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Comparison Of Tuning Boxes

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ProBiker, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. I was interested in taking a Tuning box for my Punto 90hp.
    I found 5 different tuning chips, a couple of remapping companies.

    However I was not sure which 1 to take, how are the gains, what is the effect on Mileage, Long term effects on engine, etc.
    So too many questions.
    Then tried to google for answers.
    However I found very little info on the same.
    I did not find any Dyno charts for any of the products.
    So I contacted all these people & told them that I wanted to test them thoroughly.
    I told them that we'll be testing them & comparing.

    The comparison is to check the

    In-gear Acceleration
    Turbo Lag
    Dyno Tests
    Acceleration figures 0-10,20...max
    Pollution - Figures
    Overall Feel

    Cars we are using for the comparison are -

    Punto 90hp
    Punto 75hp
    Indica Vista Quadrajet
    Linea Multijet 90/ Indigo Manza Quadrajet 90

    Already I received a couple of boxes.
    Testing started on some of the parameters.
    Yet to receive the remaining boxes so that the V-box & dyno tests can be started.
    Some of the big players are actually not Comfortable in the complete test - reasons are obvious.
    Yet we'll try to source them from other means for this comparison.

    This article after completion will be the most exhaustive & comprehensive testing on Tuning boxes available currently in India.
  2. I'd be surely hooked onto this thread, just keep the facts flowing on this thread ! ::T
    I am quite keen on a good understanding of the tuning boxes.
  3. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    When I am back in April in Mumbai I happily contribute a re-map and an AIR with the relevant re-map.
  4. M hooked to this thread as well, Pl keep them coming.
  5. drifter

    drifter Regolare

    Yesterday we had an interesting situation on the chassis dyno.

    A re-map was uploaded to the ECU of a Smart Roadster, which was a tried and tested map. On this particular car it produced an amount of power we never have seen before. It was about 20% above the expected increase. I need to tell that the Smart Roadster is a small turbo petrol engine. The stray factor of power differences is known to us for a long time, but usually it is either much lower than the average power increase to be expected due to the specific engine condition or somewhere around the expected power. This goes for all cars not just the Smart.

    The particular engine would have within a short time gone up in smoke or sent the car into limp mode. It took a lot of time (the best part of 8 hours)to re-write the map that it is possible to drive the car safely.

    Now, you might understand a bit better, why I am against tuning boxes. This is only one incident, but there is much more to it. At my company GSR we have done a lot of testing on Diesels for many years, which led us to the adverse feeling towards tuning boxes.

    With the new set-up in India (Torque 7), which benefits from the GSR know how, we will never develop any performance tuning item that uses or is based on the use of tuning boxes.
  6. Pete's Box

    The Pete's Box is a small Tuning box.
    It is of the size of a cordless phone.
    Fits in under 10 minutes of time.
    It slots between the ECU & the CRDI control unit.
    Quality of the wiring is good.

    Now the most important part - How does the vehicle feel after the installation??

    The Answer - Its terrific.
    The increase in the power is evident.
    The Punto 90 has a tendency to do wheel spins when shifting to second gear.
    Now it spins in third gear also.
    The vehicle becomes lot quicker off the block.

    We tried it on the Vista Quadrajet also.
    Even in the less powerful engine it shows the effect.
    The 0-60 comes a second quicker than usual.
    Even the run to the top speed is lot quicker.
    Actual figures will take time.
    Till then a synopsis.

    Drivability - Lot Better then before
    Mileage - dropped by 3kmpl under flat out driving, economy mode showed a marginal increase in 0.3kmpl
    Performance - Good improvement - actual figures - later
    In-gear Acceleration - terrific improvement - actual figures - later
    Turbo Lag - Reduced by a good margin
    Dyno Tests - will take time
    Acceleration figures 0-10,20...max - will take time
    Refinement - a minor drop - neglegible
    Pollution - Figures - will take some time
    Overall Feel - this is the last thing to be said here.
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  7. rajeev21698

    rajeev21698 Novizio

    i am using race chip in my punto 1.3 :car & i find now car have a decent pick up
  8. Dude, I have one request, I wish to understand which of the products that you are testing improve drive ability (specificalli in the first and second gear ) and by how much (quantify it ) and the put out and order (best to worst performing). Punto 75 hp is nearly always gasping for air in the first 2 gears.
  9. arjunr

    arjunr Amatore

    Did you buy from Germany ?
  10. arjunr

    arjunr Amatore

    Did you buy this from Germany ? How much did it cost you ?

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