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Clutch issue or something else?

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by ramaraoy, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. I bought Fiat Punto T.wine Diesel emotion 1.3L 2012. Liked the quality and ease of ride. I didn't go on long drives though due to hectic work schedules. I did around 8K KM so far since one year of owning. I need your advise on a problem I encountered recently. I gave my vehicle for one year service, but after I got the back the vehicle, I noticed that pick up was horrible and at the same time mileage went down from 15-16 KMPL to 9KMPL. Initially I did not take this seriously for a week, then I complained to dealer who did the annual service about this problem. He told me to wait up till Fiat open their exclusive service center due in 5 days then. But on the same day, my Punto stopped in the middle of a road during peak traffic hour. It just wasn't moving even though I was able to change gears. Everything working as normal, just that the car wouldn't move :eek:.
    I towed the car to the dealer. This happened 10 days ago. He said the clutch needs to be replaced as it has gone bad and that it would cost me around Rs. 8K. Now I complained to Fiat service center about this issue and want this covered under warranty as I have taken extended warranty. Been talking to them for the last 10 days, finally the clutch has been replaced, but no confirmation from Fiat on who will bear the cost (Rs. 8K). Tomorrow, I will be getting my car back after 10 days, now here are my questions
    1) What would cause the clutch to get burnt? I don't use clutch unless I am changing gears which isn't that frequent as I drive on Highway and there aren't many traffic lights on my way to work.
    2) Shouldn't this be covered under warranty?

    Whatever be the outcome, my pride as the owner of Punto took a beating following this incident.
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    You must provide all details to Fiat, starting from 1st service.
    I am seeing this first time that mileage becomes low or pick up was bad, and these all due to clutch.

    I have a feeling, due to some other issue, above problem occurred and clutch might have used badly in this run and got burnt.
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  3. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    You are well within the warranty on time as well as kms. It is your right. Dont pay a Rupee. Your usage is only around 650kms per month and there is no reason to believe that your clutch would have gone due to your driving more so you say that the vehicle was performing very well. There is something more to it. 8K kms is too low even if one drives hard. Only lack of friction will lead to poor pickup and low FE . Could the TASS have done a quick cannibalization for their favourite customer and pushed you to deal with FASS ? If you had got the clutch serial/ batch number, then it would be possible to trace using ERP if the replaced clutch was indeed in your car.

    I felt that the clutches have improved lately. I got mine changed at 30K under warranty and now I am going at 73K without any issues. Just my thoughts.

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  4. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    Clutch can fry due to many reasons. Even if the release bearing is stuck and clutch plate is not getting fully mated with the flywheel and is slipping , clutch fries within few 100 kms too.

    Its not a rule that clutch burns off due to drivers mistake alone. Ask them to check the damaged part, diagnos why the clutch was not locking up properly and how did it burn.

    Do not pay unless you get a satisfactory answer. Also dont expect anything from the extended warranty. The extended warranty providers have a habit of rejecting the claims related to clutch.
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  5. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    2012 so only a year old so completely under normal warranty which covers clutch till 35000 kms.So dont pay a penny u will get it replaced free of cost.
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  6. Thanks for your advise friends.
    Here is the update on my Punto's clutch warranty woes.
    Dealer confirmed last Friday (19/04) that he replaced the burnt clutch and that I need to pay around Rs. 8K.

    Been in touch with Fiat customer support reps. Every time I call, I am promised that they will speak to the dealer and get back to me in an hour, and they usually don't call me back. Over the course of these long 15 days since this problem occurred, I have spoken to several Fiat CSR, I must admit that they usually/never keep their words. Today morning when I called them up to remind about my vehicle, they promised to call me back before 12 noon, and they didn't. So I called up at about 3PM, CSR took about 10 mins or so to lookup my record based on my mobile number. To top that she had no clue about my complaint. I had to repeat the whole story that transpired for the last 15 days, and I get back the same old response that she will have to talk to the dealer. In between, she also mentioned that she is only customer service rep sitting in Pune, and she kind of hinting me that she can't help me in this case and that I need to check talk to dealer. She had no clue what transpired these past 15 days about my case. When I mentioned to her that dealer has already replaced the clutch, and it is only a matter of Fiat confirming to the dealer that it should be covered under warranty, so that I won't be charged for it; she said she needs 24 hrs and that they will get back to me at before 3PM tomorrow.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Now I am kind of realizing the value proper customer service. When I wanted to buy Fiat last year, people did warn me of poor customer support, but I didn't give it much thought then and went ahead with Punto thinking what could go wrong with a quality car like Fiat Punto. Wish I heed to their advise.

    Will keep you posted on how it goes.
  7. Here is the update for today.
    I called up Fiat customer service since they did not call me back as committed. Again the CSR stated she is sorry for the inconveience caused to me, and that my case is open and under followup. She said they would call me back. To which, I vent ire saying "it's been 16 days since I towed my car Fiat dealer. The car is ready, and am waiting for Fiat to confirm that it is under warranty. Not sure what kind of followup you are required to do, but it sure is too late too little done case". She is non committal on when I would be getting a call back from Fiat saying it is ASAP. I asked to her to define her ASAP in definite time frame. Finally she said today or tomorrow. I asked her if I can speak to her supervisor, to which she put me on hold and came back after about 30 secs or so saying I will definitely get a call tomorrow.

    Having dealt with Fiat customer support, I feel Tata service is way better than Fiat's. All these years, we are under the impression that Tying up with Tata motors tarnished Fiat's image as poor in customer support and service. But it looks as if it's gonna get worse with Fiat handling its own service. This is purely my opinion from the way they handled my case for the last 15 days. Will wait till tomorrow noon and give them a call. Any bets if Fiat cares to give me a call back by tomorrow noon before I am compelled to call them?
  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    If your thourougly dissattisfied with the support you are getting please escalate this issue to the heads of FIAT.
    The FIAT heads are really in pace at doing things well in india and this will be a good lesson for them to learn from.
    You will not only help yourself in doing so you will also help the fellow TFIans .

    Since TFI has a very evident image with the big heads of FIAT in india i'm very sure your issues will be sorted.
  10. sashank82


    Dear Rama,

    I can understand that it must be very agonizing for you...The reason could be that TATA & FIAT have just split their service and hence they actually ill-treat FIAT customers. Even i was surprised with the way they deal with when i walked into a a showroom at Gurgaon, and they said FIAT is 'bekaar' buy Vista intead...HAHAHA

    Trust me FIAT is not that bad, don't be dis-heartened. Good days with your beauty are just around the corner:)

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