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Current scenario of Car Dealer, Service center and Customer.

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by venka, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. venka

    venka BANNED

    VW took two months to solve a issues which is merely a two day job. considering this as Example below expression was written from a customer.

    Dear xxxxx - this is nothing new, at least for me. Considering that this is a german company, the process will certainly be there but its implementation does not seem to be in control. Why?

    Please read the reality:
    Very Big Boss - abroad!
    Other Big Bosses - in meetings, half of them abroad!
    Local Big Bosses - in meetings in hotel conference rooms but at least in India, pulling each others' legs with non-genuine smiles on their faces!
    Area Customer Care Manager - in "training program" or in "meeting" in dealership conference room (small room)!
    Area Service Engineer - in area office with computer which is not connecting to company network, unsuccessfully trying to open something called "SAP". If it opens also, it may not actually work!
    Company trainee engineer - sent by company HR for 3 months to area office. Sitting in the workshop with a form, "ticking" everytime a service advisor smiles at a customer and "crossing" if he does'nt. Wondering why he did BE(Mechanical) for this!
    Dealer Principal - has a white car with spotless white cloth seat covers with clean light blue colored rubber slippers placed in the rear left footwell, has a large office with God's statuettes, with a plush sofa where you disappear inside once you sit on it, with attached bathroom, comes in white clothes at around 11AM, goes for a business lunch with an "associate", goes to his bungalow in the afternoon, tries to establish a relationship with a local politician to contest the local election, attends Lion's Club dinner in the evening and goes home. Wife in silk saree, "namaste bhabhiji" and all that!
    Dealer Service Manager - most of them (not all) retired, generally very tired, trying to make ends meet, wife not well / son wayward / daughter not married and all that, forced to attend "taining program" where everything is even more difficult than Latin and Greek to him!
    Dealer Service Advisor - 3 days old in the company, wearing pink full sleeved shirt and all that, reluctant to touch cars because full sleeve will get dirty, it gets dirty anyways, already thinking of working in another dealership across the road for 500 rupees more per month! Mechanically going through the motions. Attends "training program" like a Zombie, also fulfilling the service engineers' MOP on number of people "trained". Obtains "certificate" and "group photograph" which service engineer uses to prove that he has worked!
    Dealer accounts person / storekeeper - sits either underground or overhead, surrounded by parts. Partially understands only part numbers and part lists, self proclaims non-availability of part even if it is in plain sight, utters the sentense "order is placed in the system" at least 30 times everyday. Other things like dealer service manager. Accounts person makes bill on a dot matrix printer which prints so light that an optometrist will need magnifying glass to see anything except dealership name!
    Dealer Mechanic/ Electrician / Door Fellow - goes by names like "Baba / Ustad / Shetty / Chettan" etc, (I must thank Dilip Bam for these names), dark blue dress, dirty hands with thick fingers, large diameter midriff, self proclaimed expert, but which is most of the times true by providence due to daily exposure to the vehicles with nobody to guide, assumes taking many days in a month off without information as a birthright, man Friday for "others" in the system to "somehow do something" to deliver the vehicles to customers by 5.30PM!
    Washer boy - on contract with the dealership for less than a pittance, totally wet, only person who can operate the high pressure hose, washes everything with a vengeance including the ECU which leads to vehicle malfunction! Customer drivers try to get themselves washed from him as well, they end up washing their yellow washcloths instead. Disappears by birthright at 5.00PM when delivery load is maximum but is caught and physically brought back by service advisors to complete the day's quota, shouting expletives on the way back!
    Tea boy - on contract again, "generally afraid" expression on his face, makes endless cups of tea, makes tea even stronger than an Irani restaurant, wears gloves as per "process", continues to wear them even after they become dirty, fills the cup halfonly, serves only half cup without spoon, cream gathers on top so customer has to remove the cream with his hand so his hand becomes dirty, so customer wipes his hand on the seat where he is sitting and all that. Pantry very small, smelling a little stale and all that. A4 size paper hanging on pantry door with tick marks on all days of the month, indicating that pantry is cleaned everyday!
    Security Guard - almost non-existent human being (with the exception of the liftman) with an absolutely expressionless face, even after being taught to say "namaste" in "training program", opens and closes the gate umpteen number of times, waves to almost evetybody to stop even if one is going nowhere, gatepass upon gatepass collected and stored, God knows where!

    Vehicle - a dreary looking unwashed animal standing forlornly in rows upon rows, dark blue colored dirty seat "covers" thrown over seats to protect clean seats, removed parts placed in the front right footwell, therefore oil on front right footwell rubber mat, glasses open or half open, hungry looking bonnets open even through the night, suddenly taken offline in an unplanned flurry of activity for washing at 4.30PM to deliver at 5.30PM to unsuspecting "customers"!
    Customer - unsuccessfully trying to get the service advisor standing next to him to pick up his mobile phone so that he can talk to him, bewildered, confused, angry, shouting, even going to the extent of making gate pass and self signing it to get out of the place, finally selling off the car, only to start the whole rigmorale afresh with another manufacturer!

    Got it? Good!

    Best regards,


    PS - I am insulated from all this nonsense. My personal car is still a Premier Padmini, thank God! My wife uses a non-power steering Alto which never goes to dealerships. For daily use, I only use CTC (Cost to Company) cars made by the company where I work, so I allow myself to raise hell if something happens! I work on my car myself, including driving it on and off the two post lift at dealerships where I go only to change oil and filter. I deal directly with dealer mechanics only, because only they know what goes on inside the car. I stand next to the washer boy when my car is washed so that he does not climb on the bonnet. I dry my car with yellow cloth purchased from traffic signal myself. I keep all doors, bonnet and tailgate open for at least 15 minutes and blow compressed air inside the car so that I do not get "washing smell" next morning. I try and change my car after 2 years, just before it loses all its rationality and sanity! But then, I am me naa!

    Source from TBHP ; No offence to anybody.
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