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crafted for me- my grande punto

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dr vangili, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. dr vangili

    dr vangili Timido


    when i passed my M.D.,(psy) exam, i thought i will give myself a treat and buy myself my first car. i used to drive my family's hyundai santro xing and i have never really driven any other car. am not a auto enthusiast and a complete illiterate when it comes to cars. so the next step was choosing the car. for a single man driving in the city a small car would be ideal my friends advised. i decided i would not buy a Indian car for they were too ordinary and too common on the roads. European cars were the best in styling i once heard in some commercial long back which somehow was stuck in my mind (and really no one had taught me to appreciate the finer details of car styling). volkswagen polo, i found attractive but i was already aware of volkswagen's historic connection with the Nazi party and i did not want myself to be associated with the German car manufacturer. fiat punto was attractive for my eyes too. a friend whose friend had a punto recommended it as a excellent car but warned me about the after sales service issue with fiats and about resale value. i could not care less. i have already declared to my friends who have recommended ford figo that they would not find me dead in a ditch with a American car.

    one morning i walked in to the TATA showroom(TAFE Reach) and said i wanted to purchase a fiat grande punto. they asked me if i wanted a test drive i said 'no' without thinking twice. i had previously contemplated the idea of taking my car crazy friend and car expert but decided against it because i knew i would not change my mind once it's set on a thing and he being a expert would find fault and ask me consider other options and would take me to many dealers and put me through a vigorous process of testing and eliminating which i wanted to avoid. and they wanted me take a look at all the colors available. i said i would go for a red even without having a look at anything else. paid rs 5000 to book the vehicle and asked them about EMI. They asked for a down payment of more than rs 1 lakh. since i had no savings with my meager stipend as a resident, i asked my mom to give the down payment and promised to return it (she called me silly for "borrowing" money from her).

  2. Dr Vangili, welcome to TFI and congrats on your Punto.
    Very interesting start to the thread. I am glued to this thread for now. Keep it coming....
  3. FiatJay


    Very interesting. Waiting for the next episode.

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  4. dr vangili

    dr vangili Timido

    The TATA Capital people were helpful and prompt. the car was delivered to me on a wintry December evening. i went to the showroom with a friend (lady). a man showed me a demo ( i did not know anything about the PDI). a pooja was performed. they took a picture of me and my friend standing infront of the car and i drove to my hostel.
    the next morning i was dusting off the car (i was doing it slowly because it was new) and the rear wiper fell off. a man from fiat called me up and asked for feedback, i gave a positive one and mentioned the rear viper problem and he promised someone will get back to me, which never happened. i asked the TAFE Reach people about registration, i sensed they were reluctant and my auto enthu friend said it was better to do it in our hometown (we are from the same town). we drove the car 350 kms up and down. he too was satisfied with the performance.

    i used to drive it 30 kms up and down on highway every week for work and i mostly enjoyed it. but i was struggling with one thing, every time i released the clutch (however slowly) there was a jerk. i put it down to my poor driving technique. by 3rd month of purchase i had done 2800 Kms and it was time for first service. by then i had acquired a dent in the rear and few scratches (a vehicle had hit me from behind when i was standing in the traffic signal).

    in between all this, much to my surprise the dealer had sent the photo taken before the car delivery (which had two people and a car) to my hometown address and much to my amusement my mom decided not talk about it.

  5. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    Dont tell me you are getting married because of the car :)

    This is fun please post your next log soon
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  6. SunilFiat

    SunilFiat Novizio


    Very interesting writeup and already glued to it.
    I agree Shadowfax - I think he already have got a call from his father. (else he wouldn't have known about photo) :)

    Waiting for next post.
  7. dr vangili

    dr vangili Timido

    Part 3

    By curiosity i googled 'fiat grande punto'. the reviews were varied, but had one common opinion that my car was 'under powered' and had 'poor build quality'. this made me a bit apprehensive. by logical thinking it may sound stupid the idea of reviewing the car after buying it, but remember 'it takes all sorts'. as always i have done in my life i had done what my heart wanted me to do. some positive things that was said about it were, it has good 'ride and handling' and its great looks. ( i particularly liked the ndtv car and bike show review found on youtube). then i stumbled upon this teamfiat forum. realizing that there are group of people who loves fiat put my mind at ease. if so many people are so passionate about this car, it must mean something to them was my rationalization.

    the service center was crowded when i went there for the first time. the service adviser was calm and polite but he appeared distant. he said only one area could be repaired with insurance and since i had scratches in total of 3 body parts it was advisable to pay for it. the rear door rubber beading had come of earlier. i told him about the tight clutch and only few days earlier the AC started to make a noise like a paper caught in a running fan. i told him all these complaints and he assured the car will be ready in 2 days.

    when i went there to get my car back there was some disappointment in store...

    TO BE CONTINUED.......
  8. dr vangili

    dr vangili Timido

    Thanks every one for the warm welcome
  9. royj

    royj Esperto

    Interesting thread dr vangili. Welcome to Team Fiat. Please continue your posts.
    Minor issues not withstanding this a good car and with the collective knowledge of TFI, you will be able to handle most of these minor troubles.
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Welcome to Team Fiat India & congratulations for new car. Where are the pics DOC? Waiting for nice pics. :)

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