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Clutch issue or something else?

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ramaraoy, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Thank Ravi & theblack.
    I sent email with happened so far to "service.india@fiat.com". I will wait for their response.
  2. Fiat rep did not call back as committed yesterday. So I called them up. Now, I am informed that their systems are too slow and that they can't access my record. Rep said I will get a call back in 30 minutes (!!)
  3. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    One more horrid story where an educated customer has to go pole to pole to get the service and solution. Just wonder what a painfull experince it might be for a regular buyer who is not tech / internet savy or who doesnt know whom to approach.

    We feel everything is good as we are able to push and turn the stones to get things done, but the bigger market image of FIAT is not due to false or bias reporting, but its because the bigger mass is facing these kind of troubles and they have right to say there view points about FIAT.

    Not sure why cant FIAT setup an open issue tracking system where a user can login and check the status of his issue at the same time the dealer and company representatives and if the issue doesnt get resolved in 3 days of time from company side it should raise an alert to higher authority and if its not sorted in 5 working days, it should get on highest priority list and if it takes 7 -10 working days to get resolution, then all the work done should be Free of Cost a price that company and dealer has to pay for non conformance. Access to system should be made available to all buyers at there service center via kiosks. And updates to be smsed.

    This might sound too much as no other company has such a system in market, but then no other company in this country has image like FIAT. They need to overhaul this and get there in house ready make the changes happen, if they want customer faith again.

    FIAT got to realize that in current era we cannot have downtime in mobility. Things have changed and as electricity and working mobile connection the mobility is also very very important. Thus they have to pull up all the strings to ensure that customers car remains in service center for minimal time period.
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  4. Thanks Viny. I totally agree with you. Also, once a customer logs in his complaint with Fiat customer service, it should be assigned to one person who should be responsible to get the customer’s complaint resolved. Right now, every time I call Fiat customer support number, a different rep speaks to me and they just look up my service complaint, and try to end the call by saying someone will call me. If there is one person entrusted with the responsibility to address a customer's concerns/complaint, he would go thru the pains by dealing/working with the concerned people within Fiat to get the job done. But right now, that onus is on customer to find out why is this taking so long to resolve his problem and who in Fiat should he speak to next to get that addressed; and takes a lot of effort and leads heart burn for the customer and loss of reputation for Fiat. I believe this is the job of CRM (Customer relations Manager), but from my experience of dealing with Fiat, even though Fiat does indeed have CRM people, they don't take the responsibility of addressing customer complaints.

    As for my complaint, I got the usual response from CSR saying I will "definitely" get a call back. Yesterday, I sent an email to one Fiat customer services employee as advised by Ramesh, the Moderator (Thanks Ramesh). I got an email reply saying "Matter is coordinated with region /dealer , we will revert back to you with required assistance".
    Today someone from Fiat service center, Hyderabad called up and asked what the problem was. I told him what had transpired so far. He said, clutch is never covered by warranty under any circumstances. Now here is the problem. Different people from Fiat employees to dealers have their own opinions about what is covered and not covered under warranty
    1) When I spoke to Fiat initially while lodging my complaint the first time on 04/16, the CSR I spoke to did mention that clutch is covered under warranty and that I may be at the most charged for labor only by the dealer.
    2) A couple days later, in response to my complaint one Mr. Samir from Fiat followed up with me and dealer. He said clutch is covered under warranty unless it is damaged due to wear&tear or burnt. He did call me up 2-3 times in response to my calls over these 15 days; last Friday he conference me with Fiat CRM Srilatha. From then on, he is not in picture.
    3) But Fiat dealer's service people say clutch can't be under warranty no matter what caused/triggered the clutch failure.
    4) Today, I went to Fiat service center to take a look at the state of my car. Couldn't find my car, when I checked with service rep, he said they sent it back to Tejaswi Motors (Tata Motors dealer) since they don't have space to park the car. On the warranty question, he too is of the opinion that clutch is never under warranty. When I pointed out to him that I was driving happily without issues before I gave my car for 2nd service, he said they don't touch the clutch as part of the service. When I asked why then did the clutch malfunctioned/damaged after the 2nd service for a car that did only around 8K KM by a driver (me) having 12+ years of driving experience, he said in general Fiat cars including Punto clutches go bad and that they are not covered under warranty. When I asked why then did you guys not say this fact when selling the car, he said that I should have checked with service team instead of sales guys. I will keep this in mind when I am due for buying my next car which will be 2 years from now.

    Now I am waiting for a favorable response to the email I sent.
  5. magnan

    magnan Amatore

    Jaipur, Rajasthan
    Here Moderators are required to come forth and take up this issue and all such issues with Fiat for speedy redressal. After all this forum is not made for praising Fiat. God may bless you ramaroay as he is the last resort of every Punto owner whose car has gone kaput by carelessness of Fiat and its A.S.S.

    I hope you will never buy a Fiat car again. Whatever car you purchase, please do listen my following words carefully. Never, Never leave your Car at A.S.S. Get it serviced in your presence ONLY. If a test drive is needed, you must be in the car. It is India and generally people here are not honest, people here are not sincere.

    It is the worst scenerio, but it is bitter reality.
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  6. sandeep.12

    sandeep.12 Amatore

    ramaroy, why dont you use social media tactics to get the bells ringing on the right ears.
    I am sure such kind of posts on social media is something which higher ups cannot take it easy..
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  7. Thanks Magnan and Sandeep.12 for your understanding and support. Using social media is a very good idea and will look at that option if I don't hear from Fiat in the next couple of days.
  8. sandeep.12

    sandeep.12 Amatore

    Ya, that could be the last resort for genuine breach of trust.
    Hope the issue gets resolved soon.
  9. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Moderators are not working for Fiat :), we, as well as members, can suggest what to do. At last its between Fiat and owners.
    Hope this would clear your doubt and expect you will not repeat these type of comments again.

    No body tells you to just praise, do bash, but with facts and real stories. Also don't make generic statements, post only which is relevant.
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  10. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Take print out of this and show them. If the clutch is burnt out then they wont honor the warranty. But you can persue them to change pressure plate and all other items under warranty and agree to pay only for the clutch disc.


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