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Daiwik fiat, Malappuram, Kerala

Discussion in 'Dealership Reviews' started by vipinpradeep, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. vipinpradeep

    vipinpradeep Amatore

    hai Tfi'ans,
    this is about my worst experience on insurance renewal with daiwik fiat malappuram/kerala

    the insurance renewal was for my friend's 2009 model punto.as he is abroad he asked me to do the same..in the month of july he mailed me the scanned copy of insurance policy which was of oriental insurance and i went to daiwik fiat to enquire how much will be the premium to be paid..i met their general manger and he asked the concerned person to check and inform me..
    after sometime they told that details are not available now and they ll inform me..

    The very next day they cald me and told that insurance is there upto september and they ll inform the exact amount later..ok i agreed.

    after that no response from them and on 1st september i cald them askd to inform the premium amount..they said ok..and no reply..later i cald them again and they told their staff dealing with the insurance is on leave..ok i agreed

    after that i visited the showroom and the SA told it ll come 12000rs.. i told him to say an exact amount..the next day he cald me and told it ll be within 6000-9000rs..i asked him how they can say like that..tell me an exact amount..again he said ok,ll inform you and no response..

    on 4th september i again visited their showroom and they told insurance guy is on leave and their onam(a festival in kerala) celebrations are going on and everyone is busy with that..how the hell they open the service centre and return a customer by saying that they are busy with celebrations..:mad:
    i returned and again on 9th september i visited them and the same response,"insurance guy is on leave"..i asked the SA to give me a proper answer..he again checked and told me that it ll be coming within 6000-9000rs..

    on 10th september morning i again visited the service centre and gave them 9000rs,as they told me that they ll renew the policy and they ll return the balance amount if it comes under 9000rs. remember still they cant say how much exactly the amonut comes.
    till evening 6pm i didnt get any message that policy is renewed..i cald the SA and he told me that come tomorrow morning and collect the policy and balance amount as the amount was 6200rs..

    on 11th morning i visited the showroom and they told that they didnt get the policy from the insurance company s office...i again asked them that " dont the dealer have a provision to renew the policy and as he told the policy is renewed why company is hesitating to email me a copy and give me a cover note..??"
    again some emails and phone calls and two hours passed.me waiting there..
    later he told their staff is writing the cover note and ll be ready within 5 minutes...even after 30 minutes noting happening...i bursted out and shouted at the SA and asked him to return the money now or give me the policy copy now...then i went along with him to their office and made them write the cover note in front of me..

    just for an insurance renewal i have visited the SC 6 times..and their excuse is that their staff dealing the insurance is on leave..if he ll be on leave for more than one week should he delegate the duty to some one else?..really a worst experience..normally all the SC ll call a week prior to the expiry date of policy and ll notify us about renewal and last time form my linea,the tata SC renewed the policy and delivered it to my home...
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  2. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Why didn't you use policy bazaar? You enter the details and they will call you, until you pay online!!
    Anybody can pay on anyone's behalf.
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  3. vipinpradeep

    vipinpradeep Amatore

    Oh..I didn't know about such a facility....even we sticked on with the future generali for the only reason that they are the official insurance partner of fiat and ll be hassle free once any claim arises...anyway thanks for the information....next time I ll do online...
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  4. sumesh nandha

    sumesh nandha Timido

    Valanchery Kerala
    Grande Punto 1.3

    At last we got the renewed insurance ... Last week IE ; December 3rd week .. that too after lots of followups and the funny thing is that they always claimed that the renewed policy was couriered but they never did that ....
    They packed it and kept it for dispatch ......until we complained and had several conversations with the CRM.... LOL ...


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