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Dead Pedal Cover

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by puchoo, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    Had already posted this in my review but thought of putting it here as well in case its easier to find given the Forum category , Mods please feel free to delete if you think otherwise.

    Had a bit of time this Sunday afternoon so decided that i was going to make an attempt at my first DYI project and see what i could do in terms of making some kind of a cover for the dead pedal. As mentioned in my review , the dead pedal is plastic and almost white and would get dirty very soon - and thats precisely what happened , add to it the constant getting wet and muddy from shoes thanks to the Delhi Monsoon , it had started looking pretty yucky.

    The project started with me going off to the local market to source some material , managed to locate a good shop and the entire piece cost me 100 INR - and given how much i have used of it , i can probably make another 4-5 covers.

    The fit and finish , is not a 100% , between it looking like starting to rain , a tight parking spot , a rather dull pair of scissors i was not able to get it millimeter to millimeter but if this stands the test of time , even 30-40 days i will make the effort and do them up properly.

    Photos are not the best , taken from the mobile.

    Image 1
    Shows the pedal as it was prior to the project commencing. The dirt is very very visible.

    Image 2
    Items needed for this - the material , double tape , scissors and a piece of paper.

    Image 3
    Close up of the material , similar to Nomad mats but clearly there will be a big difference in quality i am sure. Soft to the touch , there was a harder material available but it was a bit 'pokey' and hence avoided that.

    Image 4

    The paper was placed on the area and folded and marked to help identify the exact size of the material which was required. Eventually this did not help out too much because the pedal is not straight - this is where the lack of time came in , ideally the paper should have been placed on the material and it should have been cut out to size and shape

    Image 5
    The final size i needed top to bottom , but owing to the curve of the pedal , eventually i had to cut this into 3 pieces to be able to place them properly

    image 6

    The first part goes on , at the back the only thing holding it to the plastic is lots of double tape.

    The final output. Eventually 3 pieces , 2 of equal size and one really small one on top which clearly does not cover the entire area but i added it as it would otherwise have been a little smaller than my shoe.

    I have had this now for almost close to a month i think and there have been no problems in terms of it falling off etc , i find it a boon right now in the Monsoons because i treat it like a household mat , if i get into the car with soaking or muddy shoes a few wipes on this before driving off - cleans the shoes to a point and also dries them thus ensuring there is no chance of slipping on the pedals









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  2. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Nice effort there.:)

    myself also did something similar but used Fevicol SR as adhesive.
    Now the height of dead pedal and clutch pedal are almost even.

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