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Dashboard holder for GPS - MapMyIndia LX355

Discussion in 'Modifications & Tuning' started by johy, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. johy

    johy Amatore


    I have recently got a GPS device (MapMyIndia LX355) for my T-Jet. It comes with reverse camera.

    Right now I have installed the GPS on the windscreen (driver's side), in the extreme right corner. However, when in the hills, it causes problems turning right (with visibility). I am looking for an ideal location.

    1) I was originally thinking of getting a mount with longer goosneck where the suction cap can be attached to the front quarter glass and the GPS device can be right in front of the A pillar. This way the visibility on the right will not be impaired.

    This will need a mount with a long gooseneck, but should be sturdy.
    2) There is a small flat surface just below the dash. Some of the good mounts like Exomount, Iottie claim their devices can mount on the dash directly. Needs a 7 cm or less base/suction cup.


    3) Mount it on the flat portion of the steering . 7 cm suction cup.


    4) Using a CD slot based cellphone/gps mount like from


    5) Air condition vent mount.

    Guys, any ideas which works best with these GPS devices.

  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Quite a dilema I must say. Frankly speaking options 2,3,4 are not viable coz the support will not be sturdy and may hinder the steering movement in some way or the other. Option 1 you say hinders the view while turning. But then there is always a blocked view isnt it. I feel playing around a bit for the perfect sweet position in option 1 might help. Cannot visualize from here, but will see for positions in my car while going back home.
  3. johy

    johy Amatore

    Thanks Ghodlur, quite a dilemma yes.

    I borrowed an AC vent holder from a friend (Stuffcool), looks like a premium product. I noticed the following:

    1) The Linea has a highly sloping dash, that makes installation of anything either on the dash or windscreen both problematic to the field of vision.

    2) Only good option on the windscreen is right next to the mirror. But many will agree, it is not the best of places.

    3) There are CD mounts nowadays and Airvents.

    I went ahead and put it on the right side vent. Why the right vent?

    • The wires (charging cable, as well as reverse camera cable can be hidden away discreetly).
    • Will be driving alone most of the time. Don't want central console cluttered.
  4. Calvinv

    Calvinv Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    I'm not too fond of the air vents as a mounting option because:
    - It hinders cooling
    - But more importantly, it chills your phone/ GPS unit, which then gets exposed to summer heat once the Ac is off, or when you take your phone outside. This causes condensation, and makes the device you use shortlived.
    It amazes me that car manufacturers still don't provide a dedicated docking space on the dashboard.
    The imperfect solutions I have are:
    I bought a phone cradle that came with a plastic disc that can be stuck (with 3m double sided tape) to a non smooth surface of a dashboard. Or any space that is free below the ICE. The suction cap then happily locks on to this.
    Of course, the disc quickly came undone. I will be buying some better quality double sided tape and addressing that.
    The other alternative is to drill into the dashboard or any free space, and permanently attach the holder using 2/3 small screws.
  5. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Agree to both the points. While driving back home, I was trying in fact various spots which will serve purpose. However could not come to any conclusions. The sloping dashboard even in the Punto makes it difficult for any gadgets to be used. Two options I can think of:
    1) Mounting on the A pillar towards the top (somehow this is not a sturdy install)
    2) Opt for a HU with inbuilt GPS like the one sold by virtue India (but this will be costly option).
  6. mangeshtendulkar

    mangeshtendulkar Amatore

    Have been using TomTom GPS from past 1+ year. Typically while driving alone I prefer to have it on RHS bottom position of windshield and when travelling with wife, I prefer to have the unit stuck on LHS bottom position. I prefer LHS bottom position as it does not hinder vision even in ghat sections however catch is I have to depend on my wife to operate the unit. Everything said, I think getting adjusted to RHS bottom position takes time but once done I don't see any issue apart from bit of more neck exercise while driving through ghat sections :happy:
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