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Comparison Of Tuning Boxes

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ProBiker, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    Got the information from FPT Torino.

    BTW, I am not intending to pee on Probiker's parade. I appreciate all his efforts and am well aware what sort of headache comparison tests are having done enough of them in my career.

    However, I am a professional giving here advice based on my experience. The companies on the net often use the vulnerability of the unsuspecting public to make out that they have technology on the cheap that isn't.

    Probiker has has done a comparison test on what is available and made it as extensive as possible. The problem with tuning boxes is that they are coming with set menus not fully adjustable withouit the help of a chassis dyno if at all.

    That the claimed power can be achieved with some of them has been proven by Probiker and he has given an independent break down on the performance aspects. Unfortunately he can not run all of the test settings for six months or so at the same time on a number of vehicles to see what the long term impact is unless his surname is Rockefeller or he is a son of the Sheikh of Brunei.
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  2. @ drifter

    What you said is totally true about tuning.
    Without dynos its simply groping in the dark.
    Fortunately most of the Indian companies are utilizing Dynos now to do their tuning.

    Even we are not happy with them when they claim the power figures only.
    However its the marketing strategy which is their internal affair.

    For us getting out the truth so that the customer can take an informed decision is most important.
    We are fairly successful till now with loads of information to nail any coffin.
    This info will most probably will be available for the general public by June next year.
    The sponsor seems to be publishing this whole report in some magazine.
    They did gave us indication without divulging more info.

    We are running our tests for longer than usual & multiple & repeated times to remove any chances of errors.
    This shows that the engine is reliable in spite of over abuse by us.
    However we can't say which box has damaged which component even if some component fails.
    Yes - Reliability test is best when performed on a bench or on load with enough cash in hand.
  3. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    I am glad that you are on board here. And look forward to conduct tests and or help conducting tests with you on many products to come.
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Reliability, as we all here will agree, cannot be measured just by using and abusing a vehicle for a couple hundred km's. The number of variables to be checked and compared to ascertain abnormal wear and tear is just too big for analysis by anyone apart from the manufacturer or one who has a load of measuring equipment.

    So, when comparing different boxes, let's leave reliability out of the discussion. Since there's no way we can comment on it.

  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    sadly indian market has started jumping on the tuning boxes.

    probiker- can you please arrange for good remaps from various reputed tuning companies and compare them?

    i really feel so called tuners in india are fleecing customers by selling these boxes on very high cost.
  6. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    This was the reason why I came to India. The idea of Torque 7 is to design components and re-maps for Indian conditions. Unfortunately some of the so called tuners try to tell everyone that we do not know anything about tuning (like Kiirus) just because we work slowly.

    Regarding re-maps it is very important to understand that they are dependent on many variables, where the fuel quality plays an important part. Virtually all re-maps currently uploaded to Indian cars come from other countries and are not adapted to the local conditions. As there is much more to it it makes sense to dedicate a complete thread to re-maps.
  7. I do agree with you, I happened fill Diesel in Shell fuel pump in bangalore,to my amusement car behaved a way better in terms acceleration and reduced noise.
    But for now i am happy with Kaveri(opposite to lalbhag west gate), but I do try to avoid highway petrol pumps.
  8. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    tuning box vs remaps

    Hi all,

    Now that my Punto has come of age(2yrs) and done 30k on the odometer, I've been looking hard on increasing power at exactly certain points to make me feel that the power delivery is seamless .

    On this note I've been testing out tuning boxes some of them are good and some are not but the common thing is that they play around with the rail pressure to get the job done.

    In a Nutshell they simply fool the stock ECU(which is not a good thing) and since I intend to keep the car for a very long time I dont want such things in my car.

    Recently I came across a company called "India cosworth" and they do full engine remaps.
    I feel this is the right approach as all the variables can be tweaked accordingly.

    Here are my questions.
    1.) I've heard a lot about various component damages in the long run.

    This is my "ONLY" worry as i want to keep this car for a long time.

    Also every brand says that they are only going to bring the "hidden power" back from the engine(whatever....). If that be the case then logically and technically the components should not fail at all as they will be within the tolerance levels.

    Please advice
  9. abhinit90

    abhinit90 Amatore

    New Delhi, India
    Cosworth is a good company, try their remap, I recommend against a tuning box since it does more harm in the longer run and a remap is relatively safe.

    Also don't let anyone fool you, both tuning boxes and remaps can be found by Fiat, they check for them in case there is a major engine fault in warranty.

    Also, remaps are customized to one's needs, so it may also benefit you.

    Hidden power and all are just propaganda, the power has been reduced in order to make the car more reliable in most cases.
  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Yeah but does remaps really do harm as others portray it to be.. or are people on the web trying to sabotage a competitors name?
    If it really created so much of nuisance then I'm quite sure no one would have bothered to put them on city cars wherever in the world.
    Interesting debate this one.

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