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clutch problem.....

Discussion in 'Technical' started by raavs, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. raavs

    raavs Timido

    :(:( 2 weeks back i have taken the delivery my punto emotion 2012......was pretty happy bout the beauty..but i found that the clutch is very hard and too high (mean to say the clutch pedal play is very high and m feeling very uncomfortable on the leg in declutched mode)...thought it d get better as i drive on...but no...went to service centre and explained the problem...tehy hav sorted out the hard part of the clutch now its fine but....i still have the higher clutch problem and tehy have taken som pics and forwarded to FIat company and i was told by the service advisor company advised to change the clutch assembly....if the problem still persists the gear box has to be lowered....i jus dono wha the real provb is.....folks please come out if anyone has faced a similar problem.....m niot very happy as with the new car i m facing this prob.....:confused::confused:
  2. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Are u saying clutch pedal play is too long...?

    If yes,it is expected....punto has pump based clutch not cable based..and this is more durable...

    If it is tight...then it needs to be rectified..I hv no probs with my 2012 punto clutch./..better get it replaced entirely ..under warranty..
  3. Fiat's have a long play in the clutch. The fact that the clutch is hard is not right but the pedal is positioned higher than other cars. I think the SA you are talking to doesn't know his job else he wouldn't be giving you such reasons. You can't lower the gearbox. :A

    Another thing is avoid keeping your foot on the clutch once you have changed the gears. Since the pedal position is higher you may be facing such problem.

    Where are you based?
  4. raavs

    raavs Timido

    i m from visakhapatnam.......may be u r right n now i hav a prob with a clamp which holds the exhaust pipe loosened and as a result i m having sounds while starting and stopping and while running as well... i hav to sort out these probs....leme see...guys thatnx for ur suggestions...

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    i m from visakhapatnam
  5. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    raavs annaiya(bro),
    can you please post some pics of the raised or very high clutch pedal,so that atleast we can comment something on this ?.
    punto clutch has a long press and its very comfortable and ease,you can compare it with swift or indica vista.
  6. Hi Raavs,

    The high clutch is there for me from 2009 onwards, I have got used to it, maybe you are used to keeping your foot on the clutch after gear shifting try changing your driving style a bit and then you wont feel uncomfortable at all that's my view only.
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