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Comparison Of Tuning Boxes

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ProBiker, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. @Drivedrift, if you are ordering one, let me know. We can club both the orders and this would save shipping cost for both of us. PM me your contact number
  2. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    Racechip is available for punto 75, still I would suggest better to go with a remap

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  3. Hi Chethan,

    i m look to get it from my friend he is in Germany now. Anyway if need i`ll ask my friend to get 2 racechip. but need to ask about this and if needed we can club the order. i`ll PM you my number. but still i m not very conformed with the race chip model for grand punto 76PS version.
    http://www.racechip.de/racechip-chiptuning/Fiat-Grande-Punto-1-3-JTD-16V-Multijet-655-r.html it have listed as JTD instead of Multijet. As you can see the website of racechip they have written clearly about linea version as multijet and JTD. i m confused now :confused:
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  4. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    @Drift Drive- It's the same box..
  5. So, After all the wait the time for the results is now.
    Before that some information of everything done for a long time.

    The tests were done on two boxes which are sent from companies and three from customers of the companies.
    They were flicked from the swifts in which they were installed & tested on this car.
    Again cross checked the results by plonking all the boxes in swifts also.
    V-box was replaced by GPS trackers from mobiles for timings, top-speeds, etc.
    Reason - unable to procure the V-box.
    Tests were conducted with similar conditions for all the Boxes.

    Some companies may claim that we used older versions for tests and due to this results are being not on their favour need to excuse us as they did not send the boxes after repeated requests.
    So we have used the boxes which were purchased this year by their own customers which we believe should be the final products.
    If any company has any objection with the result can always contact us with the necessary objection.

    Coming to the results we do not have a clear winner on all the parameters.
    Each parameter has a different winner, runner up, etc.
    So its the customer who has to weigh down the importance of each parameter & then decide which box to go for.

    Made a point system ranking which makes up for a winner here.
    Each of these factors have 5 points.
    Winner in each category will get 5 points, second will get 4, so on...
    The one with maximum points can be crowned as the overall winner.
    Stay tuned for more on the same..

    For now only the Toppers in each category is being published -

    1. Drivability - Unichip
    2. Mileage - Race Chip
    3. Performance - Pete's
    4. In-gear Acceleration - Pete's
    5. Turbo Lag - Unichip
    6. Acceleration figures 0-60 - Pete's
    7. Acceleration figures 0-100 - Race Dynamics
    8. Acceleration figures 0-150 - Race Dynamics
    9. Top Speed - Race Chip
    10. Refinement - Race Chip
    11. Pollution - Race Chip

    The Re-mappings were omitted from this as we need to compare the products in the same category.
    We can't compare both of them as both have their own advantages & disadvantages.
    Re-mappings will be tested in the next few weeks.
  6. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    What was the setting for the race chip?
  7. omzworld


    Great test..More info please!
    Pics stats..Excel!

    Thanks for the test!
  8. @ probiker (Prabhakar).. as spoken to you, kindly give us more details and since you have already told me that by evening you would give the full parameter details regarding which would be the best in terms of money, performance etc...
  9. Final Results

    The Final Results are out -

    Ranking with name & total points.

    1. Petes - 33
    2. Race Dynamics - 28
    3. Race Chip - 26
    4. Unichip - 21
    5. Tunit -12

    This is a general comparison.
    However depending on your order of preference the rankings will change.
    For example -
    The cheapest is Race chip so it got more points & costliest is unichip so it got less points.
    Race chip gave the best mileage while Tunit gave the worst.
    If Price & mileage are of high importance then I'll chose Race chip.
    In- gear acceleration & 0-60 are best in pete's so I'll chose pete's if I drive only in city & performance is my only importance.

    So if some 1 wants an advice to purchase a tuning box please mention order of importance for the following parameters.
    We'll be able to give you the closest match for you.

    1. Drivability
    2. Mileage
    3. Performance overall
    4. In-gear Acceleration
    5. Turbo Lag
    6. Acceleration figures 0-60
    7. Acceleration figures 0-100
    8. Acceleration figures 0-150
    9. Top Speed
    10. Refinement
    11. Pollution
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