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Damage to the Oil chamber due to frequent scraping .

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by sanfiat, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Even 2011 FIAT's have enough of GC than some Honda's & Maruti's. I remember my Zen scraping on every speed breaker under full load but Punto absolutely sails along on the same ones. There is one incidence which i remember in Punto with in 1st week of it's possession. Such a severe hit on a rock, rose above road in Dwarka market. It came to a standstill from 30 km/hr. Didn't have the seat belt on & was looking for parking instead. Just survived my Jaw hitting the steering wheel & it was the bumper that took all the hit. Result was a Big wide scratch underneatth the portion of the bumper which just manages to hide itself beneth the right fog light.

    Lesson learnt, if the front has escaped the hump, there is no way it will scrap in middle. Watch that front over hang which is typical European for better weight distribution, safety & controls. Polo/Fabia is also ditto & very prone to Bumper scraping.

    Since then, I am unable to scrap Punto despite best of trials roaming all along Delhi, Najafgarh, Gurgaon, Noida & HR suburban roads. There have been couple of odd incidences during initial ownership period but no way it will scrap until i want it to. I have stopped slowing down on mediocre breaker with sharp slopes. Slow down only when it's a big looping one to avoid summer-sault. That would guarantee a severe hit at high speed. I have no complain on GC part what so ever.

    My recommendation: Watch out for shallow & then steeply rising surfaces/humps, you bumper will definitely scrap. Don't worry about ordinary obstacles.
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