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Current Fiat Service Situation in Hyderabad - Why should we suffer

Discussion in 'Pre service query' started by ibsr, May 11, 2013.

  1. Hello all

    I hope now everybody is aware that FIAT and TATA tie up is no more..Fiat has gone separately on its way...
    Most of us were happy hearing this news,,, But the other side of the story i am not sure how many of you are aware that FIAT has broken up the tie without establishing its infrastructure....

    For example... In Hyderabad you have only one service center Tejaswi aka Butta Automotives at jubliee hills. It is a small workshop where they can hardly handle 6 cars a day... I tried to get an appointment for my linea which had coolant leak and steering oil leak ( vehicle was idle for 25 days)... when i called them on 07-May-2013... they gave me an slot on 25-May-2013 or 03-June-2013.. I was shocked... After banging all the doors ( manager, fiat customer care etc)... I was asked to bring my vehicle on 10-May-2013 but stilll without any appointment... the manager apprised me that if there is a minor problem he shall try to rectify it or i have to book a slot and come... I took my vehicle... The service person checked my vehicle and said that the leaks are from the joints.. so they have to change the hose clamps... which would take 3-4 hours and hence asked me to book a slot and come...
    Now i go to the slot booking person... she apprised me as there is currently only one service center in whole Andra pradesh :)o).. they are full and already they are handling more cars than they can handle... I could appreciate the service centre situation... but what about me.. with a oil leak.. how can i continue to drive my vehicle... after explaining... she squeezed me in on 15-05-2013...
    (P.S. FYI FIAT india website does not show any service centers in Hyderabad :eek:)

    My question is ..

    1. SHOULD WE ALL SUFFER FOR FIAT MONETARY GAINS ( in whatever it may be.. through sales or service).. imagine a person staying away from Hyderabad say Warangal or Vijayawada... should he travel 150+150 = 300 kms just to give his/her vehicle for service....I my opinion its ridiculous
    2. I case of Energy situation.. what one can do... should he/she wait for such a long time to get their vehicle repaired
    3. Your RSA is valid only for 100 up + 100 dowm = 200Km.. beyond which you have to pay... now imagine a vehicle breakdown in Warangal.. now if it has to be towed to Hyderabad service centre.. the two vehicle comes only from Hyderabad ( FIAT POLICY only where service centers are there, they have a tie up with tow vehicles)... he/she just because of a minor repair or whatever they have to shell out 100*30 = 3000Rs just tow their vehicle..
    4. FIAT Customer grievance cell has gone from bad to worst... whatever you complain... no response..
    5. FIAT Knew well before that they are going to break the tie-up.. why were alternate service centers to cater the need was not identified or established... They could have even liaised with private garages...if they could not establish on their own...

    The bottom line is... In the current situation / Scenario... WE ARE SCREWED BY FIAT in terms of SERVICE.... You will realize this when you call the service center for service next time...

    As a community who are adherent fans of FIAT.. can we do something about this... ?!!!.. OR should we stay at their mercy.....!!!
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  2. adit

    adit Regolare


    fiat is doing all it can to ensure more facilities come up asap.....i am sure of tht......there are other under construction and will be ready soon....i dont have exact details but in their plan in the near future very fast there will be other facilities for servicing....

    i suggest bear for now coz the plans are big and takes time to execute.......
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  3. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor


    I agree that the currect SC in Hyderabad is more or less inadequate to cater the needs of the Fiat owners with regard to servicing. There is a news floating around that another SC at Hyderabad would be coming soon probably situated near Uppal/Nagole.

    For the Fiats outside Hyderabad, TATA SCs which used to service Fiat cars before the break-up will still service Fiat Cars till September this year, if I am not wrong. Only in cities where Fiat has set up exclusive Service centers are being denied for service at TATA SCs.

    We all crib about unavailability of spares and incompetency of SCs to get the issues resolved. Earlier we used to blame the TATA-FIAT tie-up to be the culprit and now we say that the break-up is. Hope FIAT gets things right this time. All we can do is HOPE and have PATIENCE in the current scenario, for a better future.
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  4. "Why should a customer wait with PATIENCE for a Better Service in Future"... such a thought is ridiculous to me....
    Is it not within the right of customer to demand service for his 10+ lakh vehicle which he has purchased...
    FIAT should have organised things first to meet the customer requirement and then do whatever they want to fill their coffers...
    Even i purchased fiat with passion... but the Service experience in the past one year has degraded from bad to worst to pathetic....
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  5. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    +100. Imagine going to a restaurant for lunch and the host telling you "Sir, we are cooking the tastiest food you would have ever eaten. The process is elaborate and time consuming. So, please wait with patience and your lunch will be served in 4 to 5 hours. Trust me, the experience would be worth waiting"

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  6. "For the Fiats outside Hyderabad, TATA SCs which used to service Fiat cars before the break-up will still service Fiat Cars till September this year"

    Information not correct... FIAT website shows no service center for any district in Andhra Pradesh including Hyderabad... When in checked with the manager of Butta Automotive.. he apprises me this is the only service center for whole AP.

    Why Fiat did not apprise its customers about the service change arrangements?... All our Addresses, email ids, mobile numbers are available with Fiat?.. messages could have been sent in a jiffy to all those concerned... If at all FIAT had really bothered about its customers, they could have reached them even through Indian Post...
    The bottom line is FIAT is least bothered about this...
  7. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore


    The situation is same here in Chennai. we have only one service center which can handle very few numbers. I really pity the customers who stay far away from Chennai.

    In my opinion, it should have been a gradual transition from TASC to FASS.
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  8. Not at our expenses

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    If i am not wrong this is going to be the scenario all over india
  9. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor


    I completely agree with you that when a customer invests his hard earned money in a product, it is his right to expect service for the same.

    My answer was to your question as to what WE as a community can do in this scenario. I repeat myself, Wiat patiently and hope Fiat gets it right this time. I would love to hear an alternative to this, but do we have one?

    Though everyone wants things to move quickly. It is in the hands of FIAT alone to do it asap. And I am sure that they are aware of it.

    I would also want you to understand that my comment was not on behalf of Fiat, but my opinion as a customer like everyone here on TFI.

    This information was shared by FIAT and not a rumour and I hope it is true. This was one of the point mentioned in the inagural event of Fiats official start.

    You say that the Fiat website doesn't show any of the service centers in AP, including the lone Exclusive service center Tejaswi or Butta Automotives. If we go only with the information provided by the website, does it mean that even Butta Automotives are not providing service to Fiat cars?

    Only people who have got service from a TASS outside Hyderabad can answer this question if TASS is providing service after the breakup or not.
    May be the Butta officials meant that they are the only EXCLUSIVE Service Center as of now in AP, which again is true.
  10. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    In Fiat India website, I can see below service centers in Andhra -

    • Select Motors, Warangal
    • Jasper, Guntur
    • Jasper, Vijaywada
    • Shree Ramdas Motors, Vizag

    As Kiran mentioned, all smaller cities Tata ASC should continue to service Fiat cars, till Fiat completes its independent infrastructure.

    I don't remember how many SCs were there previously in Hyderabad, but assuming it was 5, now its 1. Still I don't see a big problem. Tata cars were easily outnumbering Fiats by 5:1.

    But yes, in transitioning period, its bound to be little confusion and issues. But by this year end, all should be in place.
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