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Cochin Meet

Discussion in 'Team Fiat Meets' started by matthewjoy, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. I have seen quite few number of people from Cochin in TFI and seeing lot of punto and linea on roads of Cochin. i thinks its time for as to have a TFI Cochin meet. Many of punto and linea owners are not aware of TFI or not a member of TFI lets a make theme aware of it and make TFI more Stronger....This should gives us a chance to interact and meet fellow TFI'ians...... and share doubts and thoughts..... lets make it a big success

    First lets count how of as from ernakulam or near by Ernakulam...

    do replay ur suggestions and ideas .....

  2. RAJ

    RAJ Timido

    I live and work in Thiruvalla GP 90 HP FTA Raj
  3. hi raj nice meeting u... lets wait till others join in... do u know any one owns fiat and not a member of TFI.... let as make theme aware of TFI...

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    1. raj
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  4. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @matthew: I am basically from Kodungalloor, and brought my Punto from Hyson. Not sure I will be in Kerala when the meet happens, but if I am there, i will try to drop in. All the best for the meet.
  5. thanks anoop thanks a lot for ur support..... lets make it a success... we r not in a hurry we will look for convenient date.... lets wait and make more tfins to join in..
  6. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Matthew good initiative. Organizing meet for the 1st time is pretty difficult. Don't give up even if the number is very low (say 3-5), just give a start. Gather the phone numbers & mail id's of those you meet & do send updates to their personal mails also. One another thing you can do is search for members from Cochin /Kochi and PM them . You can PM a group of 5-10 members in one shot I believe. Once you start with say 5, I am sure next time it will be more as these 5 members will mostly be bringing some of their new friends. So my only advise is DON'T GIVE UP . Good Luck !!. Do PM me if you need any favor /tips :)
  7. Thanks cinju.. what u said is right its pretty difficult to organize first meet... but i wont give up .. sure i wil require ur help will pm u, hop u wont mind.. i want cochin guys to come forward and make it a sucess......

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    1. Raj
    2. Matthew
    3. Anoop
  8. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Kiran. Medium grey Punto MJD. Can we meet sometime this sunday?
  9. wooooow that will be great.... soccerfan lets do it....

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    1. Raj
    2. Matthew
    3. Anoop
    4. Kiran
  10. rahul16


    hey mathews.... goood start...I am in buddy. Rahul -BNW 90 Hp.....

    As far as i came to know from the sales of concord cochin, minimum 8-10 punto is been delivered every month. So you can figure out the no of punto's in cochin. But sad very few are in TFI..... Last month when i went for Fiat free service camp, i met couple of punto owners...did convey to join the site.:)

    Lets start with whoever is there... this sunday i am also free as of now. Hey i think the newly built road Angamaly - Thrissur 4 line is the best route to take punto to full throttle. what say guys..

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