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Consequence of Byuing TD/Demo Car

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by tmukho, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. tmukho


    New Delhi
    Just recd a communication from FIAT & FIAT Caffe... As per FIAT policy the TD/Demo car comes with out warranty.....
    & At the price of 7 L OTR for T Jet He said RUNNNN.:eek:.... & when I said MJD (12 ,Emotion) also for 7 L OTR he said RUUUUUUshhhh bfr it disappears & also he confirmed that T JEt are to roll once again ... vvv sooonnn CHEERS :p
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  2. I too agree with patchyboy. I also want to add a couple of points from my experience.
    1. I had taken TD of GP from two different dealers. Both cars were having their speedo removed ( no speedo, trip or fuel consumption details in the meters and display).
    2. Both the executives said that they have removed the speedos since they don't want the owner to know the KMs done, when they sell it later.
    3. One executive told me that usually TD cars are sold at a price around 1L less than the OTR at the time of selling. Usually they sell the TD when the company issues them a new TD car whenever there are feature changes (like in 2012 GP and Linea). He also mentioned that "Rent-A-Car" guys are the usual customers for TD cars of all brands.

    The following are the points i make out from the above discussion.

    1. How do we trust the speedo of the TD cars?
    2. Why do they have to sell a 2012 model car, since there is no model change happened since the 2012 version?
    3. You should take the month/year of manufacture from the VIN and negotiate with them for 1L less than price prevalent at that time. Prices would have changed at least once by that time.

    I would advice you to keep away from this as there are lot of grey areas in the deal. Give this a good thought and take a call. Best of luck.

    -spear man-
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  3. Even if td cars are driven very spiritedly,only wear and tear parts would be affected..which even if goes kaput it will be affordable..
    Any car dealer sells off their td/display vehicle after a certain period of time, not necessary something has to be wrong with the car.
    AND NO TD CAR COMES WITH EXTENDED WARRANTY from any manufacturer. .

    Its all about luck, even a brand new car out from the showroom can have many problems...

    Just for reference my uncle has bought a safri in 2003 and it was a display vehicle since 2001 Dec, and sold it off in 2011 clocking 1.5l on the odo, he didnt face much problems except the usual oil changes and stuffs.

    So buddy there are many people who have had excellent experiences and people with pathetic experiences..
    Think wisely and take a good decision..

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