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Dapic 1 din Motorized 7" flip out Screen hu ???? any reviews

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by abhi0586, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. abhi0586


    New delhi
    Hi All,

    Myself Abhishek from New Delhi and I own BNW Punto Active MJD 2012. Now As we all know that we can not add Aux and usb to OE HU so I have used various kinds of Fm transmitter but its of no use then burned cds but now I am fed up of all these troubles and wanted to change HU only, speakers will be add later.

    Now I have few options like Pioneer,Sony which has Digital media receivers hu(no cd player) under 3.5 k then I came to know about "DAPIC 1 din Motorized 7" flip out Screen hu" under 9 k.

    I had a word with the installer/seller and he was praising this hu,but I didn't trust him so I called up a friend of mine who we consider every time we need any advice on cars and he also told me that this is the HU to go for.

    I have searched net as well as this forum also but did not found any reviews for this hu. So it will be very helpful if I can get some reviews for this hu.
  2. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    Looks to be an indian company. Can worth a risk buying it if it is priced right.
    What is the price you are quoted for it?

    tasting the Italian delight!
  3. Lunafiatic

    Lunafiatic Amatore

    Go by experience of others.

    @abhi0586 I would say, ask around before buying such stuff. Coz once you buy it you will be stuck with it for a while. I would rather prefer to spend a little more and go for some tried and trusted brand... drive safe..

  4. saptarshi.goswami

    saptarshi.goswami Novizio

    Could you please provide the model no of HU
  5. abhi0586


    New delhi
    The price quoted was around 9k. I have not seen the hu yet, just got the info over phone, so on monday or tuesday I will meet this guy for final price. Dapic is some Indian company and read some review on mouthshut alao. There is a model kx 9933 like something on their website.Will post details on monday regarding price, look n feel as well as sq.
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  6. abhi0586


    New delhi
    New Stereo comes home!!!!

    Hi Everybody,

    So finally I have replaced the oe hu with Dapic KX 9935b.

    Price:- Rs 10500 quoted by Shopkeeper..... Paid Rs 9300 after bargain.

    Look and Feel:
    - I love the way it looks when it is sleeping and love more when it flips out(basically this was the only reason to purchase this):). Fells sturdy
    and solid with good finish all around.
    SQ:- I can only compare this with OE one as I have never listened to any other head unit..and I must say it is far better than the OE one.With same OE speakers it is producing much better sound and clarity is awesome compared to OE one so speaker upgrade is postponed for now.

    This screen feels like resistive one, I have to press a bit hard to select any feature/track and some times it misses certain touches but works fine most of the time.

    Seamless integration with my galaxy s2,downloads contact,last dial,missed call,received call and plays track from my phone, I have placed mic on A pillar and voice quality to other end is clear and precise.

    DVD playback:- Nothing to boast about just fine for normal movie watching.

    Other features:- usb support, parking camera view(camera needs to be purchased separately), Aux(2) audio/video,fader/balancer,remote etc...

    here are the pics
    20130702_155232.jpg 20130702_155242.jpg 20130702_155252.jpg 20130702_155309.jpg 20130702_155324.jpg 20130702_155539.jpg
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  7. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Given the features, looks a nice deal.
  8. rajeev_pillai

    rajeev_pillai Regolare

    Kochi, Kerala
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats...please shoot a video and post.
    Btw the lower panel with A/C controls is not aligned properly.

  9. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    I think it is the replacement fascia for the HU that is mis-aligned. There would have been no reason to even touch the A/C fascia for this job.

    Looks good. Looks like the A/C vents get covered when the display flips out. Does it not affect the cooling? Also, from the description on the box, seems to support Rear camera input. Have you connected a rear camera? How is the performance?

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2013
  10. abhi0586


    New delhi
    The AC vent gets partially covered and the air gets diverted toward my leg.. at first I thought the installer must have done something wrong with ac while installing but then I realized that due to screen air gets diverted in different direction. I do not feel that ac gets affected. It does support rear camera input which needs to be purchased separately and when connected can be selected by main menu or src button.. and no I have not connected a rear camera.

    Now a question :- In the 5th pic, when AUX is selected and connected to phone's music player the screen shows "NO VIDEO SIGNAL" but plays the track.. then I played a video on my phone also still only audio is available and no video, so I just wanted to know that does Aux wire carries video signal also and if it does then which type of Aux wire it is .. 2 ring or 3 ring.

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