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DAYLINE headlights with FXR 3 on my Punto

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by sunswape, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. heshamdiab

    heshamdiab Timido

    Dear pal... I finally installed the Mini H1 v.7, the down side is that the right headlight result is a tilted cutoff line, although the guy who did this job is an electrical Eng. & he did a pretty good job by millimeter measurements to fit The projector in the same place but more or less is that we have this tilted line.
    We should have installed the headlight in its place without the cover and test it before closing the cover.
    Two other issues is that the cut off line Is not sharp at the edges I mean the outer edges of the light I don't know why is this maybe because of the plastic cover of the headlights.
    The second issue is that the coverage area off the light is not the same as it was tested with the projector out of the headlight maybe this is because That the lens is Behind the Original one position position by 5 mm because we had to cut the screws base to fit it smoothly.
    I installed the denso 35 watts with 4500 K XB and i intend to change the bulbs buy the 5500 K.
    I am not 100% satisfied and it feels like this is not what I expected.
    We had to install an H4 Electric Loom because when hitting the high beam on switches off the low beam electrical signal although we connected the solenoid to the high beam so the shutter works and the 4 of them ignites.
    (Attached 2 photos: The first one is the projector outside the headlight when I was testing the second one is the projector installed in the headlights)



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