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Deal in a Week - T-Jet Sunbeam Beige

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by mchanna, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    It was in 2006 when I started looking to buy a car, I always believed in used car market where if we search patiently we definitely get a good for a very good price.
    I almost finalized fern green Palio GTX 2003 28K run. But then family emotions came in between and started black mailing. Which made me to buy a palio 1.6sports NV.

    Ever since I came back from onsite I was dreaming of buying a Linea.
    But due to other priories in life my wish was kept on postponing. In 2012 when the discount was on its all time high I was thinking to exchange my palio with T-Jet. But once again family emotions became the blockers (for good this time).

    2013 Again the t-jet started haunting me, meantime couple of my friends got this dream machine under 5lakhs (test drive vehicles).
    This made me think about used car market again and finally I decided I'll go for a used car that too T-Jet

    Hunt Started - In march 2013, Set the alerts for T-Jet sale on all available sites (olx, google alert, carwale, team-bhp, TFI Classifieds etc) informed all my friends and colleagues.
    No matter where the car is I used to ping every seller asking the details. Some of them were asking higher than the market price, some over used, some had accidents. Disappointing and confused.:confused:
    Couple of deals came to closures but seller started demanding more, deal not done.

    20th Sep 2013 - A Day of Hope - It was friday 20th Sep 2013, I was on call working from home since morning 6am and the call ran till 4pm. I was literally Tired, frustrated, hungry over to it the home painting work was in full zoom. At 4:30 after I complete the call with customer, I just decided to have a glance in olx. WOW:eek: there is an ad for T-Jet asking 6.5L, 2012 registered (2011 make) 10.4K on the odo. Without wasting a sec I ranged the seller, Disappointed to know was an agent, but decided to give it a try. I said I'll visit in next 45mins. Got ready in 15mins and as usual Palio took my to the place covering 15kms in the city withing 30mins. picked up my colleague on the way he was in meeting I said I dont know anything I'll be coming in next 15mins to office and come down wait for me. So nice of him he came cancelling his meeting 5 mins late though, but I forgave him:cool:. It was 5:30pm sharp when I saw this sunbeam beige color Jet standing calmly.

    Mr Atul was a nice guy to deal with, as soon as I got the keys it started raining cats and dogs :rolleyes::rolleyes: we waited for 15mins but there was no sign of slowing down.
    I said meanwhile let me check the interiors, Unlocked the door with chuck sound felt nice :). As I enter the cockpit in hurry it took me 30 secs to settle. When I gain my conscious I realized it is smelling as fresh as new. First impression is best impression. Looked around the car and everything was in place perfectly. Twisted the key to MAR nice. Odo was reading 10393. all warning signals gave green signal saying they are alright and healthy.
    Time to start, just gave a little push to the key and whoa engine started without any jerks and any uncommon noise. Calmly listened to the beats for 10 mins. No surprises. I said "This is it" to myself. By 30 mins rain also stopped.

    Got out of the car opened the engine bay :cool: again everything was in place no movements noticed. Except some rubber parts (beedings) torn off. walked around the car there were some scratches, dents, signs of hard water over the body grooves.

    Without showing any expressions (I think so), I asked Atul to get the car to my home for a test drive. Took the copy of RC and insurance and came back home with a wide smile and dreams in my eyes.

    23 Sep 2013 Test Drive - As promised Atul was at my door steps by 11am. Asked my neighbor to accompany me for the drive, in the 20KMS test drive, we took her over potholes, uneven roads, ups and downs, everywhere she performed excellently. We just felt little wobbling and clutch seemed little hard. But I was not bothered about them much, that could be because of balancing.
    Externally i see the owner was having trouble in negotiating the traffic. No fog lamps even though it is a top end, as per owner Pandit cheated him. chrome strips on the right were broken, dents on the right side, tail lamps had hits. But external aspects were of not my concerns.

    Here are the initial pics
    IMG_3428.jpg IMG_3429.jpg IMG_3430.jpg IMG_3431.jpg IMG_3433.jpg

    After approximately calculating (50K) the expenditure for exterior aesthetics I offered him 4.5L. He was like what? from 6.5 you are asking 4.5? I said you think over it today and will talk tomorrow. He looked little disappointed and left.

    After he left, I thought bloody hell I haven't checked the history of the car, I haven't inquired about the owner what he does, why is he selling etc etc. But why worry I have the key to get all the details. Immediately I dialed pandit service center number and checked if the car has any accident history. SA said I'll check and get back to you in 30mins. Waited for 2 hrs no callback. Why waste time palio hai na, started the 100horses and next 15mins was there at pandit SC.
    Opened the history and shocked to see 3 accidents in the history. I said calm calm. Asked the SA to check the particulars of the accidents. BIG SMILE as he said "Saab nothing just painting and once rear bumper replacement". and he said the owner has not completed the first and second servicing, I was like what?? I started worrying about the warranty, even though he had purchased EW, it will be of no use now. Talked the teamfiat members (Amit, Kedar, Mahesh, and others) they gave the confidence of nothing can go wrong and if agrees at the said price go for it. came back home with a smile, started seeing my dream taking a shape.

    Did not call Atul on Sunday, Monday called him to know about his thoughts. He said "Sir thoda aur badhado" I was like :-D there you go boy. I started listing all the missing and accidents of the car:D. I asked him if you can get all the missing accessories and second service completed I am ready to pay 4.75L. He said he will confirm by eod.
    He did not call as expected, I rang him instead at 9pm. He said he will confirm by tomorrow. One more day to wait:ugeek:

    Tuesday, He called up in the morning, I dont know if he had a bad dream overnight. and Said final deal is 4.6L. I just jumped on the bed and said calmly will confirm by noon.
    Called him up in the noon and said OK :D please remove the ad from OLX (just wanted him to save from one sin, not wanted him to get greedy :))
    He said the deal has to be completed by Friday that too with hard cash, I was like :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: 2 days and need to arrange full cash. There is a work going on at home which is estimated nearly 1L, festivals are on the way, relatives are visiting. Where the hell I can arrange the huge amount in just 2days. But tough times always for good, so started chasing all my friends and relatives. Somehow managed to arrange by Thursday night, asked him to come home collect the money and leave the car. He promptly came at 10am
    Odo was not moved so bit relaxed. Quick glance over the external damages, no new signs.

    TFI Ramdari meet around I thought I'll take the beauty for the meet on 21th Sep 2013, to my disappoint I was banned to take or touch till 24th, As we just departed ganesh, there seems like a 5days blackout for any good things.

    20th Sep - 24th Sep - 4days went like 4months, no sleep, dreaming with open eyes, every hour used to peep from the window to check if she is OK :)

    24 Sep 2013 - True D-Day : Nothing much I'll let the pics do the speach here

    As always Ganesh entered first, Also rose for the one who is going to be part of our lives.

    A quick pooja

    My son, who is more excited than me, and have been insisting to get a linea ever since we testdrove a year back. And he is the reason for me to get everyone convinced at home :)

    Starting with a tradition of running over the lemon to save us from the bad eyes.

    Took her to the Shiva temple for a Darshan.

    She is gorgeous, but has some attitude :D

    So far gifted following to enhance her look.
    Side chrome molding
    Door sill plate - T-Jet
    Floor and boot Mat - T-Jet
    Mud flaps molded.
    Tail lamps

    Some treatment to keep her healthy
    Wheel alignment
    Engine oil and filter

    So far spent another 12K odd on the exteriors.

    Thanks for reading it patently, pardon my grammar and spellings here and there :p
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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Deal of the year :)

    Congratulations. Enjoy the Jet.
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  3. Parantap Chatterjee

    Parantap Chatterjee Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    More like deal of the millennium :) Congratulations Mchanna !
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  4. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Thanks gurjinder and parantap
    Jet is currently resting in the parking as it is in the process of transfer of ownership.
  5. bbllaazzee

    bbllaazzee Amatore

    Congrats Mchanna. Excellent deal and the car looks New and great.
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  6. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    A huge congratulations on getting the T-jet home. Its wonderful to hear that you took pains to find out about your dream car and stuck a wonderful deal for self. This time it looked like the dealer was taken for a ride.
    Enjoy the car and happy mile crunching and drive safely.
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  7. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Thanks ghodlur, I would say I was little lucky to find a good car within my budget. Yup will be crunching miles and miles and miles :)

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks ghodlur, I would say I was little lucky to find a good car within my budget. Yup will be crunching miles and miles and miles :)

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks ghodlur, I would say I was little lucky to find a good car within my budget. Yup will be crunching miles and miles and miles :)

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks ghodlur, I would say I was little lucky to find a good car within my budget. Yup will be crunching miles and miles and miles :)

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Thanks ghodlur, I would say I was little lucky to find a good car within my budget. Yup will be crunching miles and miles and miles :)
  8. shams

    shams Esperto

    many congrats on the tjet!
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  9. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Channa congrats.. :)
    Now party at Naturals......
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  10. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Thanks rishi Chalo naturals

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