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Coolant leakage, high NVH and heavy clutch.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Chasing_Dreams, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Chasing_Dreams

    Chasing_Dreams Timido

    Hi All,</SPAN>
    This is my first post in TFI and I am seeking your assistance to solve few problems facing in my PUNTO ACTIVE MJD.</SPAN>
    My car is around 6.5 months old and has covered 7.4K till date. I am facing below listed problems and have reported the same to TASS, however, TASS is unable to find out the root cause of the problems and provide once for all solution. So, it will be very helpful if you could advice me some solutions. I am bit elaborative here, assuming that, it would help you to understand the problem and propose some solutions. Please bear with me.</SPAN>
    First problem is coolant loss. I am observing coolant loss from 3K onwards, it goes down from maximum level to minimum level at an interval of 1 to 1.5K or about in a 20 to 25 day’s time. I have reported this issue to TASS thrice, once before 1[SUP]st</SPAN>[/SUP] service (around 3k), again during 1[SUP]st</SPAN>[/SUP] Service and within 7days after 1[SUP]st</SPAN>[/SUP] Service (around 5.25K). Initially I entrusted full responsibility and faith in TASS to diagnose and resolve the issue. However, since problem persisted I personally inspected the vehicle and found out traces of leakage near basement of Radiator and reported the same to TASS during third visit (around 5.25K). The TASS has informed me that there was a leakage in Radiator and replaced it under warranty. After this, I kept observing the level and it was going down slowly and today it is little below minimum level. For time being I have added around 300ML of distilled water and now the level is in between max and min mark. I have inspected the engine compartment and again I see the traces of water near basement of Radiator. I understand coolant shouldn’t go down very frequently.</SPAN>
    The second problem is NVH levels. I am observing high NVH levels post 4K (on odo) and the cabin noise has increased a lot. I have reported the same to TASS during 1[SUP]st</SPAN>[/SUP] service and I was informed that, the issue is resolved. However, after few 100KMs it again recurred and sometimes even with ICE I could hear engine noise. It is becoming very irritating. I didn’t observe same levels of NVH upto until 4K. For your information I have not changed the engine oil during 1[SUP]st</SPAN>[/SUP] service as per SA advice. </SPAN>
    The third problem is heavy clutch. This is a strange problem and it occurs after few kilometers of drive i.e. after 3 to 4 km drive in city traffic. Usually clutch will be very smooth during start and until first few kilometers. This is also reported to TASS during 1[SUP]st</SPAN>[/SUP] service and SA informed that, they have cleared air from clutch cylinder and it will be all right. However, again after few days it again recurred.</SPAN>
    I am planning for a long trip with my family by end of this month or early next month and I would like to have trouble free experience throughout. So, I am planning to visit TASS for general check and to fix above listed issues. Your inputs will greatly help me to understand the problems and communicate it to SA. I would also appreciate if you can advice me good TASS and SA in Bangalore, usually I go to Prerana Kudlu Gate and my SA is Surendra. Until now my experience with both TASS & SA is pleasant but only thing is that I am not getting proper solutions to the issues at one go.
    Thank you.</SPAN></SPAN>
  2. shams

    shams Esperto

    I would advise you to go to Concorde, diary circle and meet Khan (SA) over there. He is very knowledgable about Fiats
  3. sungoa2010


  4. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Problem of coolent loss & NVH was present in my former Punto Active.
    Tata ASS of my home city could not solve. So I sold off & went for 90 HP.

    If all joints are intact then coolent loss is from head gasket or egr valve-cum-cooler assly.

    For high NVH try differant fuel station. Extreme bad fuel can cause high NVH.

    For hard clutch first try by replacing clutch slave cylender. If not then replace complete clutch assly.

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