it’s a 50:50 JV! Was Fiat plain lazy or ignorant to the reasons why it’s sales were slipping so fast?

    The second biggest contributing factor at 14% is ease of vehicle ordering and delivery. Now you know why your dealer can’t tell you when your car will arrive and be ready for delivery. Distribution of Fiat car’s was, you guessed it, with Tata.

    The third biggest factor contributing to satisfaction at 12% is the product. Apart from poorly made interior’s there is very little that should lead to dis-satisfaction from a brand new Linea & Punto. Suggestions welcome how this would have contributed to dis-satisfaction, if any, in dealers.

    The fourth biggest factor at 11% is parts. Again, Tata was responsible for this aspect.

    Off the top four factor’s that contribute to dealer satisfaction, Fiat was not directly involved in 3 of them!

    Is it a surprise then to see Fiat in doldrums today?

    To add insult to injury, look at Tata’s scores. They increased dealer satisfaction in 2012 v/s 2011 for the Tata brand by an impressive 14.85% (from 653 to 750 points). Clearly, Tata knew what needed to be done to improve scores. So, why didn’t they do it for their 50% partner? Was it deliberate or were there more serious concern’s that ultimately lead to Fiat deciding to take over & handle sales, distribution & marketing by themselves.

    So should we put the onus totally on Tata and let Fiat off the hook? Hoping to see more maturity from this forum, I am sticking my head out and saying, NO. What do you guys feel?

    Meanwhile, check out the 2011 & 2012 results chart’s below.

    Dealer satisfaction survey 2011.jpg

    Dealer satisfaction survey 2012.jpg

    There is however, one point that worries me. Training at 7% contributes the least to dealer satisfaction! Now we know why the sales staff come with the gems while explaining features!

    The above results should be a good guide to Mr Enrico Atanasio as he speeds up the process of setting Fiat exclusive dealerships. Mr.Atanasio, the story doesn’t end with Fiat setting up their own exclusive dealers. It actually starts from there.
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  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    I realized that my post in this thread has been deleted without any reason/prompt. What I posted is an experience from an user of another forum who was interviewed by JD Power.

    Is TFI prohibiting to use or retrieve information from other forums?
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  3. sungoa2010


    First of all I am strongly against the repeated statements in this forum about the interior quality of the Punto and Linea.

    "The third biggest factor contributing to satisfaction at 12% is the product. Apart from poorly made interior’s there is very little that should lead to dis-satisfaction from a brand new Linea & Punto. Suggestions welcome how this would have contributed to dis-satisfaction, if any, in dealers."

    If punto is scored poorly I was thinking how Toyota has scored. A punto owner will jump out of a Etios the moment he enter. Dash of many Toyota cars have out dated dash.
    I am talking about the 12% factor?
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  4. Rituraj

    Rituraj Regolare

    Jorhat, Assam
    My experiences -

    1. The Punto demo car was at my gates, exactly an hour after I had called up the dealership asking for a test drive.
    2. The delivery date of my car was pushed back by only 1 week. I was informed about this in advance.
    3. As far as interior quality is concerned, I reckon only the i20, Polo and Fabia scores better than the Punto among hatchbacks.
    4. A few days back, my horn went kaput and it was promptly checked and replaced under warranty at the dealership.
    5. The dealer took 7 months in sourcing the Fiat-authorised Central Locking accessory for me. Worse, they tried to charge a bomb on the same, over the price mentioned in the Fiat India website.
    6. Here's the worst experience at the dealership - They tried to deliver an unwashed/uncleaned car to me, the interiors were dirty too. On top of that, they tried to polish the dust-covered car. I had to create a scene to get things done the proper way.
    7. During service, they skipped wheel alignment/balancing, claiming that it's a paid exercise, when the manual says otherwise.
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  5. kirenh

    kirenh Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Having various cars within my group (friends) e.g, Toyota, Maruti, Tata, Fiat, CHEVY, Hyundai. Dealer Satisfaction on sales, I do not see much difference in any dealership. I found DSK as bad as Pandit when I wanted to buy an Innova.

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  6. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    There was a time when FIAT was ranked no 2 for Customer satisfaction by this same JD power. Ups & downs are there for all manufacturers. I am sure we can see an improvement in the same survey in 2014 .

    JD power_Fiat.jpg
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  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    reading these reports opens up more questions in my mind than it can answer.

    1.) Is FIAT that INCAPABLE to understand indian market?
    NO, my guess here is that they are simply not too keen no matter what the top brains say or brag about their ventures in India. They know that they already have a great portfolio of engines which are being used by tons of other brands that they dont really seem to be serious about their cars.

    2.) SABOTAGE??
    till date FIAT was with TATA and i've seen a lot of tata guys (some big ones) offering suggestions to NOT buy FIAT , right under FIAT's noses. Does fiat know about it?, My guess says they do but they don't really CARE.

    Its highly unlikely that you will see advertisements like you do for other brands.. Even brands like chevi have a great representation in the TV world and their cars are at best .........

    4.) Glimmer of hope?
    2013, where FIAT sets up their own outlets .

    So then why are they failing ??
  8. sungoa2010


    What is the reliability of the survey no body knows. How scientific they are? no body knows. We accept it just because they are popular?
    The link posted by ramjn actually throws some lights in to it. Some of the comments by respectful and very senior Bhpians in that thread is worth to look.

    When one publish some thing there should be thorough preparations and each process is so important. Data is not the only criteria how we analyze and more than that what is the method used(methodology) is more important. Equal important is the sample space(in this case the dealer,customers etc). Unless I get convinced about such things or otherwise it is from well reputed group I can't believe it. This is my view point. If one make mistake in any of the steps results will be upside down.
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  9. I can see FIAT can only improve from where it is now, it can't go further south than where it is now.
    To be fair to FIAT we should wait for next 6-months to an year to see where it will go when they are on their own.

    Ramesh,please PM me the your earlier post.
  10. teky

    teky Esperto

    I'm hunting for a replacement car currently and had registered for TD on most of the manufacturers website. I received only call back from only one sales man from Chevy and no one else bothered to respond and this includes Hyundai. I was supposed to call back the Chevy guy to fix a TD but he never bothered to call back as well. So I'll always take these surveys with bag loads of salt, I've been to an Hyundai dealer in Chennai to TD the Verna and the attitude they displayed was simply below par. They didn't mind to explain features nor did they seem keen to sell, But still the Verna sells like hot cake. However I do agree that Hyundai with their reputation can forget all this, but Fiat whose core problem is Sales & Service need to focus on those areas and I think Enrico is actually looking to fix that rather than bringing new products.
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