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Comparison Of Tuning Boxes

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ProBiker, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I agree and stand corrected on this part.

  2. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    It is not quite as simple as it looks.

    Regarding the cat pollution. A cat has a so called working range, which is between 750 and 1150 degrees. Outside the window it is also working but adversely, which is the reason why manufacturers bring the cat close to the ports, where the gases are much hotter. Still it does take several minutes to reach the operating temperature, which means that for every minute of driving out of the window the polluting of the cat is up to 12 minutes driving without a cat altogether due to the reversed catalysis!

    In very hot areas and/o with rather spirited driving the window can be left too, when the gases reach over 1150 degrees in the cat.

    Going back to the H2SO3 and the cyanide:

    The H2SO3 is lung damaging and in general quite aggressive, even not as strong as sulphuric acid (H2SO4). The cyanide created annually in cars fitted in India currently is good enough to kill over 10 lakh adults instantly.

    Some experts are of the opinion that the cat also is a major contributor to the cot death.

    The situation in Bangalore is not as bad as you might think. Mexico city a few years ago had more pollution on vehicles than the whole of India from cars and is located in a depression that does not allow the gas to travel. Mexico city is still the third largest city (measured by metro population) in the world.

    Regarding the FFE:

    An FFE does not have an effect on pollution. Ignition, fueling, cam timing (including lobe separation), combustion chamber design, injector design, compression ratio and some other minor factors determine this.
  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Guys, we'll debate this to death.

    Lets chill.

    Of 100 people buying a car , 95 don't know what a cat con really is and what it does ( even i can be included in it) and would not even mess with it.

    3 people, when the cat con needs repair would rather break the cat con to pieces from the inside than replace it with a brand new one. ( I did that on our Palio D, it was choking performance)

    The remaining two are the ones who'll deliberately remove it to gain some performance and not give two hoots about pollution.

    So let's not debate if the future of India's or the World's environment rests on these 5 buyers out of 100. 95 will run the cars as the manufacturer wants them to. With cats and DPF's and charcoal filters and what not.

    I, for one will have no qualms in running my car minus a cat-con. That is if someone comes up with a specially designed dump-pipe to suit the 1.3 . There is one for the 1.9, but nothing for the 1.3.

  4. This is not possible in Bangalore at least now,they take picture of the car and it's printed on the PU certificate.
    Newer machines are tamper proof, this was told to me by person doing this business in petrol pump.
  5. sat-chit-ananada

    you see, they test some other vehicle on the meter and take a pic of your car. or even better they enter the pollution values themselves.
  6. Diesel Express or RaceChip

    I have 76 HP FGT version, for fun sake i would like to try a tuning kit for some time, since they are plug and play type i might be using it only when in feel like having more power for my car and not on a regular basis. I came across two boxes used by TFI's so far one from Anand for his 76 hp fgt punto and another by jishnu on his linea.
    The cost of them respectively is
    Diesel Express
    89 Euros + 6 Euros for Postage and Parcel
    Race chip:
    129 Euros + 46 Euros for Postage and Parcel
    Additionally we might have to bear customs for these two.
    Just wanted your opinion which one is better among these two
  7. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    @chethansgangoor- It is 129+45+Import duty= 14000INR Approx.
  8. hi all,

    even i was looking for Race chip for my punto 76PS version. but looks like Race chip is not available for Punto Multijet 76PS version Or else i have take it wrong :( .. Please let me know on this. and if you can post the link which is for Punto Multijet 1.3 76PS india version here will be good. i failed to find one in website of racechip.
  9. Jishnu you are right, but wanted to know between diesel express and racechip, diesel express would cost even less than race chip.
  10. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    @Drive Drift-http://www.racechip.de/racechip-chiptuning/Fiat-Grande-Punto-1-3-JTD-16V-Multijet-655-r.html
    @Chetan- I will suggest you to go for the race-chip, because I've now covered more than 4000Kms with it and there is absolutely no problem and is a value for money product. I have no idea about the diesel express..:(

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