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CNG kit for Tjet?

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by akshaylakhina, May 21, 2011.

  1. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    @vinod_s - now I got you :) . You definitely should go for a diesel if your running has increased. Try selling it to private buyers to fetch more, as petrol price is quite low these days it should work for you.
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  2. Sujit508

    Sujit508 Regolare

    Bangalore , Karnataka
    Retro / Classic FIAT
    I do not think the evaluation of 1.25 is correct. I Think you should be looking at north of 4 lacs.

    Any way if you still going for a linea diesel . I feel you can look at mathematics to make your TJEt Economical.

    New Linea Diesel - 10 lac. Sell Tjet - 4 lac. Difference 6 lac.
    You are selling TJEt as your driving has increased .. so you fear your mileage is less.

    few figures.
    petrol per km cost (Considering 80 rs .and mileage of 10 km/pl ) 8 Rs.
    diesel per km cost (Considering 65 rs and mileage of 15 km/pl ) 4.3 Rs.

    considering all maintenance costs as same.

    so for every 27 kms you spend 100Rs more on TJET . i.e.

    on TJET - 8 X 27 = 216 Rs
    on MJET = 4.3X27 = 116 Rs

    so looking at difference 6 lac. you have 6000X100 Rs
    ie. your break even mileage at this point is 6000X27 km = 162000 km.

    So when the TJET is 31,000 + 162,000 = 193,000 km you would hit the break even for buying a Linea Diesel.
    So even if you drive 30,000km per year . Retaining your TJEt for 5 more years would be benefial.

    Calculations May be overlooking few parameters. but you get the idea. selling even at 4 lacs and opting for diesel does not make economic sense.
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  3. vinod_s

    vinod_s Timido

    how about converting to sequential cng ? isnt that the good option. I know I will loose the pleasure of driving, which I have enjoyed so far, but now I have to save too. coz pleasure is not the only cause of buying car for me. Is there any technical glitch in conversion ?
  4. Tjet+963

    Tjet+963 Timido

    Completely agree with sujit508.
    I have already gone through this situation. currently i am driving T jet plus in pune. i am getting hardly 10kmpl in pune city traffic. overall my monthly travel is around 1200kms. so 9-10K per month, (t jet is more painful at fuel station) so i thought of selling t jet and go for diesel car and bought used palio sdx last year at 1.9lacs to keep the fuel cost in control but after one year I can say, I would have saved a lot more if I would have keep on using T-jet. I spend around 60-70k for the palio repair cost. off course, on fuel side, palio is far better but final economics is not encouraging.

    @vinod_s- selling jet and buying again diesel linea would not make any sense. i have made mind to keep t jet for at least 5 more years. i am sure overall it will be good decision. only thing, t jet needs good care. at least for powertrain. (spare are quite expensive compared to diesel).


    Once FIAT always FIAT...
    2009- Punto 1.3 Emotion pack
    2012-Tjet Plus- Bronzo scuro
    2014- Palio sdx
    2014- Adventure sports 1.6
  5. vinod_s

    vinod_s Timido

    Ok I agree to you all that exchanging tjet for diesel may not be good option. but converting to cng is still i feel good option. unless there is some technical glitch in it. apart from loosing its steam to certain extent, I dont see any further loss in conversion. If you have more insights on this subject let me know.
  6. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    If I have to put it a bit bluntly, I would advise you to sell the T-Jet instead of castrating it. (assuming that the castration even works).
    T-Jet is not meant to be used to monitor the AcA/ AcB on a regular basis. For that you have the Mobilios and the Citys. It is meant to be driven (if possible) in the 2000-5000 rpm regime, with a bit aggressive gear shifts and weaving through light/medium highway traffic at will, gunning past the Ace/Ape/407/1210/Viking/B9R/Xylo/Innova and basically all cars south of 20 lac.

    Just kidding really, but it is seriously that much fun.
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  7. 5u3zEr0

    5u3zEr0 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    @vinod_s : Dealers of any car brand will give ridiculously low resalve values of your car becuase the dealer does not buy the car but a broker / used car dealer buys it. He then sells it to somebody else with a good margin. I have experienced this a couple of times and from then on stopped asking the dealer's. I just sell it directly.

    Converting the Tjet to a CNG run car would be a very BAD decision, in fact for any car for that matter.
  8. dadasaheb

    dadasaheb Regolare

    MH 12 (Ranjangaon)
    Linea 1.3
    @vinod_s my suggestion will be, to look for a used Linea Mjd and then if you get a good car sell your TJet on your own. may be 1.5 to 2 lakhs loss in this transaction will be good in my opinion.
  9. kk27

    kk27 Amatore

    Kandivali - Mumbai
    Kandivali - Mumbai
    Fiat Enthusiast
    I'd not suggest converting to CNG, 2 reasons which I've personally experienced. coz I had bought a used 1.6sport which was converted to CNG exactly due to the running costs issue by the previous owner. I ran it for couple of months with CNG so that I can feel what difference is there in power/performance and costs. After removal of the kit, the car encountered a few issues for some weeks like sudden loss of power etc but eventually it became alright. Reason for non conversion.

    - CNG is a dry fuel and it really affects your engine! I'm suffering today due to this since my head gasket has blown (while it's been 2yrs+ using as petrol) but due to engine running hotter while on CNG was probably the reason of this.
    - To make the CNG work, your ECU will need to be jacked with an additional controller etc... it's basically cheating the system. Due to this the car can sometimes behave crazy.
    - the loss of power is very very evident, well maybe sequential kit is a different. But in mycase it was quite evident.

    CNG is nothing but a bag of problems, I'd rather suggest to sell the TJet & get a new Factory-fitted CNG car like the Zen or WagonR which will turn out more cost effective. And if you're selling the Jet, do give me a ping I or some of my friends might be interested :).
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  10. gaurav bedi

    gaurav bedi Timido

    ghaziabad, U.P
    Linea T-Jet
    Hi kk27, iam gaurav from indirapuram, ghaziabad just wanted to tell u and everyone on the forum that i wanna sell my linea tjet 2011 model asap. If anyone interested pls feel free to call me at this no.- 9958585500, 9958583796. Thanks. I got actually so impressed with all the positive reviews abt MJD engine that i have planned to sell my tjet with MJD.

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