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Crowdfunding TFI?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Improvements' started by amogh, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Appreciate that line. I personally would like to have the same stand for any other tie-ups.
  2. MakeTheMove

    MakeTheMove Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    I am excited to know there is already some movement in this regards. Hope there will be announcement soon!
  3. pronoy_banerjee

    pronoy_banerjee Amatore

    This is really a good idea.. count me in. And yes once we have the capital at hand, placing bulk orders won't be an issue.

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  4. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Good idea, I guess a simple paypal donate or paypal subscribe button to start with, will be simple and easy way to go forward.
    An individual can click on donate button and pay as much as he wants too or as many time as he want to.
    Those who want automated monthy payouts and click on paypal subscribe and can setup a subscription to automated monthly payouts.

    A page showing community pool collections via donations and broad level expenditures and expected expenditures in near term, will ensure that if there is any short fall members can pitch in and will keep things rolling without much of trouble.

    At the same time if TFI needs any technical expertise, I am sure many are here from various IT domains and can pitch in few hours to support/develop/update TFI IT infrastructure, this will surely help in cutting down the cost, if any of these services are currently outsourced.

    Other than this if TFI need any Jugaads, I am available :)
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  5. miteshpunjani

    miteshpunjani Amatore

    @amogh yes you are right. Even i dont see fiat's involvement in terms of finance. I see it more as Fiat coming to TFI for ideas on sales, problems and solition with their vehicles and other ideas. I understand tht a giant like Fiat may not consider this as an option but we all know tht atleast this is the need of hour for fiat.

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  6. ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com

    ashish.r.shinde@gmail.com Amatore

    Vadodara , Nashik
    Vadodara , Nashik
    Linea 1.3
    @Amogh I personally feel that there should be some minimum level fixed for contribution of money by any individual who is interested in contributing,there will always be question in most of the members how much to contribute ?? It may be monthly or annually .. And also as you mentioned its not compulsory for every individual to contribute , fixing some minimum level will be helpful , anyway maximum should not have any limits.
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  7. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    ^^ I have a different take on this.

    I feel, we should publish the objectives, how much it will cost and set a target for collection. Then leave it to the members to contribute how much ever they can. That way, we are not setting a minimum or maximum level of contribution. By setting a minimum, we will be discouraging those who have a number in mind, but shy away from contributing, because the minimum is more than what they had in mind. Every contribution, no matter how small, counts.

    We can also have a running counter displayed in the forum showing target and reached numbers.

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  8. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Reason why I said we are giving only a brief overview and not the entire details

    My experience based on being an active member / participant of similar groups

    Stated Objective : We want to do "xyz" things and the cost for it is going to be "abc".

    Member#1 : Who is going to do "xyz"? (Name of the agency / individual to whom the work will be given)

    Name is declared

    Member#2 : The quality of their work is average at best. Please go to someone else

    Member#3 : No way it is going to cost you "abc". I know people who have got it done in fraction of the cost

    Member#4 : Can I know the scope of "xyz"

    Scope of "xyz" is declared

    Member#4 : Why not include "pqrs" in the scope?

    Member#5 : I know a friends friend who is a freelancer and does an awesome job. I think you should look at his work first

    Member#6 : Do we even need to do this?

    Member#7 : I share everybody's sentiments.





    Get the drift ?

    Running counter based on % goal accomplished will be a good idea. No minimum level. It is difficult to decide one and hence best left undecided.

    Needless to say there WILL be a mechanism through which updates will be shared about what's coming. But it will definitely not be through an "open to all" communication channel.
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  9. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    Dear Amogh
    please count me in !
  10. Ashpalio

    Ashpalio Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3

    Finally! this topic had come up earlier too, hope this time it takes shape. Contribution financially is one type, there are other venues of contribution too, I am sure there are many who would like to contribute in terms of time, events, help with coding, graphics.... you know the list.

    I would be keen with multi-role contribution :cool:
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