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Clutch issue or something else?

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ramaraoy, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. It's been a while since I provided updates on the clutch warranty. Here is the latest
    1) Last Thursday evening, I sent a followup email on last Thursday to Fiat higher-ups; also mentioned the call I had with dealer service manager and why I think the clutch should be covered under warranty
    2) Friday and Saturday, nothing happened. Didn't hear from Fiat, no emails either.
    3) Yesterday (Sunday), got a call from Fiat dealer SPOC (service point of contact) for my car, he asked when I am going to pick up my vehicle, I replied any time provided the clutch is covered under warranty. He said it can't be covered under warranty, but as a goodwill gesture they are agreeing to do replace this free of cost. I asked him from where I can pickup the vehicle as the my car is moved to Tejaswi motors due to lack of parking space at Fiat service center. He said they will bring my car from Tejaswi on Monday, and that I can pick up from Fiat service center.

    I like to thank this forum for the continued moral support and timely leads provided to me which let me to up the ante in following up with Fiat higher-ups. Will let you know once I get back the car.
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  2. Happy to hear that your issue has been resolved to satisfaction :up.
    Fiat India did what they could have done at max but how we wish the line of communication of to be simple and straight in situations like this instead of the juggernaut that they make us to go through.

    Do update us once you get back your car.
  3. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    Not sure if i should say it here, but my company has developed something which matches 90% of what you just told. It was developed as an airline complaint management system and still being used by a prominent middle east airline. We could surely modify a bit to fit FIAT's need. Customer can get the status by logging the Unique Id generated while registering the complaint and his email id. With this he can track what actions or stage his complain is.

    For FIAT, It can provide access to FIAT HQ( Customer services Dept) as a central database for logging, tracking all the issues from across the country and can provide access to SC. It has automatic deadline timer which when crossed sends an email to the higher authorities and which can ensure proper resolution of all the complaints. The system also provides proper Audit trail of all the complaints specifying all the actions taken towards resolution of a particular complaint + features to attach documents, parallel issue resolution etc.

    Only thing missing is the SMS part which i am sure can be accommodated.

    May be i should send a mail to fiat to ask them if they would want to have a look at this system :) :)
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  4. macky

    macky Amatore

    Clutch pressure plate issue is a known issue with many Punto's/Linea's, not sure about the newer models. I got mine replaced under warrenty @33K Kms
  5. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Brilliant ideas Viny. Do this, build a marketing campaign around it shouting from the rooftop and slowly wipe off all earlier image/ baggages is the mantra. Radical but then drastic times require drastic measures.

    Could not agree more. A wise business decision is to try to build economies of scale, atleast slowly but surely and don't depend on a handful niche customers unless your product is a niche product for which you can charge a very hefty premium to make up for lack of economies of scale.
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  6. I called up thrice yesterday, but Fiat service center couldn't confirm from where I could pick up my vehicle. Finally, yesterday evening they told me to come and pick it up today. I called up today morning and said I will be coming to pick the car in an hour. They said they will get the car from Tejaswi. I am excited to get back my car after 21 days.
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  7. Ramaroy, Good to see you happy,please do post some pics of your beauty.
  8. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Seems like something fishy was found and Tejaswi was held accountable and hence vehicle was sent back to them to be done at their cost. The goodwill gesture may be a cover up. Anyway, at the end the customer is happy. More than enough, but 21 days. Huh.

  9. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    my car clutch was replaced and found these in my trunk..
    does these two part combined form the clutch disk???

    45382d1367898059-my-exotic-red-ep-abarth-img-20130501-00714.jpg 45381d1367898017-my-exotic-red-ep-abarth-img-20130501-00713.jpg
  10. Abdul, From what I understand from my conversations is that the clutch was replaced at Fiat service center itself and since they don't have parking space at Fiat service center (I visited them, they really don't have space), they sent it back to Tejaswi after the clutch was replaced.

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